Gateron Yellow Linear Switches in 2024 – A Complete Guide

Gateron Yellow Linear Switch

If you want to get a unique feel while using mechanical switches then select the Gateron yellow linear switches. Because these switches provide great actuation and bottom out force which enhance your gaming or typing speed without strain your fingers. But compared to red switches, these switches are more forceful and heavier. When the yellow linear switches are lubricated, they become completely silent and satisfyingly soft. 

The typing experience is pleasant, and you feel wonderful. In contrast to the black variant, the yellow variant of gateron switches has little resistance. I have prepared a complete guide for beginners who are unfamiliar with this popular mechanical switch in 2024;

What Exactly is Gateron Yellow Linear Switches?

Gateron Yellow Switches are an excellent choice for those who prefer a linear typing sensation in their mechanical keyboards. These switches feature a smooth, quiet operation with a vertical pressing sensation. Unlike clicky switches, Gateron Yellows offer more tactile feedback, making them suitable for working in the office, long-term typing, and gaming.

Gateron Yellow Linear Switches

In addition to their actuation force, Gateron Yellow Switches have many other advantages. These switches have a low actuation force of 50g, significantly lower than many other linear switches. This low actuation force enables faster and more precise typing, especially in fast-paced typing tasks such as gaming or coding.

Switch Information

Gateron Yellow Linear SwitchesSpecification
Switch typeLinear
Switch brandGateron Yellow
ManufacturerGateron Switches
Top housing materialNylon PA66
Bottom housing materialNylon PA66
Mount typePlate Mount (5-pin)
Stem constructionStandard
Stem materialPOM Transparent 
Actuation weight50g
Bottom-out weight60g
Switch SoundQuiet
Pre-travel distance2.0 mm
Total travel distance4.0 mm
Suitable Gaming and Typing

The travel distance of Gateron Yellow Switches is also comparable to other Gateron switches, including Gateron Red, Blue, and Brown. This means the overall typing experience will be consistent across different Gateron switch types. This benefits those who prefer consistency in their keyboard’s typing performance.

Gateron Yellow Linear Switch unboxing

Additionally, Gateron Yellow Switches are known for their durability and reliability. They are built to last and can withstand thousands of keystrokes without wearing out. This makes them a good investment for long-term use.
Gateron Yellow Switches provide a smooth, quiet, and linear typing experience. They are excellent for those who prefer a linear switch without an audible click. The low actuation force and comparable travel distance to other Gateron switches make them versatile.

Difference Between Gateron Red and Gateron Yellow Switches?

When it comes to mechanical keyboards with linear switches, the majority of people tend to go with the red switches by default. This is primarily because most brands only offer red switches for linear switch options. However, there are other linear switch options available that provide a more diverse choice for users.

The Gateron yellow switch is recommended switch for those who feel that the red switches are too light or too soft and they need slightly stronger feedback. While the actuation force of the Gateron yellow switch is 50g, which is only 5g more than the red switch (45g), this difference can make a significant difference in the feel.

In terms of feedback, the Gateron yellow switch delivers a noticeable improvement over the red switch. The keycaps on the Gateron yellow switch tend to follow your fingers more closely, providing a better tactile response and making typing feel more natural. This closer contact between your fingers and the keys allows for improved accuracy and precision, allowing you to type faster and more efficiently.

Gateron Yellow Linear Switch Features

Overall, the Gateron yellow switch is an excellent choice for those who find the red switches to be too light or too soft. The improved feedback of the Gateron yellow switch can help you type more accurately and with greater precision.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gateron Yellow in 2024

Find below benefits and drawbacks of gateron yellow mechanical switches that make your mind to elect right choice in 2024;


  • Smoothness: Gateron switches are known for their smooth linear action as well. It is easier to type and play games with smooth keystrokes, and it is less tiring to do so.
  • Quieter Operation: When the keys are pressed, the Gateron Yellow’s lubrication system dampens the sound. Those who prefer a quieter keyboard in office settings or shared spaces may find this feature particularly useful.
  • Improved switch longevity: Gateron Yellow switches benefit from lubrication because they prolong the life of their components. Whether you’re a gamer or a heavy typist, friction-free switches will last longer and remain smoother over time.
  • Beginner Friendly: This switch makes your day happy as Larry, regardless of whether you’re a gamer or typist.
  • Reduce Friction: A special lubricant has been applied at the factory to the Gateron Yellow switches to reduce friction. Unlubricated switches may feel scratchy or gritty, but this lubrication enhances smoothness and minimizes these feelings.


  • Cost: The linear switches are expensive compared with other linear brands, according to many people. As a result of their double-action characteristics, these switches are a good value for money.

How Gateron Yellow Switches Customize Products?

The Gateron black switch is a linear switch that is characterized by its actuation force of 60 grams. Also, this is a significant difference compared to the red switch, which has an actuation force of only 15 grams. And, this means that the black switch requires a slightly higher force to actuate, resulting in a firmer and more responsive typing experience.

The Gateron yellow switch, on the other hand, offers a middle ground between the classic Gateron red switch and the black switch. It has a spring weight of 50 grams, which provides a faster rebound and a stronger feel when pressed. The yellow switch strikes a balance between being not too forceful and having a stronger and clearer response compared to the red switch.

Gateron Yellow Linear Switches 2

As a result, the Gateron yellow switch is an ideal choice for those who want to upgrade the actuation force of their linear switches without compromising the smoothness of the typing experience. It offers a good compromise between responsiveness and force, making it suitable for both typing and gaming.
Furthermore, the Gateron yellow switches are very affordable, making them an attractive option for those seeking to upgrade their keyboards without breaking the bank. It is worth trying if you are looking for a new linear switch that offers a strong and distinct response while still maintaining a level of smoothness and comfort.

Characteristics of Gateron Yellow Linear Switches

The following characteristics of Gateron Yellow switches make your decision swift and efficient.

Switch Profile – Pure Linear

Due to smoothness or critical feel, people often confuse Gateron Yellow’s switch profile as linear. The slow keypress sound is what some people claim makes them tactile. For many beginners, the switch profile could be more precise.

However, I am certain the keystroke is indicated after two months of testing. Because the Gateron Yellow doesn’t provide tactile feedback or a bumpy feel when pressed, it is a naturally linear switch. 

Operating Force – 50g

It’s a good choice if you like linear mechanical switches with midrange operating forces. Since Gateron Yellow offers 50g force, they completely understand what you desire. Although Gateron Ink black linear switches are aesthetically pleasing, they don’t come with a high operating force. 

Also, the Gateron Yellow is an excellent choice for gamers, typists, and beginners. For beginners, the operating force is a nice bonus. Compared to other linear mechanical switches, this switch is not suitable for people who don’t want key-pressing accidents. 

Travel Distance – 2mm to 4mm

This Gateron linear switch has a similar travel distance to Gateron Yellow linear switches, meaning its pre-travel distance is 2mm, like Gateron white and Gateron ink black switches. Conversely, the total travel distance of the keystrokes is 4 mm, which is satisfactory for playing heavy games and typing quickly. Because of the perfect feeling of keystrokes, many people prefer mechanical linear switches by this standard travel distance. 

Longevity – 50 Million Keystroke

The Gateron Yellow linear switch efficiently lasts up to 50 million keystrokes, which makes it a popular choice among people because of its durability. If you compare it with a Gateron clear or diamond linear switch, what will you find?

Those mechanical switches are durable because the housing is made of high-quality nylon, and the leaves are made of stems or gold alloy crosspoints. It is the start of your competitive gaming career that will lead to you being able to start your career afterwards without regret.

Gateron Yellow Sound – Low Sound

The Gateron Yellow linear keyboard switch is known for its smooth operation and quiet operation. The lack of tactile feedback and audible clicking makes them popular among users, so they’re often praised for their smoothness. With its relatively deep and low sound signature the Gateron Yellow is well known for its deep and low sound signature.

Gateron Yellow Linear Switch one click by using BIIP MT3 2048 PBT-Audio Extraction:

Gateron Yellow Linear Switch typing by using BIIP MT3 2048 PBT-Audio Extraction:

Although their smoothness and lack of tactile feedback result in fewer noises than switches with audible sound or tactile bumps. They still produce less noise than switches with audible clicks or tactile bumps during normal typing or gaming.


A Gateron yellow switch is known for its smooth operation, which makes it the best linear switch available today. There is no doubt that Gateron yellow switches can enhance your typing or gaming experience. As a result, you can press keys fluidly and effortlessly. The factory lubrication applied to these switches helps reduce friction and promotes a smoother motion when actuating the switch.

Heavy Gaming Experience of Gateron Yellow Linear Switches?

Gateron Yellow Switches are known for their exceptional performance when it comes to gaming. These switches are designed with gamers in mind, offering a smooth and consistent keystroke that is essential for fast-paced gameplay. 

This initial distance provides a tactile feel that is noticeable but not overpowering, allowing users to actuate the keys without much effort quickly. In addition to their pre-travel distance, Gateron Yellow Switches also have a travel distance of 4.0mm. 

Gateron Yellow Linear Switch for game Play

Also, this means that when the key is pressed down, it will travel a distance of 4.0mm before bottoming out. This travel distance provides a moderate amount of resistance and allows users to position their fingers, ensuring precise control during gameplay accurately.

The operating force for Gateron Yellow Switches is 50g, which falls somewhere in the middle of the spectrum compared to other Gateron switches. This operating force creates a balanced typing experience, not too light but not too heavy. It provides just enough resistance to prevent accidental key presses while still allowing for fast and responsive typing.

Furthermore, Gateron Yellow Switches are known for their bottom-out force of 60g. This force occurs when the key is fully pressed down to the bottom, providing satisfying tactile feedback. The 60g bottom-out force ensures that Gateron Yellow Switches have a solid and reassuring feel, adding to the overall gaming experience.

Gateron Yellow Sound:

In terms of sound profile, Gateron Yellow Switches have a unique and distinctive sound. The switches have a milky top housing, which contributes to a unique sound profile that is different from other types of Gateron switches. The milky top housing creates a softer and smoother sound, which can be enjoyed by gamers who prefer a more subdued typing experience.

Gateron Yellow Linear Switch one click without cap-Audio Extraction:

Overall, Gateron Yellow Switches are considered a good middle ground between the Gateron Red and Gateron Black switches. They offer a stronger and clearer response than the classic Gateron Red switch while still not being as forceful as the Gateron Black switch.

Gateron Yellow Linear Switch one click with cap-Audio Extraction:

Office Experience of Gateron Yellow Switches

Gateron Yellow Switches are an excellent choice for typists looking for a smooth and consistent keystroke experience. These switches are known for their reliability, offering a smooth and tactile typing feel that sets them apart from the crowd.

Yellow Gateron Linear Switches have a significant pre-travel distance. At 2.0mm, these switches provide an initial tactile touch when typing, giving typists a sense of reassurance before the actuation point. This helps to prevent bottoming out and ensures a smooth transition from keystroke to keystroke.

Additionally, Yellow Linear Switches have a travel distance of 4.0mm. This generous distance allows for a comfortable and controlled typing experience, ensuring that the typist’s fingers do not bottom out easily. The precise actuation point and linear travel of the switch contribute to its smooth and effortless operation.

Gateron Yellow Linear Switch one click by using GMK Hennessey ABS (Double shot)-Audio Extraction:

The Yellow Linear Switches have an operating force of 50g. This amount of force provides typists with a satisfying typing experience without being too heavy or exerting too much pressure on the fingers. The switches also have a bottom-out force of 60g, providing audible and noticeable feedback when typing, giving typists a sense of control and precision.

Gateron Yellow Linear Switch typing by using GMK Hennessey ABS (Double shot)-Audio Extraction:

Overall, Gateron Yellow Switches are considered a good middle ground between the Gateron Red and Gateron Black switches. They offer a stronger and clearer response than the classic Gateron Red switch while still maintaining a level of control and comfort. With their smooth keystroke experience, reliability, and unique sound profile, these switches are an excellent choice for typists seeking a middle ground between force and smoothness.

Build Quality of Gateron Yellow Mechanical Switches

Gateron Yellow Switches are known for their build quality, which is often considered reliable and budget-friendly. The switches utilize Gateron’s new triple-layered contact pins, which help maintain their status as a go-to for a reliable linear switch on a budget. These switches are also available lubed, which further enhances their smoothness and sound profile.

The switches have a milky top housing made of Nylon PA66 and a black base housing made of Nylon PA66 with a POM stem. The combination of these high-quality materials contributes to the durability of the switches. The top housing provides a smooth and tactile feel, while the black base housing adds a touch of elegance. The POM stem provides a lightweight and responsive actuation point.

In terms of specifications, Gateron Yellow Switches have a pre-travel distance of 2.0±0.6mm and a travel distance of 4.0mm. These figures provide a smooth and consistent keystroke experience, with reduced pre-travel and minimal bottom-out. The operating force of the switches is 50g, which allows for easy actuation. Additionally, the bottom-out force is 60g, ensuring a solid and satisfying typing experience.

Gateron Yellow Linear Switch one click by using Maxkey SA Black ABS-Audio Extraction:

Gateron Yellow Switches are a good middle ground between the Gateron Red and Gateron Black switches. They offer a smooth and reliable linear switch experience at an affordable price. The switches are well-suited for gamers and typists who value performance and value. The combination of their build quality, triple-layered contact pins, and lubed options make them a competitive choice in the linear switch market.

Components of Gateron Yellow Switches

Gateron Yellow Switches are a type of mechanical keyboard switch that are known for their smooth, linear actuation and feel. These switches are commonly used in various gaming keyboards and are known for their durability and reliability. Let’s take a closer look at the key components of Gateron Yellow Switches.


The stem is the central component that is responsible for transmitting the signal from the keycap to the circuit board. It is typically made from a durable plastic material and comes in various lengths to suit different keyboard layouts. The stem is designed to be reliable and withstand repeated clicks and pushes.

Actuation Point

The actuation point is the point at which the keystroke is registered by the keyboard. Gateron Yellow Switches feature a linear actuation, which means there is no audible or clicky feedback when the switch is activated. This allows for smoother and more consistent keystroke performance, especially in fast-paced gaming scenarios.


The spring is a key component of Gateron Yellow Switches. It is responsible for returning the switch to its resting position after each keystroke, providing a consistent feel and action. The spring is carefully engineered to provide the right amount of tension and resistance.


The housing is the outer shell of the switch and is constructed to provide a snug fit around the other components. It is made of a durable plastic or metal material and is designed to withstand the demands of everyday use. The housing helps to protect the inner components of the switch and enhances the overall structural integrity of the switch.

Gateron Yellow Linear Switch Lub

Bottom Plate

The bottom plate is the component that rests under the keyboard and supports the switches. It provides a stable platform for the switch and ensures proper alignment and spacing. The bottom plate is typically made of a sturdy material, such as metal, and is designed to allow for easy assembly and disassembly of the keyboard.


Finally, the keycap is the visible component that is on top of the switch and acts as a physical key. It is designed to be durable, easy to clean, and comfortable to use. Keycaps come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, allowing users to customize their keyboards to suit their preferences and personal style.

Gateron Yellow Linear Switch typing by using Maxkey SA Black ABS-Audio Extraction:

Lastly, Gateron Yellow Switches are composed of several key components that work together to provide a smooth, linear typing and gaming experience. From the stem to the housing, each component is carefully selected and engineered to ensure optimal performance and reliability. With these components in place, Gateron Yellow Switches have become a popular choice among gamers and typists seeking a reliable and comfortable keyboard experience.

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