What Exactly is Gateron Yellow Linear Switches – All You Need to Know

gateron yellow linear switches

Gateron yellow linear switches are a perfect mechanical keyboard switch for gaming or typing. In fact, this keyboard switch is famous for its unique smooth keystroke feeling or low sound profile. Moreover, Geteron yellow switches provide off-chance actuation or bottom-out force, which is more relaxing in gaming and office work.

So don’t be pear-shaped; I’ve prepared a complete guide on Gateron yellow linear switches with complete characteristics. Look over the comprehensive features and make your mind swift;

Why Use Gateron Yellow Linear Switches?

Compared to tactile or clicky switches, gateron switches are famous for unique characteristics. Which means these mechanical switches are an excellent choice for gaming and typing. And, don’t provide any tactile feedback or lord sound. So, if you want to protect your mechanical keyboard with your family due to loud keypress sound then purchase these switches. Because while playing games you’ll get more smooth speed without feedback. 

gateron yellow mechanical set
Switch typeLinear
Switch brandGateron Yellow
ManufacturerGateron Switches
Top housing materialNylon PA66
Bottom housing materialNylon PA66
Mount typePlate Mount (5-pin)
Stem constructionStandard
Stem materialPOM Transparent 
Actuation weight50g
Bottom-out weight60g
Switch SoundQuiet
Pre-travel distance2.0 mm
Total travel distance4.0 mm
Suitable Gaming and Typing

After all, Gateron yellow is a durable mechanical switch. Because the top or bottom housing is made by Nylon PA66 and the stem made by POM transparent. These mechanical switches also operate at a force of 50 gf. It is ideal for gaming with a switch that has a high response rate and actuation force. The keys were executed very quickly. Gateron Yellow switches are linear and made from light material, unlike Cherry MX.

Parts of Gateron Yellow Linear Switches

Many components make Gateron yellow switches perfect for gaming, typing, and beginner-friendly, such as:

Top Housing: Identifying gateron switches is easy because the housing is transparent and crucial to protecting stems. This plastic component, which is lighter and thicker than the bottom housing, also comes with a five-pin lock. On the other hand, while keystroking, the keycaps hit the upper housing.

Stem: Here are the main components of Gateron yellow. The stem allows for quiet, vertical pressing. Because of this smaller component, the switch is more gaming and typing friendly. Gateron stems are famous for gaming and general use. It’s difficult to tell whether the switches are Cherry MX or Gateron yellow.

Coil Spring: They don’t have tactile feedback since coil springs control the stem and produce resistance actuation force. A key can also be activated but not actuated. The coil spring also resets the key in addition to providing resistance.

Metal leaves: The metal or gold pieces come into contact in the same way as mechanical gateron switches.

Bottom housing: The white-colored bottom housing of Gateron yellow switches is attached to the transparent upper housing. Bottom clips are used to mount the PCB for the keyboard.

Characteristics and Uses of Gateron’s Yellow Switches 

When making a purchase decision, it is important to consider the following features of Gateron yellow;

gateron yellow set

Operating Force 

People like the actuation force and bottom out force of these yellow switches because 50g actuation force enhance your gaming or typing experience with smooth stroke but the 60g bottom out force provide more keypress speed;

Keypress Sound 

It is much more pleasant to hear when gaming or typing. The keystroke noise is not as annoying as tactile clicky switches. Yellow switches can sound good in the office if you adjust the keypress speed. A mechanical keyboard won’t be worth it if you throw it out because of the noises made by the switches and the keycaps hitting the plastic when you press each key. The sound is also much quieter and better than the Gateron Clear. Many people want line sound while working. You should not try to convert your clicky switch or tactile switches. Gateron yellow will be cheap and great for typing.


Except for some scratches on some switches, most of the key presses in the center are smooth. Although the inconsistency is minor, a little lubricant can easily ‘fix it.’ The off-center key presses will be different between the good switch and the bad board.

Travel Distance 

Moreover, the travel distance of Gateron mechanical switches is similar with other popular switches because the pre-travel distance is 2 mm or total travel distance is 4 mm which makes your day over moon while playing comparative games.

gateron yellow in keyboard

Design and Build Quality 

The polycarbonate shells and nylon shells combine to create a sleek, minimalistic design. Our testing has shown that the most durable mechanical switches are cherry MX switches compared to Gateron linear switches. This stem has been designed to provide smooth, consistent operation as well as increased performance and response times. The switch is also finished in a beautiful white-transparent finish. After holding these switches, you can easily feel the quality. The high-quality materials used to construct these mechanical linear switches allow you to test their durability and strength. 

Typing Experience 

Gateron yellow switches have a linear design and weigh about 45 grams. They also have an actuation pressure of around 50 grams. It is popular because the linear switch makes a quiet typing noise. The pressure is low and moderate, so you can type for long periods without feeling tired. They are also suitable for all users and can be used in many different situations. 

Furthermore, this switch is easy to use. It’s smooth, but it sounds okay, and it is reasonably priced. Anyone who has an MX yellow or something similar will enjoy this switch. I am looking for a more durable switch in the long term.

Gaming Experience 

The experience is better than the tactile, and I really enjoyed using these. The switch is lightweight and smooth, making it easy to use for gaming. I would be hard-pressed to pick any other switch because of the price. It is also the best budget entry-level mechanical keyboard that I have found if you are looking to upgrade from a standard rubber dome keyboard. This keyboard offers unbeatable performance for its price.

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