List of Cheap Linear Switches in 2024 – Top 4 Cheapest Branded Linear Switches in 2024

List of Cheap Linear Switches

Cheap Linear switches are known for their smooth, consistent, and linear actuation force. They have become a popular choice among keyboard enthusiasts due to their popularity among gaming and competitive typing communities

However, with the prices of high-end linear switches reaching astronomical heights. Many gamers and typists have started exploring alternative options, including cheap linear switches. Here is top finest cheapest linear switches that best and most cheap for every man and his dog;

List of Cheap Linear Switches in 2024?

There are several linear mechanical switches that keep trending in 2024 by their characteristics and low price;

  • WS Yellow Linear Switches
  • Gateron G Pro Yellow Linear Switches
  • Jwick Black Linear Switches
  • Haimu Heartbeat Linear switches

WS Yellow Linear Switches

The WS Yellow linear switches serve as the entry level keyboard switch for DIY keyboard enthusiasts. Who prefer a linear switch system without significant tactile and audible feedback. Wuque Studio designs and produces these switches, and you can get them for as low as $0. 35 per switch. WS Yellow linear switches, as its name suggests are linear switches with a tactile tactile feedback. But one of the highlighting features of the WS Yellow linear switches is that they come pre-lubed.

WS Yellow Linear Switches

WS Yellow linear switches have molded nylon top and bottom housings, a polyoxymethylene stem, and 2mm double-stage springs. The nylon housing minimizes force transmission and maximizes stability, while the stem ensures a fatigue resistant keystroke movement. A double stage spring used in the switches also helps determine the overall linearity of these switches.

The prototype of the WS Yellow linear switches has features which are around 7mm stem pole length which contributes to the “clacky” sound of each keystroke. This sound is common with linear switches and is sometimes considered desirable for gaming and typing as it can give the user a feeling of how the switch was activated.

The WS Yellow linear switches offer a premium sound and tactile feedback for the bucks. Making them ideal for budget keyboards specially for hobbyists. With a low-profile key travel, moderate actuation force, length-forward Pole, and quality sound. The K860L delivers a comfortable typing experience at an average price point.

Gateron G Pro Linear Switches

Providing tactile feedback and audio cues, Gateron G Pro Linear Switches are designed to bring out the best in gaming keyboards.

Linear Yellow switch is one of the linear switches in the Gateron G Pro series of switches, which are made by Gateron. As discussed these switches are for the enthusiasts and these are pretty smooth when used for typing. Specific features of these switches can therefore be described by using search results as follows. The actuation force for these switches is 50±15 gf as shown in the following table.

This means they need minimal force to be triggered to facilitate typing which is a convenient feature they possess. It is necessary to notice that the distance before these switches are traveled is about 2 metres. 0±0. Of the two models, the single acting model 1 has an earlier actuation point than the double acting model 2 at 6 mm.

Gateron G Pro Linear Switches

This is because it gives the user a little touch when typing and increases typing precision. As previously stated, the Gateron G Pro linear Yellow switches’ total traveling distance is 4. 0 mm Max. This design should leave enough space for the fingers to move all the way to the bottom of the palm when typing.

Signaling contact force is set to bottom-out force of 67 gf. What this means is that they need a middle amount of force to compress and definitely make contact, giving a good feel. As for the spring, the one utilized in the Gateron G Pro linear Yellow switches measures 15. 4 mm. It helps to make the switches more stable and combined with the use of materials it also gives them better performance.

Jwick Black Linear Switches

This is an affordable budget linear switch that JWK has made, and it is a perfect fit for people who are on a tight budget when it comes to gaming keyboards. It has the prospect of alpaca switches that one can get here and enjoy a unique experience at a fraction of the cost they would have spent. 

For budget consumption, it offers a 45g bottom-out and 55g bump through the ax. These weight specifications offer a fine touch typing, different from the traditional type with an exquisitely unique tactile feedback. As this product has the benefit of an even weight distribution, it can be used without experiencing any additional stiffness or fatigue.

Jwick Black Linear Switches

The JWK budget linear switch is the perfect example of why some companies are cheaper than others and why it should not pose as a problem when considering buying the cheaper options. The cost is generally below $0 for this particular kind of product. 24 per switch, which makes it a good choice if you are a gamer on a tight budget, or a typist who would need to buy a lot of switches. This affordability without compromise of quality is a good testimony and show of pride and strong mechanical and engineering efforts that went to develop these switches.

Haimu Heartbeat Linear Switches

Having a quiet and reliable switch can make all the difference when gaming and typing. Introducing the budget linear switch, specifically designed to meet the needs of gamers and typists who want to enjoy a smooth and quiet gaming experience.

The nylon housing of the budget linear switch is one of its key features. This housing provides a durable and reliable construction, ensuring it can withstand intense gaming sessions and extended typing sessions. The nylon construction also helps minimize any unnecessary noise, ensuring the switch remains quiet even during intense gameplay or typing sessions.

Haimu Heartbeat Linear Switches

In addition to the full nylon housing, the budget linear switch also features a POM stem. POM, which stands for Polyoxymethylene, is a synthetic polymer known for its strength, durability, and low friction. The POM stem contributes to the overall smooth operation of the switch, ensuring that keystrokes are crisp and precise.

Furthermore, the weight balance of the budget linear switch is quite impressive. With a 65-gram bottom and a 3.8-mm total travel, the switch offers a comfortable and responsive gaming experience. The weight is evenly distributed, allowing easy actuation and minimal wrist strain.

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