Zaku linear switches

The satisfaction keystroke is pleasant for everyone and high build quality doesn’t strain the pocket. So, consider Zaku switches if you want the best linear switches with awesome characteristics. So, here’s an in-depth guide on Zaku linear switches to make your decision swift.

Zaku Linear Switches

The Zaku linear switch is a mechanical keyboard switch manufactured by Tecsee and marketed by Bolsa Supply. These switches are designed for mechanical keyboards and are classified as linear switches. Because they feel smooth and consistent when pressed, without any tactile bumps or clicks like other switches.

Zaku Linear Switches

Moreover, these keyboard switches are smoothness and quiet operation make them popular among users who want a wonderful keyboard to type on. Furthermore, the bottom-out force of these switches is 63.5 grams, which means they require slightly high pressure to operate. If you’re looking for a high-quality linear switch for your mechanical keyboard, Zaku switches are a great choice.

Pros and cons of Zaku Linear Switches

There are pros and cons to using Zaku mechanical switches:


  • Smooth and consistent: You can type smoothly and consistently with Zaku since there are no tactile bumps or clicks.
  • Quiet operation: A Zaku linear switch is known for its quiet operation, making it a great choice for people who want a keyboard that won’t disturb others.
  • High-quality construction: The company that makes Zaku switches is known for producing high-quality switches that last a long time.
  • Affordable: Zaku are relatively affordable compared to high-end mechanical switches.


  • Lack of tactile feedback: Zaku switches lack tactile feedback, so some users may have difficulty determining how well they have pressed a key.
  • Noisy bottom-out: While the switches are quiet when actuated, the bottom-out can be quite noisy, which could be an issue for some users.

If you’re looking for a smooth, silent typing experience, they’re a great option, but they may not be right for everyone.

Characteristics of Zaku Linear Switches

Zaku mechanical linear switches have the following features to make your decision swiftly and efficiently.

LubeNot Factory Pre-lube
Manufactured ByTecsee
Actuation Force63.5g
Market ByBolsa Supply
Total Travel Distance3.6mm
Noise Level Deep sounding
Stem MateralPOM
Top HousingPolycarbonate
Bottom HousingNylon
Lifespan50 Million

Actuation Force – 63.5g

The actuation force of Zaku mechanical switches is 63.5g, which requires 63.5g of force to actuate the switch. Also, this force is in the high range for mechanical switches. And provides a good balance between being responsive and not requiring too much effort to press. So, select these mechanical linear switches if you like high-actuation force mechanical switches with a great key push feel.

Actuation Force - 63.5g

Travel Distance – 3.5mm

The pre-travel distance isn’t mentioned by officials. But as per the test, the pre-travel distance is almost 2.0mm according to the switch pressing motion. On the other hand, the total travel distance of Zaku mechanical switches is 3.6mm which is lower than epsilon linear switches. 

In addition, if you don’t understand mechanical keyboard switches travel distance. A travel distance refers to the maximum distance they can depress. And the distance between the keystroke and recognition of the keystroke on a keyboard.

Lifespan – 50 Million

Zaku have a 50 million keystroke rating. A standard for most high-quality mechanical switches similar to Moss, H1, and diamond linear switches. A switch with this lifespan ought to last many years under normal conditions.


In the mechanical keyboard market, Zaku linear switches is relatively new and known for their smoothness. Also, the Zaku mechanical switches are among the smoothest switches with a buttery smooth feel without scratchiness or wobble. The POM stem’s low coefficient of friction and durability also ensure a smooth keystroke. The POM stem’s low coefficient of friction and durability also ensure a smooth keystroke.


Alternatively, the smoothness of a switch is also affected by different preferences and typing styles. The best way to determine which switches are the smoothest and most comfortable for you is to test them independently. 

Sound Test – Thock Sound

Zaku are known for their smooth and quiet operation. Making them popular among people who want to type quietly. And, a thock sound produced by Zaku is pleasant to the ear and not too loud. Although sound quality is subjective, it may differ based on a person’s typing style and personal preferences. 

It’s always best to experiment with these mechanical switches. Due to their great signature and deep sound compared to other linear switches.


In terms of actuation force and travel distance, Zaku keyboard switches are known for their consistency. Moreover, all switches of the same type require the same force to actuate and travel the same distance before bottoming out.

In choosing mechanical keyboard switches, consistency is crucial, as it can impact the overall typing or gaming experience. Furthermore, Inconsistent switches can result in missed keystrokes, typos, and frustration.

In addition, the Zaku switches provide comfortable and predictable typing experiences with consistent and smooth actuation. Also, a high-quality manufacturing process, coupled with strict quality control, is responsible for the consistency of Zaku switches.

Typing and Gaming Comparison

Compared to other linear switches, Zaku switches have relatively high actuation forces and short travel distances. And, making them suitable for rapid keystrokes and reducing fatigue during long typing sessions. Also, every man and his dogs consider Zaku for their buttery smooth feeling. And lack of scratchiness or wobble, making them comfortable and enjoyable.

Typing and Gaming Comparison

Zaku famous by their smooth and stable actuation because they makes them ideal for gaming. According to some reviews, the Zaku switches are considered suitable for rapid keystrokes during gaming sessions. Due to their high actuation force and short travel distance. Additionally, their smooth operation reduces fatigue and strain during extended gaming sessions. In addition to individual preferences, switches can also impact the gaming experience.

Build Quality of Zaku Linear Switches

In general, Zaku are regarded as having high build quality. The housing is made of durable plastic material. Due to the thickness and durability of the plastic in the housing, cracks and deformation are less likely to occur. 

Build Quality of Zaku Linear Switches

Additionally, Zaku switches have a smooth surface that allows for smooth and consistent actuation and is made from high-quality materials. Cherry MX stems are compatible with most keycaps, which makes the stem a good option for most users. 

In addition, Zaku switches feature a high-quality spring that provides consistent force throughout the entire key press. The build quality of Zaku is excellent, with durable materials and components designed to last for many years.

Components of Zaku linear switches

A Zaku linear keyboard switch is made up of several components. These include: 

Stem: In a linear switch, the stem moves up and down when a key is pressed. It is made from POM. In addition to determining the shape and function of a key, it connects to the keycap. 

Components of Zaku linear switches

Spring: The spring inside the switch provides. The force necessary to return the stem to its original position after it is pressed. 

Housing: It provides support for the other components of the switch and serves as its outer casing. Additionally, it protects the switch from dust and other debris. In addition, the top housing is made of polycarbonate, and the bottom housing is made of nylon. 

Metal contact leaf: The metal contact leaf registers the keystroke when the switch is pressed. It makes contact with another metal contact in the switch housing. Which completes the electrical circuit and sends a signal to the computer. 

PCB: The PCB (printed circuit board) is the board on which the switches are mounted, which is 5 mounted. It provides the electrical connections necessary to communicate with the computer.

Zaku are known for using high-quality components, such as gold-plated contact leaves and POM stems. Which can provide a smooth and consistent typing or gaming experience.

How to Lube Zaku linear switches?

A lubricant can enhance Zaku switches’ smoothness and reduce their scratchiness. Here is a general guide to lubricating Zaku:

How to Lube Zaku linear switches?

What you will need:

  • The Zaku linear switch
  • Krytox GPL 205 or Tribosys 3204 is a suitable lubricant
  • Lubricant brush or applicator
  • Tweezers
  • Paper towels or microfiber cloth


  • The Zaku switches should be disassembled first. Remove the bottom housing and stem and spring with tweezers after removing the top housing.
  • Using a paper towel or microfiber cloth, you can remove dust and debris from the switch components.
  • To lubricate the bottom housing and stem of the switch, apply a small amount of lubricant. Use a lubricant brush or applicator to spread the lubricant evenly over the component’s surface.
  • Place the bottom housing back on the switch and insert the stem and spring back into it.
  • To lubricate each switch, repeat steps 3 and 4.
  • After lubing all switches, test them to ensure they function correctly and feel smooth and consistent (https://keyboard-test.space).

Note: It is important not to over-lube the switches. As this can cause issues such as decreased switch actuation force and mushy feeling switches. The amount of lubricant should be started small and then increased as necessary.


You can customize Zaku feel and sound by adding lubrication or switch films.

There is no doubt that Zaku linear switches can be used for gaming. As a result of fast and stable actuation, they can provide precise and accurate gaming.

The stems of Zaku linear switches are made from POM, known for their smoothness and durability.

The actuation force of Zaku linear switches is 63.5gg.

Final Takeaway

Compared to other linear mechanical switches, Zaku is the best. Because they’re deep-sounding linear switches with smoothness and nice consistency. Plus, the gaming and typing experience and keystroke stability never disappoint you. So, select the best Zaku switches.

If you want great linear switches without strain over the pocket or fingers during heavy typing. They’re also beginner-friendly mechanical switches similar to Gateon Yellow.

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