More pronounced sounds make the noise level deeper than regular mechanical switches. These deep-sounding linear switches provide extra features you slightly miss in other standard switches. So, here’s an unlimited guide on deep-sounding linear switches. After that, you get a list of right-as-rain deep sound switches by performance;

What are Deep Sounding Linear switches?

Linear switches with deep actuation points and longer travel distances are known as deep-sounding linear switches. They provide a more tactile typing experience due to the increased travel distance and deeper actuation point.

What are Deep Sounding Linear switches?

Furthermore, various colors and styles are available for deep-sounding linear switches, making them famous for custom keyboards. And depending on the actuation point and travel distance, a variety of typing experiences can be enjoyed.

Also, the tactile feedback of these switches makes them popular among typists and gamers who prefer low noise and fast actuation. Additionally, linear switches allow smooth, consistent keystrokes in keyboards. After all, gaming, typing, and other situations requiring precision are ideal for these switches, designed to be quieter than others.


Gateron Ink Black Deep Sounding Linear Switches
GATERON INK BLACK60g2.0mm4.0mmDeep
Alpaca V2 Deep Sounding Linear Switches
ALPACA V262g2.0mm3.7mmDeep
Gateron Milky Yellow Deep Sounding Linear Switches
Tealios V2 Deep Sounding Linear SwitchesZEAL TEALIOS V2
Cherry MX Black Deep Sounding Linear Switches
CHERRY MX BLACK60g2.0mm4.0mmDeep
NovelKeys Creams Deep Sounding Linear Switches
NOVEL KEYS CREAM55g2.0mm4.0mmDeep
C3 Tangerine Deep Sounding Linear Switches
C3 TANGERINE62g2.0mm4.0mmDeep
Hippo Deep Sounding Linear Switches
Durock POM Deep Sounding Linear Switches
DUROCK POM48g2.0mm4.0mmDeep

Advantages of Deep Sounding Linear Switches

A deep-sounding linear switch has the following benefits:

  • The keystrokes are smooth and consistent.
  • Compared to other switches, they are quieter.
  • Actuation requires less force.
  • Their reliability makes typing easier.
  • The fingers can become less tired when they are used to them.
  • The user receives a tactile response from them.
  • A deeper sound can be satisfying.
  • Compared to other switch types, they can be more cost-effective.

The drawback of Deep Sounding Linear Switches

Deep-sounding linear switches have the following drawbacks:

  • Compared to other switch types, they can be louder.
  • Compared to other types of switches, they may be more expensive.
  • The sound may need to be dampened with additional materials.

GATERON Ink Black Deep Sounding Linear Switches

The smooth feel and bassy sound of Gateron Ink Black switches make them popular among mechanical keyboard users. The distance travel is 4mm, the actuation force is 60g, and the pin count is 5. Factory-lubricated, they’re ideal for custom builds.

GATERON Ink Black Deep Sounding Linear Switches

Despite being linear, GATERON Ink Black switches sound very muted and deep when lubricated. There are no problems with the leaves, and they feel very smooth. Many users often consider these linear switches the endgame, requiring no further upgrades.

Should You Get It?

Ultimately, Gateron Ink Black switches are a matter of personal preference. If you want a smooth, satisfying typing experience, Gateron Ink Black switches might suit you.

Their deep sound and feel are unique, which many users find pleasing. Additionally, they are cost-effective and can be customized according to your requirements. Asked me, they’re overall good, popular, and newbie-friendly linear switches.

Alpaca V2 Deep Sounding Linear Switches

With its smooth and consistent keypresses and deep bottoming out, the Alpaca V2 is gaining popularity in the mechanical keyboard community. Various colors and actuation force options are available for this clone of the Kailh BOX Linear switch. Users have praised the Alpaca V2’s smooth and consistent keypresses and deep, satisfying sound.

Alpaca V2 Deep Sounding Linear Switches

The Alpaca V2 is famous as a perfect gaming linear switch with smoothness, consistent key push, and a great typing experience. The various actuation forces are available for the Alpaca V2, ranging from 45g to 60g so users can choose the perfect switch for their applications.

Electing or Not?

So, if you like a great typing experience with deep-sounding linear switches, Alpaca V2 is the right option. The Alpaca V2 is an excellent choice for a smooth, consistent keypress and satisfying bottoming sound.

In addition, if you prefer a soft actuation force or switch type other than the Alpaca V2, there may be better options. In the end, it’s up to you to make the decision.

Gateron Milky Yellow Deep Sounding Linear Switches

Undoubtedly, Gateron Milky Yellow switches are one of the most highly rated linear switches for mechanical keyboards. They have a smooth, consistent actuation with an operating force of 50g and a bottom-out force of 63g. 

Gateron Milky Yellow Deep Sounding Linear Switches

The Milky Yellow switches provide a fast and responsive typing experience. The sound they produce is low-pitched and very quiet. A solid construction is achieved with this switch, which is made of POM plastic.

A clear POM plastic housing houses the LED and is also made of POM plastic. Cherry MX, as well as KAILH sockets, are compatible with the switch. A quiet and consistent actuation makes the Milky Yellow an excellent gaming and typing keyboard. There is also a very low-pitched and deep-sounding mechanical switch.

Should You Choose It?

A Gateron Milky Yellow switch may be a good choice if you want a fast and responsive typing experience with a low-pitched sound. Alternatively, if you desire a switch with a greater actuation force that is quieter, consider another type. 

Tealios V2 Deep Sounding Linear Switches

The Tealios V2 switch is known for its smoothness and deep sound. Compared to regular Gateron linear, they have been tweaked to reduce wobble and improve smoothness.

Tealios V2 Deep Sounding Linear Switches

Transparent housing with distinctive teal stems characterizes the TEALIOS V2 switches. A PCB mount is also available; its weight (bottom-out force) is 67g. GATERON Black Inks and TEALIOS V2 are smooth linear switches. The Gaming Setup includes actuation force, tactile feedback, and other information about mechanical keyboard switches.

Is it worth getting?

Consider your needs and preferences when deciding whether to get a Tealios V2 switch. Those seeking a consistent and quiet typing experience will enjoy the Tealios V2 switch’s smooth and linear feel.

As well as being PCB-mounted, this switch can be mounted on a plate. On the other hand, the TEALIOS V2 V2 switch is quite expensive, making it unsuitable for those on a budget. The TEALIOS V2 is a significant linear switch for smooth and consistent performance.

Cherry MX Black Deep Sounding Linear Switches

Undoubtedly, Cherry MX Black switches are some of the most popular and widely used switches in the mechanical keyboard world. Compared to Cherry MX red, it has medium stiffness, deep sound, and sharp tactile feedback. As a result of its higher actuation force, it is ideal for gaming and typing. Additionally, the switch has a reputation for being reliable and long-lasting.

Cherry MX Black Deep Sounding Linear Switches

Moreover, It offers good tactile feedback and an audible click when you type on the Cherry MX Black. Fast-paced gaming is made easier with its high actuation force, but prolonged typing can be tiresome with its tactile feedback.

Furthermore, the Cherry MX Black switch is an excellent option for gamers looking for an accurate, reliable switch with good tactile feedback and high actuation force. In addition, it has a deep-sounding keystroke click that is great for typists.

Does it make sense to buy it?

It ultimately depends on your preferences and needs as to whether you want to use the Cherry MX Black switch. Their medium stiffness, sound, and sharp tactile feedback make gaming and typing possible. Aside from its reliability and longevity, it is also well-known for its durability. 

Cherry MX Black switches provide good tactile feedback and a high actuation force. Also, MX black switches might be for you if you’re looking for a reliable switch. The actuation force or tactile feedback may be too demanding if you find them tiring.

NovelKeys Creams Deep Sounding Linear Switches

With a smooth, tactile feel, the Creams linear switches are light to medium weighted. An actuation force of 50g, these mechanical switches can be operated by hand. Despite the springs being minimal, the Creams have a smooth sound. Typing is quite comfortable with their soft bottom out.

NovelKeys Creams Deep Sounding Linear Switches

A touch switch has a similar look and feel to a linear switch but with a tactile bump rather than a linear bump. As a result, they are excellent for gaming, as they combine the smoothness of a linear switch with the tactile bump of a tactile switch.

Great for You?

Both gamers and typists will benefit from NovelKeys Creams. Smooth, tactile bumps and soft bottoms give them a unique and satisfying feel. Quiet environments are an excellent choice due to their minimal sound.

C3 Tangerine Deep Sounding Linear Switches

The C3 Tangerine is highly sought after in the linear mechanical switch market. This linear switch stands out because of its unique design and feel. Also, there is a deeply shocking sound associated with C3 Tangerine linear switches. Many users have commented on the deep, rich sound as distinct from other linear switches.

C3 Tangerine Deep Sounding Linear Switches

Additionally, C3 Tangerine switches are incredibly responsive and smooth due to their consistent actuation force over their lifespan. In addition to its smooth, quiet operation, it is also very low in actuation force, making it ideal for typing. Unlike other linear switches, it is also built with high quality. It has a consistent actuation force throughout its lifespan and performs fast and responsively. 

Do You Need It?

Gamers and typists alike will find it very smooth and comfortable. When it comes to smooth, responsive, and durable linear switches, the C3 Tangerine is a great choice.

Hippo Deep Sounding Linear Switches

A type of mechanical switch called a Hippo linear switch is a product from GATERON designed by Kinetic Labs, and available from various vendors. In addition to GATERON first UHMWPE stem, these switches feature an ultra-smooth actuation, which is substantially smoother than traditional linear switches.

Hippo Deep Sounding Linear Switches

Plus, there is also a full nylon housing on the switches, which provides a thumping sound signature. As well as that, they have a well-rounded bottom-out force of 68g, so they are suitable for gaming and typing.

In fact, few linear switches on the market can compete with Hippo linear switches in performance. Smooth, consistent actuation and long-lasting reliability make them a great choice. Despite the switch’s excellent feedback and balanced sound signature, the experience is pleasant.

Worth It or Not?

A smooth, reliable, and long-lasting linear switch like a Hippo is an excellent choice for those looking for smooth, reliable, and long-lasting linear switches. The keyboards are perfect for both gaming and typing since they provide an outstanding balance between performance, sound, and feel.

Durock POM Deep Sounding Linear Switches

Generally, Durock POM switch reviews have been positive, with numerous users praising its consistent feel and smooth operation. The less clicky switch provides a smooth typing experience than other linear switches. As one of the lightest linear switches on the market, the switch is also praised for its lightweight.

Durock POM Deep Sounding Linear Switches

Moreover, users praise the switch’s durability, pointing out that it has a longer lifespan than other linear switches. A linear switch such as the Durock POM is an excellent choice for those who want a light, smooth, and durable option.

Furthermore, the stem has a moderate amount of stickiness. In addition, your keyboard won’t be bumped by the switch.The switch is great for both gaming and typing. It is also very responsive and reliable for anyone looking for a solid switch.

Should You Get It

The deep, smooth sound of Durock POM switches is well known. When it comes to switches that produce a unique sound, they are a popular choice. When combined with the Mystery Material stem, the POM housing provides a more profound sound signature. Also contributing to the switch’s sound is its long pole.

Installation of Deep Sounding Linear Switches

Deep-sounding linear switches are easy to install. Installation instructions and tools are usually included with keyboards. If you do not have a switch puller, you can purchase one and a set of keycaps to facilitate the process. Using lubricants can also reduce friction and smooth the switches.

Add keycaps and other accessories to your switches to customize their look and feel. For a perfect typing experience, you can also adjust the switches’ travel distance and actuation point.


Among linear switches, Gat Black Inks have one of the most profound sounds and are relatively smooth in stock. 

  • Silent Inks are a great stock switch, the silent variant of Gat Ink Black.
  • These switches produce a deeper/thockier sound than other silent switches.

It is true that linear switches are ideal for gaming. As a result, you can type with accuracy and speed, and you won’t experience any bumps or clicks that may be distracting during gameplay. Linear switches are also ideal for games that require a high degree of speed, as they require little force to operate.

You must use a lubricant designed specifically for mechanical keyboards to lubricate a linear switch. Usually, grease-based lubricants like Krytox 205g0 are applied by brush to the switch. A premium lubricant, G-Lube, is another option, and TriboSys 3204 is easy to work with. Lubricate linear switches by brushing the lubricant evenly over their legs and the area between them after applying it.

To Conclude

For gaming and typing, deep-sounding linear switches are a great choice. Due to their quietness and responsiveness, they are ideal for gaming and typing. Additionally, they can be customized with a variety of colors and styles. In terms of durability, these switches are an excellent choice for long-term use.

Linear switches with deep sound are an excellent choice for a more tactile typing experience or a quieter gaming experience. They are quiet, responsive, and customizable for a wide range of applications.

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