H1 linear switches

Another JWK manufactures H1 linear switches famous among enthusiasts for their great smoothness with deep and unique keystroke sound signature. After all, with factory pre-lube, you get the best out-of-the-box feel or extreme characteristics. So hold your horse. Here’s a complete guide on HHHH’s preference linear switches to make your decision easy.

What Exactly are H1 Linear Switches?

After all, they’re also mechanical keyboard switches designed by Quad H. similar to Cherry MX or Gateron mechanical switches. The 78g gold plated spring enhances their keystroke smoothness with the best box-out key push feel.

What Exactly are H1 Linear Switches?

Although, the switch was designed to be a modern take on the vintage Cherry MX black. After that, every man and his dog are confused to see this for the first time because the H1 is similar to Cherry MX black. But after closely inspecting or testing there are extreme differences between them.

Moreover, the mostly JWK-manufactured linear switches gained popularity in the mechanical keyboard community, like JWK Durock POM, Dogikon, and Moss linear switches, due to their smoothness and consistent and pleasant sound profile. Also, their high quality and durability make them known for their ‘thocky’ sound. Plus, H1 right as rain for gaming and writing work.

Benefits and Drawbacks of H1 Mechanical Switches

There are several benefits and drawbacks of H1 switches.


  • Smooth and Consistent Feel: The feel of H1 is smooth and consistent throughout the key press. Due to their consistency and predictability, they are perfect for typing and gaming.
  • Quiet Operation: There is no tactile bump or click on H1 switches, so they produce less noise than other types of switches. As a result, they are a good choice for office environments or situations where noise may be an issue.
  • High-Quality Build: Polycarbonate and POM plastic manufacture to ensure durability and longevity. Moreover, the springs and contacts of the switches are gold-plated to ensure long-term use.
  • Unique Sound Signature: The sound signature of is unique. Their deep and satisfying sound makes them a favorite among keyboard enthusiasts.
  • Customizability: The actuation force can be adjusted by swapping out keycaps and changing spring weights on H1. Users can customize their keyboards in this way.


  • Affordability: Compared to others, they’re expensive switches.

H1 mechanical switches are a high-quality and versatile option for mechanical keyboard users who value consistency, quiet operation, and customization.

Characteristics of H1 Linear Switches

Mechanical keyboards use H1 keyboard switches. The smooth linear action and low operating force of these switches make them popular among enthusiasts. They’ve the following characteristics:

LubeFactory Pre-lube
Manufactured ByJWK
Actuation Force78g
Pre-Travel Distance2.0mm
Total Travel Distance4.0mm
Noise Level Thocky
Stem MateralPOM
Top HousingPC
Bottom HousingPolyamide
Lifespan50 Million

Switch Type – Linear

H1 is an MX-style mechanical linear switch with linear travel from top to bottom without any tactile bump or clicky sound similar to tactile or clicky switches. Also, a consistent force is required throughout a keypress to activate the switch. These mechanical switches bite at the cherry for playing heavy games and office work.

Characteristics of H1 Linear Switches

Actuation Force – 78g

The H1 switches have an actuation force of 78g. They’re right as rain options and optimal for heavy users like keystrokes. After all, they’re still popular among enthusiasts for their smooth keystrokes with deep sound signature linear switches. Furthermore, users can easily type quickly without applying much pressure to the keys because the switch bottoms out at 78g.

Travel Distance 2mm to 4mm

There is no pre-travel distance mentioned for H1 switches. After testing, the pre-travel distance is similar to Moss linear switches, which is 2.0mm. On the other hand, the total travel distance is similar to other JWK linear switches, Durock POM, dogikon, and Moss linear switches, which are 4mm.

Moreover, a travel distance is the perfect indicator of mechanical switches because they describe how far a keystroke travels down before registering the key. Furthermore, most mechanical switches have the same travel distance.

Durability – 50 Million

A H1 linear switch can withstand 50 million keystrokes, which is a very high durability rating. As a result, the switches maintain a tactile feel and responsiveness despite heavy use. Moreover, the switches come pre-lubricated with a special lubricant blend that reduces friction and extends the life of the switches.

durability of H1 linear switches

Sound – Thocky

H1 produce a unique sound signature compared to other JWK linear switches. The keystroke noise is soft, quiet, and thocky(The “thocky” sound signature is a low-pitched sound produced by some mechanical keyboards. Also, the sound is described as deep and satisfying, similar to that of a muffled drum or muted bass guitar). 

After all, their lack of tactile bumps or clicks makes them quieter than other switch types, making them a popular choice for offices and other quiet environments. Moreover, the bottoming-out sound and upstroke sound feel a bit plasticky. Asked me, the overall sound provides a quiet and thocky sound signature.


The H1 can be used with most mechanical keyboards with MX-style switches. They are designed to fit into keyboards that support Cherry MX-style switches. Also, they can be easily swapped out for other switch types and are compatible with many custom keyboard kits.

Overall, H1 provide a smooth, linear typing experience. Their lighter, more responsive nature makes them a good choice for users who do not want tactile feedback from other switch types. Its smooth linear action, low operating force, and high durability make H1 switches popular among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts.

Gaming & Typing Comparison 

They don’t have tactile bumps or clicks, so they deliver a consistent and predictable experience. Moreover, this type of switch you choose is a matter of personal preference, especially for games requiring precise timing or rapid key presses.

Gaming & Typing Comparison 

In fact, In gaming keyboards, linear switches are commonly used. For gamers who prefer a tactile feel without a clicky sound, smooth linear switches are popular. Also, H1 switches have a relatively smooth and consistent typing experience compared to other mechanical switch types. They provide a consistent and predictable feel.

After all, many users find that over time, the lack of tactile feedback makes typing more comfortable and efficient, especially if they are used to typing on a tactile switch or a membrane keyboard. Also, if you value a consistent and smooth typing experience and prefer a great actuation force, the H1 linear switch is a good choice.

Build Quality of H1 Switches

The H1 Linear switch is a mechanical keyboard switch manufactured by JWK and designed by Quad H. Furthermore, the build quality is generally considered very good.

After all, the switch features a polycarbonate housing and a stem made from POM (polyoxymethylene), a durable and smooth plastic material. And, the switch also has a gold-plated spring and contacts, which provide a reliable electrical connection and improve the lifespan of the switch.

Based on user feedback, the H1 Linear switch appears to have good build quality and is a solid choice for those seeking a smooth and quiet linear switch for their mechanical keyboard.

Build Quality of H1 Linear Switches


In general, the consistency can vary depending on factors such as the manufacturing process, materials used, and quality control measures taken by the manufacturer. However, H1 switches are generally considered high-quality switches with good consistency.

Also, many users of H1 switches have reported that they feel consistent across the board, with a smooth and consistent actuation force and travel distance. Moreover, it’s worth noting that there can still be slight variations between individual switches, so some switches may feel slightly different than others.

Overall, if you’re looking for a consistent linear switch option for your mechanical keyboard, H1 switches are generally a good choice.

Components of H1 Linear Switches

These mechanical switches are a type of mechanical keyboard switch that are known for their smooth linear action and silent operation. The components of H1 include:

Components of H1 Linear Switches

Stem: The stem is the topmost part of the switch that extends out of the housing, made by POM and in contact with the keycap. Cherry MX keycaps are compatible with the stem of H1 linear switches.

Spring: The spring is a coiled piece of metal that sits inside the switch and provides resistance and tactile feedback when the switch is pressed. The H1 linear switch has a 78g actuation force, which requires 78 grams of force to register a keypress.

Housing: The top housing is made of PC, and the bottom housing is made of Polyamide, similar to other JWK linear switches like dogikon, Moss, and Durock POM

Electrical contacts: The electrical contacts are located inside the switch and are responsible for registering a keystroke. Plus, a signal is sent to the computer when the stem makes contact with the electrical contacts.

These components work together to create a smooth and silent typing experience for users of H1 switches.

How to Lube H1 Keyboard Switches

The smoothness and sound of H1 switches can be improved by lubricating them. To lubricate H1 switches, follow these steps:

Disassemble the switches: Each switch’s top and bottom housings can be removed with a switch opener.

Clean the components: Using a brush and a cleaning solution, clean the components of each switch.

Apply lubricant: Make sure each switch’s slider, spring, and housing are lubricated. Also, the yse a lubricant that is safe to use on electronics and compatible with plastic components.

Reassemble the switches: Assemble each switch by putting the top housing and bottom housing back on. Before moving on to the next switch, be sure every switch is fully reassembled and working properly.

Test the switches: Make sure all switches are working smoothly and quietly after reassembling them. If you notice any issues, the switch may need to be disassembled again and lubricated. (https://keyboard-test.space)

It’s important to note that over-lubricating switches can cause them to feel sluggish or sticky, so use a light touch when applying lubricant. To avoid inhaling fumes from the lubricant or cleaning solution, work in a well-ventilated area.


Yes, H1 mechanical switches can be suitable for gaming due to their smooth keystroke and relatively light actuation force. However, this ultimately depends on personal preference.

H1 linear switches are often compared to popular linear switches such as Gateron Yellow, Cherry MX Red, and Tealios. They are known for their smoothness and quiet operation but may be slightly heavier than other linear switches.

H1 linear switches have a rated lifespan of 50 million keystrokes.


After all, these switches provide an extreme feeling with each keystroke. The smoothness, consistency and thocky sound make them perfect, the only drawback is they’re not affordable. Although, if you were electing, that had a whale of a time for you due to the extreme key push feel with great durability. Also, every man and his dog like it due to their pre-lubing, and they don’t need to lube the mechanical switch.

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