durock POM linear switches

In the market, you can finally find great linear switches that provide a consistent keystroke feel, known for their extreme smoothness. People forget quality has value when they say, Durock POM linear switches pocket strain. This mechanical keyboard switch impressed me much more quickly than other linear switches. We’ve had a blast. I’ve to prepare a blog on Durock from different aspects, including design, manufacturing quality, and more characteristics.

What are Durock POM Linear Switches?

The Durock are famous linear switches for mechanical keyboard in the market and are best from their characteristics. Because it has a longer travel distance than any of its competitors and is ideal for its highly smooth response time. These switches are much smoother and more consistent than Cherry MX red or MX speed silver linear switches.

Durock POM mechanical switches are much smoother and more consistent than Cherry MX speed silver switches. Furthermore, the stem clicks into place when the mechanism is installed. Make sure the PCB is inserted into the stem as well.


Plus, there is no excessive stickiness to the stem. Although, this switch isn’t likely to bump into your keyboard if it’s on it. There is a decent black color available for this switch. Seeing how many key presses are left is easy, thanks to the stem’s transparency. Gaming and typing are both great with this switch. Anyone looking for a solid switch will find this switch to be very responsive and reliable.

Features of Durock POM Linear Switches

  • Comes pre-lubed
  • Durable and sturdy
  • 5-pin PCB mount
  • Smooth and linear keypress
  • A Grace Piano Keys appearance is possible with Opaque Black and Original White P3 Stems.
  • Easy to Install
  • Gold plated
  • Comes with 90 linear switches pack
  • LED style shape
  • Customizable linear switches

Durock Design and Build Quality

Durock mechanical linear switches come in a very sleek and minimalistic design and are made with Polycarbonate and Polymer Nylon blend Shells. During testing, Cherry MX and Gateron linear switches proved to be the sturdiest mechanical keyboard switches. The stem is designed to operate smoothly and consistently and increase response time or performance. 

And the switch has a black finish which looks great. After holding, they come with the right as-rain build quality. Because these mechanical linear switches are made with high-quality materials and bite at the cherry option for you, their durability and strength are evident after they have been used.

Durock Design and Build Quality

After using Durock switches for gaming, typing, and general use still worked perfectly compared to Cherry MX and Gateron linear switches. In fact, linear optical switches perform more better than durock compare to mechanical switches in gaming.

LED Light Style and Plates

With Durock linear switches, you have to bite at the cherry to customize the LED light style of your own choice, and this feature you can get in other linear mechanical switches. While gaming and typing, the LED style provides a deep feeling. Furthermore, these styles are available in breathing LED, Wave LED style, and Static LED styles only. Plus, you had a whale of time due to the adjustable brightness of the LED linear switch.

The gold plating makes these linear switches durable, corrosion-resistant, and waterproof. In addition, the gold plating of Durock switches provides a premium look while using them. If you want a premium look and a good keystroke feel for linear switches, then Durock is also good switch.

Pre-Lubed and Keystroke Feeling

Another great feature of Durock linear switches you never ahead received in other linear switches is pre-lubed. Also, linear switches need to be lubed after buying to enhance keystroke feeling, noise, and smoothness. But Durock linear switches don’t need to buy lube and lubricate themselves.

Pre-Lubed and Keystroke Feeling

Durock company is responsible for making it pre-lubed. So, if using lubed linear switches, you know how you feel differently without lubed mechanical switches. Furthermore, these switches are easy to clean, and you want a linear switch with a pre-lube to remember them. Let me get straight. Durock mechanical switches offer smooth and consistent force with a great resistance level or actuation point because, after use, no actuation force is required. 

Serval people who loves the feel of each keystroke is very consistent. Considering heavy games and typing, it’s a perfect choice because the operating force is 2mm, and the travel distance is about 4mm.

Gaming with Durock Linear Switches is Good?

Mechanical switches enhance gaming performance and typing speed. It’s fair to say that linear switches are preferable to tactile and clicky mechanical switches. According to testing results, this linear switch provides consistent and smooth keystrokes with tactile feedback or no noise. In addition to having a high response level and speed, 

Durock Linear switches have a high level of functionality. The bump feeling in linear switches can slow down and frustrate players during competitive games if you play with tactile or clicky mechanical switches. 

Gaming with Durock is Good?

In addition, Durock are more responsive and have a higher actuation force, which results in fewer finger strains. To survive heavy games, these linear switches are recommended for pro gamers. Is there a line switch that is best suited to gaming? 

All linear switches provide high-quality gaming performance. In addition to cherry speed silver and cherry MX red linear switches, Durock are also a good choice for gamers, as they offer quick response and actuation feedback. The stem and coil springs also respond relatively quickly, which enhances the gaming experience and speed compared to linear switches. 

Typing with Durock is Good?

There is a considerable advantage to being able to type with tactile and clicky switches compared to Durock linear switches. In addition, tactile and clicky switches provide valuable feedback and medium sounds for testing. Conversely, Durock are excellent for typing since they have no tactile bumps and deliver feedback that aids in faster word typing. 

Also, as a result of working in public or office spaces, people convert their switches into Durock mechanical switches devices. Do Durock work well for typing? Some they’re good for typing, but most are recommended for gaming.

As far as typing is concerned, Gateron ink black linear switches are the best suited since the plastic stem enhances the typing performance. 

Durock also have good results but are a bit more expensive. As soon as the key is pressed, the keypress should be registered without waiting until the key is bottomed out. Your typing speed will increase as a result. 


Durock POMs have a smooth surface. Various applications can be performed with the material because it is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. Furthermore, POMs require little maintenance and are very easy to clean.

There is no doubt that Durock switches are linear. The switch returns to its original position thanks to a simple spring design. The spring compresses when the switch is actuated and applies a linear force. In this way, the keystrokes are smooth, predictable, and consistent.

Durock linear switches provide a smooth feel when typing and are very smooth. As well as being very durable, the switches are also very long-lasting. Although unlubricated switches are generally quieter than lubricated switches, they have lower sound quality. It sounds much better when Durock are lubricated. Those looking for smooth, linear typing will find Durock are great choice.

Durock switches provide linear typing experiences. Their consistency of feel throughout a keystroke makes them quieter than other switches. Typing and gaming are two of the reasons many users choose them.


Durock linear switches are a good option to enhance the gaming experience and typing. These switches best choice if you want a pre-lubed linear switch with consistent actuation force and a smooth feeling. But if you’re new to using linear switches, hold the horse because Durock are not beginner friendly.

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