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Let me get straight, many people like Cherry MX linear switches enhance their abilities more than Cherry silent linear switches. Because Cherry MX linear switches provide a speed, bump-free feel without noise level on each keystroke. A popular switch in the world is Cherry MX linear switches. Here is a complete guide about all MX linear switches that helps to pick a great one for you, like a gamer, typist, or newbie. So let your hair down and start without further ado;

What are Cherry MX Linear switches?

Mechanical keyboards are generally made with Cherry linear switch technology, which is the most trendy and widely used worldwide. The Cherry MX have been designed specifically for gaming keyboards to meet the demanding requirements of PC gamers in terms of keystroke speed, performance, and response time. 

Additionally, Cherry offers a lifetime guarantee that covers over fifty million keystrokes without compromising input quality. With Cherry MX switches, only the manufacturing lifespan is guaranteed, unlike later linear switches. My extensive research and testing have led Cherry to create the following linear mechanical switches tested by many gamers and typists daily to increase abilities.

Types of Cherry MX Linear Switches

Cherry MX makes several linear switch designs, including those with different resistances, actuation forces, response times, and speed levels without noise or tactile feedback compared to other mechanical switches, especially clicky and tactile ones. In addition, linear switches offer more capabilities than other mechanical switches.

Using Gateron linear switches will allow you to see the difference between Cherry MX and Gateron linear switches. Cherry offers better quality than Gateron, allowing people to play games, stream on multiple platforms, and work in public places without disturbing others. This is a delightful and popular linear switch between every one. Such as

  • Cherry MX Red Linear Switch
  • Cherry MX Black Linear Switch
  • Cherry MX Speed Silver Linear Switches
  • Cherry MX Gray Linear Switch

Cherry MX Red Linear switch

Additionally, Cherry MX red linear switches have grown in popularity and are pleasant because of their versatility. All men and their dogs enjoy the smoothness of their coats. It is the smallest linear mechanical switch in the world, with an actuation force of 45 + 15 grams. But, the actuation focus is lighter than black linear switches.

Cherry MX Red Linear switch

Red linear switches come with gaming linear keyboards because they’re ideal for gaming, and double-tapping is convenient for typing too. The ball is in your court, and that depends on your performance as to which one you will like most.

My experience with them was that they were lightweight and would be a suitable starting point for beginners for start gaming and typing.

Cherry MX red switches come in noiseless variety same to black linear switches, offering very quiet key presses. Silent red also has a slightly shorter actuation (1.9cm than normal red switches (2.0mm). After deep testing, the travel distance is shorter by about 3.7mm.

Features of Red Linear Switches

  • Actuation Force is 45+15 gf
  • Pre-travel 2+0.6 mm
  • Travel distance 4+0.6 mm
  • Suitable for gaming and office work
  • Comparatively quiet with a bit of resistance.

Should You Pick Red Switches

After deep testing and use, red linear switches are optimal and ideal for gamers who like to play games because these switches come with most gaming keyboards. The MX Red linear switches have an actuation force of about 45 gf and quicker actuation due to low rate force, or many KB users enjoy the smooth operation of Cherry MX technology.

On the other hand, if you’re working in an office or public space, you prefer this quiet operating sound for typing work and general use without disturbing the public. Although, red switches don’t require private space, unlike tactile and clicky mechanical switches. Also, every man and his appreciate its right as rain key registration rate over other Cherry mechanical switches.

Speed Silver Linear switch

Speed silver linear switches are increasingly popular with gamers who enjoy heavy games.As well as their short travel time they are also marketed as having a higher actuation force due to their short travel time.

Cherry MX Speed Silver Linear switch

The actuation distance of Cherry MX reds is 2.0mm, while the distance of Silvers is 1.2mm, almost half the distance of Cherry MX reds.  

4.0mm is the travel of Cherry MX Reds, and 3.4mm is the travel of Cherry. Switch travel time and actuation time have been reduced as a result. Because they’ve short travel time, they can’t be tested to see if they provide faster actuation.

Furthermore, I kept accidentally pressing the keys too much, and it took me a long time to get used to them. When I rested my fingers on the keyboard, I often accidentally typed or moved my character.

It has been possible to shorten the actuation time and switch travel time. They can’t be tested for faster actuation due to the shorter travel time. Also, I needed help getting used to the keys because I would accidentally press them so much. By resting my fingers on the keyboard, I often accidentally moved my character or misspelled words.

Features of Speed Silver Linear Switches

  • Actuation Force is 45+25 gf
  • Pre-travel 1.2+0.4 mm
  • Travel distance 3.4+0.4 mm
  • Good for gaming and typing
  • Quiet and resistance.
  • Efficiently and comfortable to use, with no friction at all.

Should You Get Speed Silver Switches

Simply put, Cherry MX speed silver switches are known for their actuation and speed. Gamer’s love these switches, so if you play games you always prefer them. These are amazing and faster switches.

In addition, they’re suitable for fast typing work since they’ve been tested by typing a lot. As well as operating quietly, these switches have a faster key register and a shorter response time. Try Cherry MX red linear switches instead, if you’re a beginner or using MX linear switches for the first time. The response time will increase every day after you try it, and you won’t be sick as a parrot.

Cherry MX Black Linear switch

The first mechanical switches were invented by Cherry way back in 1984, and Cherry MX black linear switches have remained popular ever since. In my testing, the actuation force of the red linear switch was +15 more than the 60, according to Cherry. Of the four Cherry MX worlds, these are the top-rated or stiffest mechanical linear switches.

Cherry MX Black Linear switch

Furthermore, Cherry MX black linear switches suit gamers and fast typers alike. In addition, it is crucial to keep in mind how heavy these switches are. Despite tactile bumps and noise, membrane keyboards provide a smooth, different experience.

While professional keyboardists still recommend Cherry MX black switches because of their strong actuation force and low resistance compared to tactile or clicky switches. 

A heavy actuation force is helpful when a key is accidentally pressed. You can purchase silent mechanical switches that are noisier when you press them. A silent black has a 1.9mm actuation compared to a regular black’s 2.0mm. The total travel distance of these wheels is also shorter than the black wheels at 3.7mm compared to 4.0mm.

Features of Black Linear Switches

  • The actuation Force is 60+15 gf
  • Pre-travel 2+0.6 mm
  • Travel distance 4+0.6 mm
  • Suitable for gaming and typing
  • A bit more resistance switch
  • Relatively quiet switch

Should You Pick MX Black Switches

Black linear switches are popular and pleasant mechanical switches that stay long. But the actuation force is more than red linear switches. For gamers, they’re a bite at the cherry option due to high actuation and are good for fast typing. 

Furthermore, the quiet sound and each keystroke will feel heavier due to the different spring designs. Asking me if black linear switches are unstable for newbies. Try to start with red linear switches, It’s an easy way to get started with linear mechanical switches.

Cherry MX Grey Linear switch

Cherry MX grey linear switches are another popular mechanical switch in the market, and the color is almost identical to different style systems. They come with 5 pins and two prongs for better stability than other MX linear switches and are mounted directly to connect the keyboard PCB. 

After testing, the actuation force of MX grey linear switches is 20 gf more than MX black or red switches, which bite at the cherry who like heavy gaming. The switch was designed optimally for the public who wants heavy keystroke MX linear switches by high actuation force. And the pre-travel distance is 2, and the total travel distance is 4, which is suitable for gamers with noiseless and smooth playing.

Features of Grey Linear Switches

  • Actuation Force is 80+15 gf
  • Pre-travel 2+0.6 mm
  • Travel distance 4+0.4 mm
  • Suitable for heavy gaming 
  • Noiseless and smooth linear switch
  • Actuating it requires a little more pressure. 

Should You Get MX Grey Switches

Let me get straight, a next-door neighbor likes playing heavy competitor games, using Cherry MX grey linear switches in their red mechanical keyboard, and getting victories in almost every match by heavy keystroke force without any finger strain. Plus, that is optimal for gaming than tactile, and while typing, it might be unstable for you.

Remember that these linear switches may be unstable for you initially, but after use, they give a pleasant response time, a bump-free feel, and heavy, smooth keystrokes without noise. So, if you’re playing a game, you should play in a public space because these switches can’t disturb anyone.

Cherry MX VS Cherry Silent Linear Switches

Unlike MX linear switches, silent ones are ideal for extreme noiselessness and provide peace while typing, gaming, and general use. Plus, the silent switches are derived from the line up retaining their characteristics compared to common switches.

After opening the silent linear switches, you find the secret of silence because Cherry silent linear switches come with rubber padding stems and MX linear switches have no padding installed in their stem.

Furthermore, the silent switches’ elaborate stem design makes it a smooth and noiseless linear switch, and the tiny rubber dampening order lowers the decibel output for each key press. White rubber pads vibrate quieter and hit the lower housing every time, and they also bounce back the springs. Silent switches offer an elastic feel and toughness when bottoming out. 

Therefore, they may sound better and feel quite different. There are lots of differences between their actuation types. All linear mechanical switches and all actuation types must be understood to find Cherry.

Cherry MX VS Cherry Silent Linear Switches

Pressing Cherry MX mechanical switches results in smooth and consistent keystrokes with a quiet noise, but silent linear switches are relatively different. The switch should also be placed near your ear and pressed.

Congratulations if you do not hear a sound and do not feel a bump! The switch is a Cherry MX linear switch. With silent linear, however, you listen gently without putting your ear to the noise.

A tactile switch is a small bump that makes a moderate sound when you press the Cherry MX switches. The noise they produce is higher than that produced by linear switches. It is very common to hear loud noises when pressing a clicky switch, which is often associated with loud noises.


There is an extra smooth feel to Gateron switches, particularly the linear variation. Keystrokes are smoother because the switch stem is smaller.

Plus, according to our testing of dozens of brands, Gateron switches generally feel better than Cherry switches.

Cherry manufactures many MX linear switches, which are most popular among gamers and fast typists;

  1. Cherry MX Red Linear switch
  2. Cherry MX Black Linear switch
  3. Cherry MX Grey Linear switch
  4. Cherry MX Speed Silver Linear switch

People like linear switches due to noise, smoothness, and consistency. The Cherry MX and gateron linear switches companies are famous for manufacturing linear switches, and people prefer to enhance performance while gaming, typing, and general use.

Summing Things Up

The MX linear switches are maximum for heavy games, and few people use them for typing. I always use my MX black and grey linear switches to enhance my performance and speed while playing competitive games with friends. But if you’re a newbie and find MX category linear switches, Cherry MX red is a good and beginner-friendly switch to increase response time and speed efficiently.

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