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Due to many mechanical switches, we miss the boat to find great mechanical switches to enhance performance. It is the same, Identifying linear mechanical switches by colors, biting at the cherry to get buttery-smooth, stable, and resistant to boost performance. So, I’ve preferred an easy pie guide to finding what color linear switches are suitable for you;

What Color are Linear Switches?

In the several colors of linear switches, finding the better and most famous one can be difficult for beginners who start their career with linear switches such as;

  • Gateron Yellow Linear Switches
  • Cherry MX Speed Silver
  • Novelkeys Cream Linear Switches
  • Cherry MX Black Linear Switches
  • Gateron Ink Black Linear Switches
  • Cherry MX Red Linear Switches

Cherry MX Red Linear Switches

The Cherry MX red linear switches are quite famous compared to all other linear switches. A newbie always needs clarification and considering the only red color switches are linear. This linear switch is ideal for heavy games due to the high resistance level and actuation force.

Cherry MX Red Linear Switches

And the red stem increases the linear switch, makes it tactile and bump-free without noise, and increases the resistance to get rid of finger stains on continuous finger strain. Also, the next best linear switch for gaming is the red one. Therefore, red linear switches cannot be a starting point for a career.

Gateron Yellow Switches

Initially, find the best bang linear switches for your mechanical keyboard that still provides an awesome typing experience and is good for newbies due to resistance. You can’t go wrong with Gateron yellow linear switches.

Furthermore, after testing, yellow linear switches have a medium resistance level making it palatable or right as rain for newbies because resistance and actuation force make yellow switches a good entry door to enter the linear mechanical switches world.

Cherry MX Speed Silver Linear Switches

Known for their slightly smaller stem size, Gateron yellow linear switches provide smooth, stable, and buttery typing and gaming experiences. Of All types of linear switches, the gateron is a super smooth and satisfying type for beginners. I recommend all linear mechanical switches be included in yellow, black, and red colors. 

With Gateron yellow switches, you have another bite at the cherry because these linear switches are cheap as chips and quite affordable compared to other switches. After all, there are several options for linear switches, but if you are a newbie to enhancing abilities with linear switches, then Gateron yellow linear switches are a great option.

Cherry MX Speed Silver Switches

When it comes to gaming, linear switches are ideal, and this silver stem with black body cherry MX speed silver linear switch is a great choice. The smoothest and most consistent actuation will provide a buttery experience without finger stains and be reliable for surviving heavy gaming.

With a shorter actuation distance and high resistance, the switch is slightly faster than other linear switches listed due to milliseconds or two advantages over the competition. 

Cherry MX Speed Silver Switches

However, the style of speed silver linear switches comes with big drawbacks like if you typist and do a lot of typing, shorter travel distances can be uncomfortable for typing for long periods.

A gaming switch with ultra-specialized features comes with a trade-off. <1% advantage in a game and comfortable enjoyment. In simple words, if you are playing a heavily competitive game, then speed silver linear switches have a heavy edge due they’re ideal for gaming.

NovelKeys Cream Switches

The Creamy linear switches had a spotlight for a while due to the incredibly bassy sound on the bottom out. Several linear switches keyboard enthusiasts are excited about the novel keys cream linear switch because it features a POM plastic design and color aesthetic.

NovelKeys Cream Linear Switches

Unlike other lists of linear switches, you can’t find a pre-installed keyboard, so you’ll need to buy the linear switches separately and install them using a switch and keycap puller.

Also, novel key cream switches come with linear switches good for sound compared to other linear switches and have better resistance and actuation force. After deep testing or use, they’ll provide a deep feeling by typing with linear switches or newbies.

Furthermore, you should play games except for competitive or heaving games. An enthusiast switch makes this option as right as rain if you plan to build a custom mechanical keyboard and a brand new one.

Cherry MX Black Switches

The black stem and body color Cherry MX black linear switches are well-known for providing extremely consistent resistance and durability all-around great switches. So, if you consider this, check the downside of this linear switch which is a slightly scratchy switch that can ruin the feel of the linear switch.

Cherry MX Black Linear Switches

Cherry MX mechanical switches are highly rated for their durability and last for up to 100 million keystrokes. Furthermore, a black linear switch is good for playing games and typing and is my favorite due to its high durability. Moreover, the factory part was retooled and made differently over the past few years and is no longer as highly regarded.

Gateron Ink Black Linear Switches

Gateron Ink black linear switches are the super favorite of many people and a popular option mechanical switch. As part of the Gateron switches line up, the Ink black is constructed out of different types of plastic, resulting in a smoother experience. Moreover, gateron black switches have a smooth keystroke, making them a highly sought-after switch.

Gateron Ink Black Linear Switches

Also, gaming and typing are made easy with Gateron ink black switches. When people type a lot, they want a keyboard that feels smooth when they press a key. Gateron Ink Black switches feature dedicated plastic features that improve typing performance.

Other Popular Colors of Linear Switches

There’s the following list below of popular linear switches. These switches are famous among gamers, programmers, and fast typists.

  • V2 Alpaca switches
  • Red Silent Cherry MX switches
  • Cherry MX low Profile Speed switches 
  • Gateron speed silver pro switches
  • C3 tangerine Switches
  • Gateron Red Switches
  • Kailh Red switches
  • Kailh Black switches
  • Novel Key Cream switches
  • Durock POM linear switches

How to Identify Any Color of Linear Switches Properly?

I know identifying the mechanical switches is hard, but linear switches give you the edge to identify them easily by sound and tactile feel;

Check Tactility: These mechanical linear switches do not have tactile bumps when pressed. There is no bump at the bottom of a linear switch, indicating that it is linear. You can type faster and more smoothly with this mechanical keyboard because it lacks tactile feedback.

 Check Sound : There is an easy pie indicator for linear switches since they are too quiet when pressed compared to tactile or clicky switches. A clicky switch produces a loud audible sound, whereas a tactile switch produces a moderate sound. While pressing the switch, you cannot hear the sound.

Should You Get Linear Switches

Linear switches are the most popular in the mechanical switches world because these switches can produce tactile feedback and noise while pressing. And the no tactile feedback increases their performance, resistance level, and actuation force.

Furthermore, if you’re a gamer, streaming on a different platform, and a fast typist, you should consider linear mechanical switches due to the ideal for surviving in high comparative games.

Moreover, once you become accustomed to typing with linear switches, you’ll find them extremely enjoyable. Many people cannot suggest your first mechanical keyboard, but gateron yellow linear switches are a good place to start.


A red switch is a linear switch. You do not feel or hear when the key is registered since the keys require less force to press. Gaming enthusiasts favor the red switch because it responds more quickly and requires less force to press.

When newbies use linear switches, they feel strange. Linear switches that are different from the right type can hurt your fingers and be difficult to adjust. Yellow gateron is perfect for beginners who want to experiment with linear switches.

Clicky switches are the polar opposite of linear switches because linear provides a smooth feeling on each keystroke and boosts the response time than clicky has not. Also, linear switches laser focus on buttery actuation without noise and tactile feedback.

No, the brown mechanical switches are tactile. But if you want to convert brown tactile switches into linear ones, lube them and change the metal leaves.

Wrapping Up

For smooth typing, linear mechanical switches are the best option. As far as gaming goes, linear switches are my top choice. Noiseless and bump-free quality helps to laser focus in comparative games and manufactures enough lubricant to provide a smooth experience.

In comparative games, its bump-free and noiseless quality allow for precise focus while providing sufficient lubricant for a smooth ride. Furthermore, linear switches enhance the speed and responsiveness of keystrokes when typing for fast typists. After all, my favorite linear switch is gateron speed silver and Ink black for gaming and typing, and I always recommend yellow linear switches for newbies.

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