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I know the buttery smoothness of diamond linear switches, famous for their seamless operation. After all, these mechanical switches provide extra features, which bite at the cherry for typing, gaming, and general use. So here’s a detailed guide on diamond switches. Does it affect the election?

What Are Tecsee Diamond Linear Switches?

Smoothness and sound profile are highly praised for Tecsee Diamond. Moreover, the switch provides a unique sound and is popular with those looking for a unique switch. And they’ve been praised for their deep and smooth sound and the long pole of the P3 stem. 

What Are Tecsee Diamond Linear Switches?

The lubrication and unpicking are also relatively simple. The slightly rattly sound they make when some users have also reported stock can be resolved with proper lubrication.

Pre Travel Distance2.1mm
Total Travel Distance3.8mm
Operating Force55g
Bottom-out Force63.5g
Top HousingUHMPWE 
Bottom HousingPolycarbonate
Lifespan50 Million
SuitableGaming & Typing
PCB Mount5-pins

Tecsee Diamond pros and cons

Due to their smoothness, durability, and consistency, they’re popular among gamers and typists. However, they have some pros and cons, just like any mechanical switch. Tecsee switches have the following pros and cons:


  • Smooth and consistent: Combining smoothness with consistency makes them ideal for fast, accurate typing.
  • Durable: These switches can withstand 50 million keystrokes even under heavy use.
  • Reliable: Tecsee Diamond provide a reliable typing experience due to their high responsiveness and consistency.
  • Quieter: These switches are silent and make good choices for shared workspaces or quiet environments.
  • Good for gaming: Linear switches, such as those from Tecsee Diamond, provide rapid actuation without tripping you with tactile feedback.


  • No tactile feedback: Typists who prefer tactile or clicky switches may find the Tecsee Diamond unsuitable.
  • Not customizable: Unlike some other mechanical switches, Tecsee Diamond are not customizable, meaning that users cannot adjust the actuation force or travel distance.
  • Limited availability: They’re not as widely available as other mechanical switches, making them harder to find and purchase.

Overall, Tecsee Diamond Linear Switches are great for a smooth, durable, and reliable mechanical switch. However, they may not be the best choice for users who prefer tactile feedback or heavier switches.

Characteristics of Diamond Mechanical Switches

Making an informed purchase decision requires consideration of the following features of Tecsee.

Characteristics of Tecsee Diamond Linear Switches

Switch Type

The Diamond from Tecsee are linear. Their motion is linear and free of bumps or clicks when pressed. It is common for gamers to prefer linear switches because they allow quick actuation without worrying about tactile feedback slowing them down.

Actuation Force

A Tecsee Diamond Linear Switch has an actuation force of 45g. In other words, they are suitable for gaming and typing since they require moderate force to operate.

Travel Distance

There is a 4mm travel distance on Tecsee Diamond switches. A switch travels this distance before it acts when pressed down. Most mechanical keyboards have the same travel distance as these switches.


There is a 50 million keystroke warranty on Tecsee linear Switches. As a result, they will remain durable even if heavily used. Additionally, the switches are made with durable materials that ensure they will remain reliable for years.


These mechanical switches are feature smooth operation as a key feature. There is no wobbling or rattling of the switches, so users can type smoothly and consistently. Since the keys won’t become stuck or feel sluggish, they’re ideal for typing and gaming.

Build Quality

Gaming and typing enthusiasts find the Diamond to be of excellent build quality, which is one of the reasons for their popularity. A high-quality mechanical switch such as this is durable, consistent, and reliable, which makes them a good choice.

Build Quality of Tecsee Diamond Linear Switches


Metal leaf contacts and durable plastic housing are part of the high-quality materials that make up Tecsee Diamond Linear Switches. Additionally, the stem is made from a smooth, consistent plastic material.


The high build quality of Tecsee Diamond switches contributes to their consistency. A smooth and reliable typing experience is provided by the switches’ consistent force and travel distance.

Quality Control

They have implemented a strict quality control process to ensure that every switch meets Tecsee’s high standards. Before it is shipped, every switch is tested for durability, performance, and consistency.

Gaming and Typing Comparison 

For gamers who prefer a smooth, consistent switch, Tecsee linear switches are a great option. They’re also offer the following benefits:

Consistent and smooth actuation

Linear switches have a smooth and consistent actuation without any tactile feedback to slow movement. Tecsee Diamond switches feature a linear switch design. Gamers who need to move and act quickly can benefit from this.

Rapid Actuation

Compared to other mechanical switches, Tecsee Diamond switches have a relatively light actuation force of 45g. The ability to actuate switches quickly can be helpful in fast-paced games that require quick reflexes.

Quiet Operation

It is a good idea to use Tecsee switches when gaming in shared spaces or quiet places since they are quieter than other mechanical switches. However, the switches don’t produce a loud-click sound like other metal switches.

Good for Continuous Typing

Players often communicate with teammates in online games using Tecsee switches. As a result of the linear switch design, you can type smoothly and consistently, which helps you communicate quickly and accurately.

Because they are smooth, consistent, and have a rapid acceleration force, they are quiet, durable, and suitable for continuous typing, making Tecsee an excellent choice for gaming.

Components of Diamond Switches

Several components make up the Diamond, providing a smooth, reliable typing experience. These switches consist of the following main components:

Components of Tecsee Diamond Linear Switches

Housing: High-quality plastic material makes up the housing of the Tecsee Diamond Linear Switch. In addition to protecting the other components from damage, the housing holds everything in place. In addition, the housing has an opening through which the stem protrudes.

Stem: Tecsee Diamond Linear Switch stems are small plastic pieces inside the housing. When the switch is pressed, a metal leaf contacts the stem. Its smooth and consistent stem allows you to type quickly and accurately.

Spring: As the spring provides the resistance and force needed for Tecsee switches to operate, it performs the function of an actuator. Under the stem is a spring that, when compressed and expanded, makes the key feel smooth and consistent.

Metal Leaf: An internal metal leaf makes up the metal leaf of Tecsee switches. The stem completes the electrical circuit when it contacts the leaf, registering the key press. A metal leaf provides a reliable typing experience because it is highly responsive and consistent.

Contacts: A Tecsee Diamond Linear Switch has contacts under its metal leaf. A key press is registered when the stem contacts the metal leaf and completes the electrical circuit.

A Tecsee Diamond Linear Switch’s smooth, reliable typing experience results from high-quality components. Gamers and typists alike appreciate the switches’ high responsiveness and consistency.

How to Lube Diamond Keyboard Switches?

Diamond are need to be lubricated with a few essential tools. You will need a lubricant specifically designed to lubricate mechanical keyboard switches. The second step involves applying the lubricant with a lint-free cloth or cotton swab. For the final step, you’ll need a small screwdriver.

There are crucial tools required to start linear lube switches. So, using the small screwdriver, remove the keyboard switch. After that, lubricate the switch stem and top housing with a small amount of lubricant. Use cotton swabs or lint-free cloths to apply the lubricant evenly to the switch.

Dust and dirt buildup can also occur when the switch is lubricated too much and becomes sticky. Because of this, the lubricant must be applied evenly across the switch with only a tiny amount.


Two types of UHMWPE stems and top housings and PC bottom housings. Moreover, the spring measures 22mm long and weighs 63.5 grams. Additionally, they are called Jadeite switches.

UHMWPE top housing, PC bottom housing, and UHMWPE stem are all used on Diamond (Jadeite) Switches. Their distance travel is 3.8mm, their actuation is 55g, and they have double stages springs.

It is important to note that diamond linear switches have a somewhat muted and subdued sound signature. This switch has a dull clack on the upstroke that is less plasticky and hollow-sounding than others.

Final Takeaway

An excellent choice for gamers and typists alike, Tecsee Linear switches are high-quality mechanical switches with a smooth and consistent linear design. Their durability rating of 50 million keystrokes makes them ideal for use in shared or quiet spaces, and their quiet operation makes them ideal for use in shared spaces. Gamers who need to move quickly will also appreciate their rapid actuation force and linear design. Switches by Tecsee provide high performance and reliability.


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