What Exactly is Tecsee Carrot Linear Switches in 2024? – All You Need to Know

tecsee carrot linear switches

Tecsee Carrot linear switches are a type of linear switch that uses. Tecsee’s PME housing material and features a longer retraction POM stem for improved keystroke stability. You may or may not have heard of these mechanical switches. And, they are derived from their linear switches but are used due to their distinct sound characteristics and fixed keystrokes. 

It is suitable for 5 pin PCB mount and it also comes in a small pack of 10 switches or a large pack of 70 switches. So, here I go, providing a full guide of the new week for the novices who have never known about Carrot linear mechanical switches of 2024.

What is Tecsee Carrot Linear Switches?

In linear tastes, Tecsee Carrot switches come with the company’s. PME housing material features and have a longer POM stem as the pole pillar for every keystroke. Linear Tecsee linear switches are designed. With the bottom-out force of 68g; thus it gives tactile as well as noticeable feedback when typing.

carrot in keyboard
Switch typeLinear
Switch brandTecsee Carrot
Top housing materialPME
Bottom housing materialPME
Mount typePOM 5 PIN
Stem constructionStandard
Stem materialPOM 
Actuation weight55g
Factory Pre-lubedLight Lubed
Switch SoundQuiet
Bottom-Out Force68g
Total travel distance3.5mm
Pre-travel Distance 2.0mm

It is also significantly shorter when it comes to the travel distance of the Carrot linear switches. Which is 3mm of about 5 mm to ensure that the pad has a pleasant tactile feel that is pleasant to the fingers every time they make a keystroke. Also the Carrot linear switches have the housing made of PME, a high density polymer used due to their durability and stability. It offers a more robust and rigid encasement to the switch, thereby enhancing its endurance in the demanded operations.

The stem of the Carrot linear switches is made from POM – a polyoxymethylene copolymer The Carrot linear switches are light-grey, and their surface is coated using powder coating technology. POM has higher strength, good mechanical properties and stiffness POM it has better mechanical properties, strength and stiffness. 

The POM stem assists in producing the conditions necessary for the keystroke to be stable thereby minimizing wobbling or chattering. Additionally, the Carrot linear switches again come in a 5-pin PCB mount making it fit almost all gaming keyboards and DIY builds. This predisposes for integration and does not require corresponding outer enclosures or connectors.

Features of Tecsee Carrot Linear Switches

The Tecsee Carrot is popular with the custom mechanical keyboard community for several reasons. The following features are included:

  • The actuation force
  • The bottom-out force
  • The travel distance
  • The pre-travel distance
  • The housing material
  • The stem material
  • The pin configuration
  • The sound profile

With these features combined, mechanical keyboard enthusiasts can create a flexible and customizable experience. Due to their unique features, Tecsee Carrot switches have become a popular choice in the custom mechanical keyboard community. These switches offer a combination of performance and characteristics that enthusiasts appreciate. Let’s explore these features in detail:

tecsee carrot set

Actuation Force: 

Another important component is that Tecsee switches have an actuation force of fifty-five grams at most. In order to touch, this force is needed when the key is pressed to activate the switch. A newer mechanism, the actuation force is designed to facilitate smooth and fast typing since it registers the keystrokes in the shortest time possible.

Bottom-Out Force:

Of course, the bottom-out force of Carrot linear switches is also impressive. The loudness and impact produced from striking the keycap all the way through till the tactile bump is felt. Carrot linear switch has a bottom-out force of 68g and allows users to get that satisfying click and feedback.

Travel Distance:  

Tecsee switches head travel distance is 3. 5mm. This distance refers to the distance the keycap travels when the switch is activated; it is critical because the keycap is the part of the switch the user engages when typing. A sufficient travel distance also means that the fingers do not get fatigued quickly while typing, thus encouraging travelers to remain comfortable while typing.

Pre-Travel Distance:

Linear switches like Carrot have a distance of 2mm before the travel is set to begin. This distance is the distance traveled by the keycap in relation to the switch in order to make contact. It is almost similar to the idea of providing tactile feedback before touch while typing, which results in a nice feeling and audible feedback akin to a click sensation.

Housing Material: 

Carrot linear switches contain a proprietary housing material called the PME material. To this end, it has durability and reliability intended to hold its ground and prove useful in day-to-day utilization. The choice of the housing material also accented the total weight and certain feedback, making the typing experience on the switches rather enjoyable.

Stem Material: 

The picture linear switches from Carrot are made with the use of stem material called POM, which stands for Polyoxymethylene. POM can be characterized as a materiaL with high mechanical characteristics of strength and stiffness which makes it useful for the production of mechanical switches. The stem material assists in proffering the switches hence their rigidity and reliability as a structural component.

Build Quality of Tecsee Carrot Switches

As for the general case, the Tecsee switches are renowned for their great mechanical design. These switches have been constructed using Tecsee patented PME housing material, which is renowned for its strength and sturdiness. The PME housing can be seen to enable a faster and deeper sound for housing thus improving the gaming.

Build Quality of Tecsee Carrot Switches

Apart from the PME housing, the Tecsee linear switches also come equipped with a POM stem which is referred to as Polyoxymethylene. This POM stem has some of the following benefits that help in enhancing the construction of the switches. Firstly, it adopts a long stem pole so it makes the bottom out writing very uniform and precise. This makes it possible for the gamer to type with every key working efficiently and in a responsive way giving gamers enhanced sensitivity and precision control.

Another important aspect of the Tecsee linear switches is that they are specially designed to be factory-lubed. They are switch out-of-the-box with a light application of lubricant; this is adds to smooth performance. It helps to make the key travel smoother and reduces the friction on the key bed as the result, typing makes you feel good.

The Tecsee Carrot linear switches are also famous for other good factors that include quality construction. The combination between the PME housing and the POM stem is the result of health safety standards in producing switches that are quite satisfying. This design of switches gives a smooth functioning without requiring oiled support or modification, and the feel of the bottoming out makes these switches preferred among many keyboard users.

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