Gateron oil king linear switches

In 2023, Gateron oil king linear switches were trending among gamers or typists by their strong pressing feel, low sound, and operating force. Although the smooth keystroke feel indicates, they come with a factory pre-lube to avoid hitches or friction. So, if you know why people purchase these mechanical linear switches, read out their rights as rain specifications to make your decision easy.


The Gateron Oil King is the newest mechanical switch in the market with a 55 gf operating force. Plus, the body housing is made of Nylon PA66, and the housing base is made of secret black ink material. Like other gateron linear switches, this mechanical switch uses a POM stem and providing extra stability without wobbliness.

Gateron oil king linear switches

Moreover, if you love gaming at night and don’t want to disturb anyone. The keypress sound but want an aggressive approach while gaming. Then Oil King switches are an off-chance option for you. 

The characteristics make it the perfect choice for office work. Overall, they’re the perfect choice for beginners who want to enjoy 2 in 1 keystroke with one mechanical switch. People elect these keyboard switches because they never afford different linear switches for gaming or typing.

Pros and Cons of Gateron Oil King Linear Switches


  • Smoothness: The Oil King variants of Gateron switches are also famous for their smooth linear action. The smooth keystrokes make typing and gaming more enjoyable and less tiring.
  • Quieter operation: The Gateron Oil King has a lubrication system to help dampen the sound produced when the keys are pressed. This can be particularly helpful for those who prefer a quieter keyboard when used in office environments or shared spaces.
  • Improved switch longevity: In Gateron Oil King Linear switches, lubrication helps extend the life of switch components. For gamers or heavy typists, friction-free switches can last longer and retain their smoothness over time.
  • Beginner Friendly: They’re beginner-friendly mechanical switches; if you’re a gamer or typist, these switches make your day happy as Larry.
  • Reduce Friction: The Gateron Oil King Linear switches have been specially lubricated at the factory to reduce friction between the stem and the housing. This lubrication enhances the smoothness and minimizes any scratchy or gritty feel that may occur with unlubricated switches.


  • Limited availability: Gateron Oil King switches are a relatively new addition to the Gateron lineup, and their availability may be limited compared to other switch options. Depending on the market and demand, finding these switches in stock or in large quantities could be challenging.
  • Cost: Many people reported they’re expensive linear switches compared to other linear brands. These switches are valued for money due to their double-action characteristics.

Gateron Oil King Specs

The following characteristics of oil king switches make your decision swift and efficient.

LubricationFactory Pre-lube
Manufactured ByGateron
Operation Life60 Million Keystroke
Operating Froce55gf
Pre-travel Distance2mm
Total Travel Distance4mm
Noise Level Low Sound
Stem MateralPOM
Top HousingNylon PA66
Bottom HousingProprietary “INK” blend
Spring 20mm black plated long
Good ForGaming / Typing

Switch Profile – Pure Linear

Many people confuse the switch profile of Gateron oil king because some say, they’re linear due to smoothness or critical feel. But others say they’re tactile due to the slow key pressing sound. I know the switch profile could be more precise for many beginners.

oil king switch profile

But after 2 months of testing, I am sure the keystroke feels indicate. Tthe Gateron oil king is a naturally linear switch because they don’t provide tactile feedback or a bumpy feel after pressing each key. 

Operating Force – 55gf

If you love mid-range operating force linear mechanical switches. Gateron oil king entirely feels your desire because they offer 55gf force. However, the operating force is low from Gateron Ink black linear switches. Asked me if the Gateron oil King is a perfectly ideal choice for gamers, typists, and beginners. Because the operating force is a bit of a cherry for beginners. Who don’t want key pressing accidents compared to other linear mechanical switches. 

Bottom Out Force – 80g

Due to the black pated springs of Gateron oil king, the bottom out force is 80g, which is slightly higher than other switches such as husky linear switches and Zaku linear switches. But the bottom force of this mechanical switch is an excellent choice because it takes a little more force to depress the key than required to actuate it fully. Therefore, it can reduce accidental keystrokes and improve switch consistency.

Oil king smoothness

Travel Distance – 2mm to 4mm

The travel distance is similar to Gateron Cap Yellow linear switches, meaning the pre-travel distance is 2mm, similar to other Gateron switches such as Gateron white and Gateron ink black.

oil king travel distance

On the other hand, the total travel distance is 4 mm which is a satisfying distance for playing heavy games or typing with swift keystroking. Many people prefer the mechanical linear switch by this standard travel distance due to the perfect feeling of keystrokes. If you fall into this category, then move this switch.

Longevity – 60 Million Keystroke

Several people elect these linear switches by their durability ability because compared to other gateron or cherry linear switches, the Oil King efficiently lasts up to 60 million keystrokes. So, suppose you compare it with Gateron clear or diamond linear switches.

In that case, they easily win because the body housing is made of special nylon, and stem or gold alloy crosspoint metal leaves make the extra durable mechanical switch. As soon as you start playing competitive games and starting work afterward, you will never regret each switch.

Gateron Oil King Sound – Low Sound

This type of linear keyboard switch is known for its smooth and quiet operation, as Gateron Oil King switches are mechanical. As a result, users often praise them for their smoothness and lack of tactile feedback or audible clicks. As the name suggests, “Oil King” refers to the switch’s factory-lubricated stem, contributing to the switch’s smooth feel. The Gateron Oil King is well known for having a relatively deep and low sound signature when bottoms out.

gateron oil king sound test

Although their smoothness and lack of tactile feedback result in fewer noises than switches with audible sound or tactile bumps. They still produce less noise than switches with audible clicks or tactile bumps during normal typing or gaming.


A Gateron Oil King linear switch is known for its smooth operation, which makes it the best linear switch available today. There is no doubt that Gateron Oil King linear switches can enhance your typing or gaming experience. As a result, you can press keys fluidly and effortlessly. The factory lubrication applied to these switches helps reduce friction and promotes a smoother motion when actuating the switch.

Gaming With Gateron Oil King

In many cases, Gateron Oil King linear switches can provide a positive gaming experience for their users. They’re known for their smooth and linear actuation, which means that there is no tactile feedback or audible click. When the key is pressed during heavy gaming, and this acceptable reason makes it ideal for gaming with swift keystroke working.

Gaming With Gateron

There are many benefits to using Gateron Oil King linear switches for gaming because the smoothness of the switches allows for quick and effortless key presses. And, reducing the risk of finger fatigue during gaming sessions that last an extended period. 

Additionally, the smoothness of these switches can help with rapid double-tapping or repeated keystrokes. Which are often required in fast-paced gaming scenarios. The lack of a tactile bump or audible click can provide a seamless and uninterrupted gaming experience. As the switches won’t cause any extra resistance or noise.

Typing With Gateron Oil King Switches

Gateron Oil King linear switches generally provide a smooth and comfortable typing experience. In addition to the linear actuation, these switches provide a consistent and uninterrupted typing experience without tactile feedback or audible click. The factory-lubricated stems of the Gateron Oil King switch contribute to their smoothness by reducing friction, ensuring an excellent typing experience. 

Typing With Gateron Oil King

Lubrication helps the keys glide smoothly without creating any gritty or scratchy sensations, which also enhances the overall typing experience. As a result of the smoothness of Gateron Oil King linear switches, the user can achieve fluid and effortless key presses, which is particularly beneficial during long typing sessions. The absence of a tactile bump means no interruptions or distractions while typing, allowing for a consistent and even keystroke feel.

Build Quality 

Gateron switches, including the Gateron Oil King linear switches, generally have good build quality. There is no doubt that Gateron is one of the most reputable switch manufacturers in the world, known for producing reliable and durable switches. A Gateron switch is generally made of sturdy plastic housing, ensuring stability and durability over a long period. 

build quality

Furthermore, the stem of the switch, which is the part that moves, is designed and built to last for several years without deteriorating or developing problems such as wobble due to repeated key presses or excessive wear due to constant use.

Additionally, Gateron Oil King linear switches are factory lubricated with a special oil that enhances the smoothness and overall feel of the switch. It has been proven that this type of lubrication can reduce friction and potentially prolong the switch’s lifespan by reducing wear and tear on the mechanism. 

Although switches are manufactured in batches or individual units, their quality can vary slightly. Some users may have specific preferences or experiences that differ from the consensus. If you’re concerned about the build quality or reliability of Gateron Oil King linear switches.

Overall, Gateron switches, including the Gateron Oil King linear switches, are known for their solid build quality and are commonly used in mechanical keyboards by enthusiasts and professionals alike.


The Gateron Oil King linear switches are generally known for their consistency in performance and feel across a wide range of devices. Consistency is an important factor that must be considered when it comes to mechanical keyboard switches, as it ensures that every switch in a keyboard operates with a uniform actuation force, actuation smoothness, and overall typing experience.

Components of Gateron Oil King Linear Switches

Several main components make gateron oil king linear switches perfect for gaming or typing;

Gateron Oil KingComponents
Upper HousingFactory Pre-lube
Housing BaseProprietary “INK” blend
StemCherry MX, POM
SpringSpring steel
SMD LED SupportYes (only support unraised SMD-LED)
LubricationLubed version

Housing: There are two black housing of Gateron oil king linear switches, many people confuse to see the black color. But the build quality and keystroke are different. The upper housing is made of special nylon, PA66 material, and the lower housing made by Proprietary “INK” blend. After all, many users say that nylon housing is much better than polycarbonate.

Stem: The stem is the central part of Gateron oil king, which moves up and down smoothly. Because of POM and compatibility with MX stem to make them. Also, the stem of the oil king linear switches is made of durable plastic.

components oil king

Spring: A long 20mm black plated spring is attached to the Oil King switch, allowing for 45g actuation and 80g bottom-out weight, giving the switch a rather unique and super-smooth typing experience.

Metal Leaves: 

Pressing a key sends an electrical signal from the switch to the computer using. Also, the two contact points of two metal connectors connected by the switch.


Yes, Gateron Oil King Linear switches come pre-lubricated from the factory. Applying the thin lubricant layer helps improve the overall typing experience by reducing friction and providing a smoother keystroke.

Gateron Oil King Linear switches are mechanical keyboard switches manufactured by Gateron, a popular manufacturer of mechanical switches. The switches are part of Gateron linear switch lineup, known for its smooth keystrokes and lack of tactile feedback.

Yes, Gateron Oil King Linear switches are suitable for gaming. They provide a smooth keystroke without tactile feedback or an audible click, making them well-suited for rapid. And precise key presses required in gaming.

To Conclude

They’re the newest mechanical linear switches by Gateron. They come with 2 in 1 ability, meaning Oil King switches off the chance for heavy gaming at night without disturbing anyone, and are best for office work. The smooth keystroke feels without any bumpy feel provides a relaxed finger will during work.

So, if you’re making up your mind, the best option is to elect Gateron oil king because they’re durable, high quality, have the right travel distance or operating force, are smooth. And have low sound compared to other mechanical switches. Also, if you compare gateron oil king vs gateron yellow than gateron oil king is a better option to select. 

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