epsilon linear switches

The pleasant sound signature and bouncy keystrokes enhance the typing and gaming experience. If switches are factory pre-lube or smooth feeling, they provides pleasures during work. So let your hair down. I’ve prepared a comprehensive guide on this JWK manufacture Epsilon linear switches, that’s worth electing or not?

Epsilon Linear Switches

These mechanical switches are a type of mechanical keyboard switch that JWK manufactures. These mechanical switches can’t produce tactile bumps and clicky sounds like other Gateron or Cherry MX linear switches. And, the progressive coil spring requires more force to fully depress the key. Many people like Epsilon for their bright orange color. And fully nylon top and bottom housing, the same as JWK EV-00 linear switches. 

Epsilon Linear Switches

Moreover, the up and down stem is made of a mixed polymer material similar to JWK Durock POM linear switches. They’ve become popular and favorite linear switches in the mechanical keyboard community for their smooth keypress and unique characteristics. 

After all, you don’t need to buy any lubricants because they come from a pre-lube factory. But every man and his dog complain the pre-lube is too light. Compared to other factory pre-lube linear switches.

Pros and Cons of Epsilon Linear Switches

Epsilon have several possible benefits and drawbacks, including:


  • Smooth keystroke feels: With Epsilon you get a consistent keystroke from start to end, because of their linear actuation profile. In addition to increasing accuracy and reducing finger fatigue, this can be useful when typing or gaming.
  • Quiet: They’re a good choice for people who prefer a quieter keyboard because they don’t have a tactile bump or audible click.
  • Pre-lubed: Epsilon switches come with factory light pre-lube. You don’t need to lube after purchasing them.
  • Unique Sound: They’re a unique sound signature. Keyboard enthusiasts favor them because of their deep, satisfying sound.


  • Lack of tactile feedback: The lack of a tactile bump on Epsilon switches make it harder for some users to determine when a key has been fully actuated. Also, people used to tactile switches may experience errors or missed keystrokes.
  • Less satisfying feedback: A switch that doesn’t have any tactile feedback mayn’t be as satisfying to some users as one that does. Gaming or typing may not be as satisfying with Epsilon switches smooth, linear feel.

Ultimately, the choice of switch type is a personal preference and can depend on individual typing habits and preferences. It’s always a good idea to try different switch types before making a final decision.

Characteristics of Epsilon Linear Switches

There are following features of Epsilon switches that essential to knowing before selecting any mechanical switches.

LubeLight Pre-lube
Manufactured ByJWK
Actuation Force68g
Pre-Travel Distance2.0mm
Total Travel Distance4.0mm
Noise Level Quiet
Stem MateralJWK P3 mystery material stem
Top HousingNylon
Bottom HousingNylon
Lifespan50 Million

Actuation Profile – Linear

Epsilon mechanical switches indicate their linear actuation profile on each keystroke by a smooth and consistent finish. And, no tactile bumpy or loud click noise on each keystroke. If you like to play highly competitive games or fast typing during work. Epsilon right as a rain option for electing. Many people say they’re the best linear switches.

Actuation Profile - Linear

Actuation Force – 68g

It requires 68 grams of force to operate the Epsilon Linear switch, considered a high actuation force. Alternatively, this can be a good option for users. Who prefer switches that require some force to operate but not so much that they become tiring.

Travel Distance – 2mm to 4mm

The pre-travel distance of Epsilon linear switches is 2mm, similar to other JWK Moss and H1 linear switches. But if you compare it with dogikon linear switches, the Epsilon has a low travel distance. Plus, the total travel distance is also the same as with JWK Moss, H1, and Ev-00 linear switches, which is 4mm. Plus, this means that the key can be pressed to the bottom of the switch. And, providing a satisfying typing experience for some users.


They’re known for their smooth operation. Moreover, users who need to type for extended periods. Without experiencing finger fatigue will find the keystrokes consistent and smooth since there are no tactile bumps or clicks. The Epsilon smoothness and consistency are happy and Larry you while using.

Noise Level – Quiet Operate

These keyboard switches are relatively quiet, especially compared to switches with other JWK linear switches or Tactile or clicky mechanical switches. Furthermore, you can use this if you prefer a quieter keyboard or need to type or play games without disturbing others.

After all, the noise level wasn’t good for me the first time using it, but after 1 week of experience, Epsilon made their fan, and the sound was pleasant for me. Many say they produce unique sound signatures and pleasant sounds for gaming at night or working in public places. In addition, the pre-lubed makes the sound deeper. But if you lube them, the keystroke sound produces a deeper sound.

Durability – 50 Million Keystroke

Known for their durability, JWK Epsilon mechanical switches have a lifespan of 50 million. In addition to being durable, they’re made from JWK mystery material stem and nylon housing, both of which resist wear and tear. A gaming keyboard and heavy typist will appreciate their ability to endure repeated keystrokes. JWK moss linear switches should last between 50 million and 100 million keystrokes, depending on the frequency and intensity of use.

Durability - 50 Million Keystroke

Generally, Epsilon switches provide a smooth, consistent keystroke without the tactile feedback of a bump or click. Some users may not find them suitable if they need more feedback or prefer a different actuation force. If you’re unsure which switch type is right, try this different feel Epsilon linear switch.

Gaming and Typing Comparison of Epsilon Linear Switches

In this comparison, Epsilon are used for both typing and gaming:

Gaming and Typing Comparison of Epsilon Linear Switches
  • Especially when gaming requires fast and accurate keystrokes, Epsilon can be a good choice. The linear actuation profile and relatively low actuation force can facilitate quick actuation and reduce finger fatigue for extended gaming sessions.
  • Gaming can also benefit from the lack of tactile bumps and clicks, allowing for smoother and more consistent keystrokes. A first-person shooter or massively multiplayer online game can benefit from this feature particularly. Nevertheless, some gamers may prefer switches with a tactile bump, as they can provide more feedback and a more satisfying typing experience. You should always experiment with different switch types to determine which one works best for you.
  • Especially for users who have to type for extended periods, they can be a good choice. On the other hand, many typists may prefer switches with tactile bumps or clicks, as it can provide more feedback and enhance their typing experience. A lack of tactile bump can also make it harder for users to detect when a key has been fully depressed, leading to errors.

Also, a good choice for gaming and typing, but individual preferences and habits may vary. Trying out different switch types is a good way to find what is right for you.

Build Quality of Epsilon Linear Switches

Epsilon are mechanical keyboard switches manufactured by JWK. Additionally, their build quality is generally considered very good.

Build Quality of Epsilon Linear Switches

As a result of its nylon housing and JWK mystery material stem, the switch offers durability and smoothness with 50 Million keystrokes. As well as gold-plated springs and contacts, the switch is designed to provide a reliable electrical connection and improve its lifespan. Epsilon switches appear to have good build quality and are a good option for mechanical keyboard users looking for smooth, quiet linear switches.

Components of Epsilon Linear Switches

These mechanical switches comprise several components that provide their unique linear feel and responsive operation. Such as

Components of Epsilon Linear Switches
  1. Spring: After a keycap is pressed, the spring returns to its original position. A high-quality steel spring is used in Epsilon switches to provide consistent resistance and tactile feedback.
  2. Stem: When you press a key, the stem moves up and down which is made by JWK mystery material stem. The stem is smooth and streamlined, allowing for a fast and responsive keystroke.
  3. Housing: The housing contains all the other components of the switch. The housing of an Epsilon linear switch is made from polycarbonate, a durable and lightweight material that helps reduce key wobble and ensure a stable typing experience.
  4. Contact Mechanism: The contact mechanism is part of the switch that contacts the PCB (printed circuit board) when the key is pressed. In Epsilon switches, the contact mechanism is made from gold-plated metal, which helps to ensure a reliable and long-lasting connection.
  5. LED: Epsilon are available with an optional LED for backlighting. The LED is mounted on the top of the switch and provides a clear and bright light that enhances the look and functionality of the keyboard.

Overall, the components are carefully designed and crafted to provide a smooth and consistent typing experience that is both comfortable and reliable.

How to lube Epsilon Linear Switches?

A lubricant can help reduce friction, dampen sound, and improve typing efficiency on mechanical switches, such as Epsilon switches. 

How to lube Epsilon Linear Switches?

Materials needed:

  • Lubricant (such as Krytox GPL 205 or Tribosys 3204)
  • Small brush or applicator
  • Tweezers
  • Paper towels


  1. Disassemble the switches: With a switch puller, carefully remove the Epsilon from the PCB after removing the keycaps from your keyboard. Make sure the switches are oriented correctly.
  2. Clean the switches: Dust and debris can be removed using a dry brush or compressed air. A damp cloth can also be used to clean the switch housing.
  3. Apply lubricant: The stems of each switch should be lubricated with lubricant using a small brush or applicator. If you over-lubricate, the joint will feel mushy or unresponsive. The stem and housing should be lubricated with a small amount of lubricant.
  4. Spread the lubricant: The tweezers should be used to evenly distribute the lubricant by gently moving the stem up and down. With a paper towel, wipe off any excess lubricant.
  5. Reassemble the switches: After lubing them, carefully reassemble them back onto the PCB. Test each switch to ensure they are functioning properly and that the lubrication has not affected their performance.
  6. Replace the keycaps: Once you have tested all the switches, you can replace the keycaps and enjoy your newly lubed Epsilon switches!

It’s important to note that lubricating switches can be a time-consuming and delicate process, and it’s important to take your time and ensure that you are applying the right amount of lubricant to each switch. Over-lubricating or under-lubricating can affect the feel and performance of your switches, so it’s important to find the right balance.


In terms of durability, they can last up to 50 million keystrokes. In addition to usage and environmental conditions, maintenance can affect the lifespan of switches.

Epsilon linear switches’ smooth and consistent keystroke makes them popular among gamers. They are also relatively quiet, which can be advantageous in shared living spaces or environments where noise is a concern.

A high-quality component and meticulous manufacturing process make Epsilon linear switches smooth and responsive. They are also relatively quiet and a popular choice for those who want a tactile-less typing experience.

The Bottom Line

Those seeking a smooth and consistent typing experience should consider Epsilon keyboard switches. Their high-quality components include streamlined stems, steel springs, polycarbonate housings, gold-plated contact mechanisms, and optional LED backlighting. Both typing and gaming can be done with these relatively quiet switches.

It is also possible to lubricate Epsilon switches to reduce friction and improve the overall typing experience. To avoid over-lubrication, use the right type and amount of lubricant. Overall, they’re a reliable and durable option for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts who value a smooth and consistent typing experience.

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