are linear switches good for typing

Linear switches are first-rate choices for that people who frustrate the noise of tactile and clicky switches. They can’t lube them and want to type a lot. So don’t be sick as a parrot. You might think linear switches are good for typing.

Please let your hair down because Cherry and Gateron brank make dozens of linear switches for good typing, gaming, and beginner-friendly. 

Here I’ve prepared an easy pie guide to choose linear switches for typing and suggest great linear switches after using right-as-rain typing.

Are Linear switches good for typing?

There is a strong advantage for tactile and clicky switches over linear switches when typing. Moreover, testing tactile and clicky switches is a breeze since they offer valuable feedback and small bumps. Alternatively, linear switches are good for typing since they do not have tactile bumps and provide immediate feedback.

As well as this, many people convert their switches to linear switches because they work in offices and public areas where they can’t be frustrated with the process. For typing, what is the best linear switch?

Some linear switches are good for typing, while others are recommended for gaming.

Characteristics of Good Typing Linear Switches

Linear switches contain great characteristics to full fill typing experience with linear switches such as

Characteristics of Good Typing Linear Switches

Noise Level

When people disturb the keystroke sound of tactile and clicky switches, they feel which mechanical switches are worse for typing. In simple words, if you want a keyboard that will be more office-friendly and if you don’t want your family to throw your mechanical keyboard out of the house when they cannot sleep at night due to the noise of the switch and the sound of the keycap hitting plastic on each keystroke. In fact, the only sound you listen when keycap hits the PCB plastic otherwise switches can’t produce any noise.

People convert tactile and clicky switches into linear ones to cut off the disturbing noise level. On the other hand, linear mechanical switches are good for typing because of their noise level. 

Linear switches allow users to continue typing, stream content across multiple platforms, and capture videos without disturbing others. Because tactile or clicky switches make annoying clicking noises, it is also common for consumers to convert tactile or blue switches into linear.

Tactile feed and Smoothness

Generally, mechanical switches require fewer keystrokes and are more tactile. The tactile feedback of linear switches is part of their fame since they don’t come with tactile feedback. Linear switches are super smooth, even without tactile feedback, which makes every keystroke more comfortable while typing. 

Competitive games and fast tying will require less finger strain without tactile feedback. While linear switches provide no tactile feedback, they are better for those who do not need to feel anything.

Cherry MX black and MX silver have 60 CN (centinewtons), whereas cherry MX brown tactile switches have 54 CN (centinewtons). Linear switches are also excellent due to their high resistance level compared to tactile and clicky switches.


In some keyboards today, RGB backlit red, green, and blue illumination is used to illuminate the linear switches beneath keycaps. All mechanical switches support RGB in some way. All mechanical switches support RGB in some way.

RGB linear switches keyboard

According to a detailed testing analysis, mechanical switches that are linear, tactile, or clicky are the most reliable. RGB options are now available on linear switches, which is great news. When it comes to linear switch keyboards for all your applications, RGB mechanical keyboards are also an excellent choice. The lights can also be controlled on RGB keyboards when they aren’t needed. 

Top Rated Linear Switches for Typing

The following right-as-rain linear switches provide a great feel while typing by consistent keystroke feel, quiet to operate, Smoothness, and resistance level.

Gateron Ink Black Linear Switches

Many people loves Gateron Ink black linear switches, a popular mechanical switch option. The Gateron Ink black offers a smoother experience due to its various types of plastic construction.

Gateron Ink Black Linear Switches

Agron black switches are also highly desirable because of their smooth keystroke. Gamer and keyboard enthusiasts will also enjoy using the Gateron ink black switches. Keyboards that feel smooth when pressed are ideal for people who type a lot. A dedicated plastic feature improves typing performance in Gateron Ink Black switches.

Cherry MX Black Switch

As early as 1984, Cherry invented the first mechanical switches. Today, MX black linear switches remain popular, and Cherry claims the red linear switch has an actuation force of +15 more than the 60. These are the stiffest mechanical linear switches among the four Cherry MX worlds.

Cherry MX Black Linear switch

As well as suiting gamers and fast typist, Cherry MX black linear switches are also durable. Further, these switches are heavy, so it is important to remember them. Although membrane keyboards have tactile bumps and noise, the experience is smooth and unique.

As well as being more resistant to clicks and tactile shifts, Cherry MX black switches are still preferred by professional keyboardists for their strong actuation force and low resistance. 

When a key is accidentally pressed, a heavy actuation force is beneficial. When you press a silent mechanical switch, it makes a louder noise. There is a 1.9mm actuation difference between a silent black and a regular black. 3.7mm versus 4.0mm is also the difference between these and the black wheels regarding travel distance.

Gateron Yellow Switches

Gateron yellow mechanical switches require a little more pressure to trigger after testing and researching, as they operate at approximately 50 gf, which is higher than other gateron’s linear. Because of this, there is a noticeable difference between red and blue linear switches, and red switches are lighter and more forceful than these switches. 

Gateron Yellow Linear Switches

In the end, lubricating yellow linear switches ensures they are completely silent and soft. The typing experience is pleasant, and you enjoy it a lot. Contrary to black gateron switches, yellow gateron switches have little resistance, and this switch is located between two Gaterons yellow switches with medium resistance.

Keyboards with these switches provide a more comfortable typing experience. Compared to other linear switches, they offer a medium level of resistance. In addition, Yellow Gateron switches are relatively quiet, requiring only moderate pressure. As well as being budget-friendly, they are also highly effective.

It comes with Cherry MX Red Linear switches

Also contributing to their increasing popularity is the versatility of Cherry MX red linear switches. There are three linear mechanical switches: red linear switches, black linear switches, and blue linear switches. Nevertheless, black linear switches have a lighter actuation focus.

Cherry MX Red Linear switches

Usually, gaming keyboards have red linear switches. The double-tapping feature makes typing more convenient, too. Depending on your performance, you can decide which one you prefer. Beginners who want to start gaming or typing can start with these lightweight keyboards.

In addition to the black linear switches offered by Cherry, the red linear switches also come in a silent noise variety, which offers very quiet keystrokes. As well as a slightly shorter actuation distance (1.9cm), red mute switches have a somewhat less firm feel. The travel distance has been reduced by about 3.7mm after deep testing.


Our tests of dozens of Gateron and Cherry switches have generally found that Gateron switches feel nicer. Gateron switches feel smoother than other switches, especially the linear variation. As a result of the smaller switch stem, keystrokes are smoother.

Cherry manufactures many MX linear switches, which are most popular among gamers and fast typists;

  1. Cherry MX Red Linear switch
  2. Linear Cherry MX Black switch
  3. Linear Cherry MX Grey switch
  4. Cherry MX Speed Silver Linear switch

Linear switches are likely the most common mechanical key switch out of the three main types. Several factors contribute to this. In terms of typing experience, these keyboards offer everything you need without extra bells and whistles.

Summing Things Up

If you can convert your tactile and clicky switches into linear, then these Ink black and yellow linear switches are good for typing experience with moderate sound, and lite bump feels with consistent, smooth keystrokes. So, if you want linear switches with a faster typing experience, Cherry MX black and red linear switches are a good option.

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