All About Tealios V2 Linear Switches – Perfect Option In 2024

Tealios V2 Linear Switches

In 2024, Tealios V2 Linear Switches will keep growing due to their exceptional smoothness or stem legs perfections. Which means these mechanical switches perfectly provide a balanced actuation force or bottom-out force compared to all other linear keyboard switches. In fact, these clear housing switches are made of outstandingly smooth plastic mold. Which enhance your daily keystroke performance or make your day over the moon.

So don’t forget, if you want to try something unique mechanical switches. That are perfect for your typing, gaming or other daily activities without strain over fingers or money then don’t ignore. Read my six months using experience with this quality mechanical linear switches.

All About Tealios V2 Linear Switches?

Every man and his dog love this mechanical switch due to their body housing quality. Because this housing is made by Gateron mechanical switches and that’s why keypress smoothness is similar with gateron yellow or red linear switches. For that reason, you feel relaxed due to their high quality construction and clear housing. 

Switch Information

Switch typeLinear
Switch brandGateron 
Top housing materialClear Polyoxymethylene housing
Bottom housing materialClear Polyoxymethylene housing
Mount type5 PIN
Stem constructionStandard
Stem materialTeal
Actuation weight67g
Bottom-out weight67g Bottom out Force
Switch SoundQuiet
Pre-travel distance2 mm
Total travel distance4 mm
Suitable Gaming and Typing

Furthermore, the stem legs are angled perfectly to provide a balanced actuation force, ensuring a smooth linear movement. The stem itself is made of an outstandingly smooth plastic mold, which contributes to the overall smoothness. On the other hand, the actuation force is another finest feature of Tealios V2 switches. Which is 67g force that improve your word typing speed and enhance gaming keystroke reflexes due to their smooth stem. To my mind, this linear switch is ideal for many users.

Tealios V2 switch box

The switches can be further improved with lubrication, which enhances the smoothness and reduces friction. Many users have reported that lubing the switches with a mildly-thick coating of Tribosys 3204 or similar lubricants makes them feel extremely smooth. Furthermore, the Tealios V2 switches have been tweaked to reduce wobble. Making them less prone to stem movement and providing a more consistent typing experience.

Characteristics of Tealios V2 Linear Switches

There are several features of Tealios V2 Linear switches that make enhance your gaming or typing experience;

Switch profile – Pure Linear

Some people mistakenly believe that the Gateron Tealios V2 switch profile is linear because of its smoothness or feel. Others say that they are tactile because of the sound made by the key. The switch profile could have been more precise for beginners. After two months of testing, the keystrokes feel indicated. This switch is linear and does not provide tactile feedback.

Operating force – 67gf

You will love linear mechanical switches with mid-range operating forces. Tealios V2 understands your needs because they provide 65gf force. Compared to gateron Ink Black linear switches have a low operating force. I was asked if the Tealios V2 was perfect for beginners, gamers, and typists. The operating force can be a little bit too much for beginners. Other linear mechanical switches can cause key-pressing accidents.

Bottom Out Force 67g

The black-pated springs in Gateron Tealios V2 give a bottom-out force of 80g. This is slightly more than other  Husky linear switches or Zaku linear switches. The bottom force is a good choice, as it requires more force to press the key than it does to actuate the switch entirely. It can, therefore, reduce accidental keystrokes and improve switch consistency.

Travel distance – 2mm to 4mm

The pre-travel distance of 2mm is the same as other Gateron switches like Gateron Cap Yellow and Gateron Ink Black. Also, the total travel distance of 4 mm is ideal for typing or playing games that require rapid keystrokes. This standard travel distance is why many prefer mechanical linear switches with a perfect keystroke feeling. This switch should be moved if you are in this category.

Tealios V2 gateron Switches

Longevity — 50 Million Keystrokes

Many people choose these linear switches because they are durable. The Tealios V2 can last up to 50,000,000 keystrokes, compared to other cherry or gateron linear switches. Imagine comparing it to Gateron Clear and Diamond linear switches. The extra-durable mechanical switch is made from gold alloy or stem metal crosspoint leaves. You will never regret any switch you make when you begin playing competitive games and working.

Build Quality Of Tealios V2 Linear Switches

Gateron Tealios V2 Linear Switches are generally of good quality. A reputable switch manufacturer known for its reliable and durable switches, is undoubtedly one of the best-known. These switches are typically constructed of durable plastic, which ensures stability and durability for a long time.

The stem, or the part of the switch that moves, has been designed to last several years without developing problems, such as wobbles due to repeated key press or excessive wear from constant use. Gateron Tealios V2 switches are also factory lubricated. This particular oil enhances the smoothness of the switch and its overall feel.

Tealios V2 gaming switches

This type of lubrication has been shown to reduce friction and possibly prolong the switch’s life by reducing wear on the mechanism. The quality of switches can vary, whether they are produced in batches or individually. Some users’ experiences or preferences may differ from the majority. You may be concerned about the reliability or build quality of Tealios V2 linear switches.

These switches are well-known for their high build quality. Both enthusiasts and professionals use them in mechanical keyboards. Tealios V2 Linear Switches are known for their consistent performance and feel on various devices. When it comes to mechanical keyboards, consistency is a crucial factor. It ensures that each switch operates with the same actuation force and smoothness.

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