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I know Dogikon linear switches, relatively new mechanical switches and gaining popularity among keyboard enthusiasts. Everyman and his dog recommended me to try their smoothness, sound, durability, and wobble-free stem condition. As a result, I’ve prepared a guide on Dogikon to help you make a quick and easy decision.

What are JWK Dogikon Linear Switches?

These Linear Switches from JWK mechanical keyboard switch that can be used on various custom keyboard builds. In terms of design, they’re similar to other popular linear switches like Alpacas and Lil’ Tykes, manufactured by JWK/Durock.

Plus, they’re popular among enthusiasts because of their smooth operation and high build quality. Also, these keys’ weights and actuation forces vary, and they’re often used in custom keyboards to customize the typing experience.

What are JWK Dogikon Linear Switches?

Furthermore, people like these linear switches by their right as rain smooth and consistent linear action due to actuation force and travel distance. Plus, the RGB lighting can also be installed in its transparent housing.

Pros and Cons of JWK Dogikon?

Here’s a list of the benefits and drawbacks of Dogikon switches that make your decision easy. Such as


  • Smooth and Consistent Feel: This switch provides a smooth and consistent feeling without bumps or light clicks during keystrokes. However, there is no mention of JWK dogikon good for gaming or typing. But after testing, they’re suitable for typing and gaming.
  • High-quality: They’re no exception to JWK’s reputation for high-quality mechanical switches. High-quality materials make them durable and long-lasting.
  • Customizability: Some many different keycaps and keyboards can be used with the switches, and they can be easily customized to fit your needs.
  • Durable: JWK Dogikon Linear generally switches last for over 50 million keystrokes. These JWK’s have a reputation for high quality.


  • No tactile Feedback: With no tactile feedback, you miss something like tactile and clicky keystrokes, but you gain speedy key pushes.
  • Noise Level: Compared to other linear switches, Dogikon often feel rough and scratchy to some users. Some users may find it uncomfortable to type.
  • Expensive & Availability: Many users on a budget might not be able to afford. You may have difficulty finding replacements if you want to purchase keyboards with these switches.

Characteristics of Dogikon Linear Switches

JWK Dogikon switches have the following features to help you make a quick purchase decision.

Switch Type – Linear

When pressed, Dogikon mechanical switches provide a bumpy free or light-clicking keypress feel. Because they can slightly slow down the key push feel, these switches are ideal for playing heavy games or quick typing with continuous keystrokes.

Characteristics of Dogikon Linear Switches

Actuation Force – 45g

The actuation force of Dogikon switches is 45g to actuate. This means that these switches take 45g force to register a keypress. (An actuation force is a force necessary to start a keystroke)

The moderate actuation force makes them ideal for gaming and typing. Furthermore, the actuation force of JWK Dogikon switches is slightly lower than JWK Durock POM or Hippo linear switches.

Travel Distance – 2.3mm to 4.0mm

According to mention and testing, the pre-travel distance is 2.3mm, slightly higher than JWk Durock POM linear switches. Plus, the total travel distance similar to Durock POM is 4.0mm. ( A travel distance indicates how far a keypress must travel down before registering. Further, these switches travel the same distance as mechanical keyboards).

Keystroke Sound – Moderate

It is important to note that the sound level depends on several factors, including the keyboard case material, the plate material, and the keycaps.

Keystroke Sound - Moderate

When pressed, this JWK switches produce some sound, but they are generally considered relatively loud compared to others. JWK Dogikon mechanical switches have a POM stem and a polycarbonate housing that reduce friction and facilitate smooth keystrokes. 


The sound feels like tactile switches due to moderate loudness. Several users report feeling rough and scratchy when using it. Moreover, the typing may be uncomfortable for some users.


Plus, if you consider it for typing, lube + filmed sound is perfect for making them type or gaming at night. Due to overall smoothness and quality, you should compromise on sound. Also, if you love the deep or low sound, film or lube.


Durability – 50 Million Keystroke

They’re known to be durable and have a long lifespan of 50 million. Moreover, the POM stem and polycarbonate housing are designed to resist wear and tear, making them more durable than other switch materials.

Additionally, the switches are designed to withstand repeated keypresses over an extended period, making them ideal for gamers and heavy typists who may put their keyboards through a lot of use. Also, 

Furthermore, the expected lifespan can vary depending on the frequency and intensity of use, but they are generally expected to last for tens of millions of keystrokes. Also, this means that they are unlikely to wear out or fail prematurely under normal use, and they can provide a reliable and long-lasting keyboard switch solution for many users.


A smooth and consistent switch feel is one of the most appealing features of JWK Dogikon switches, making typing and gaming more enjoyable. Among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts, Dogikon are popular because of their smoothness, one of their main strengths.

Gaming & Typing Compersion

They can be a good option for gaming and typing due to their smooth and consistent keystroke, tactile feedback, and fast actuation. But lube is perfect for typing if you work in a public place or are a night gaming lover. 

After all, the switches’ POM stem and polycarbonate housing are designed to provide a smooth and consistent keystroke, which can be beneficial for gaming and typing as they can help reduce errors and improve response time.

Gaming & Typing Compersion

Moreover, the 45g actuation force may provide satisfying tactile feedback for some users who prefer switches with a heavier actuation force, and the 4mm total travel distance and 2.3mm pre-travel distance can help reduce the distance and time it takes to register a keystroke, making them a good option for both fast-paced gaming and efficient typing.

However, the suitability of JWK Dogikon switches for gaming and typing depends on individual preferences and the type of games or typing tasks being performed. Some users may prefer switches with a tactile bump or click for a more responsive and immersive typing or gaming experience, while others may prefer the smoothness of linear switches for faster and more accurate key presses.

It’s always a good idea to try different switch types and brands to find the one that best suits your typing and gaming needs. Ultimately, JWK Dogikon switches can be a good option for gaming and typing, particularly for those who prefer linear switches with a heavier actuation force and a smooth and consistent keystroke.

Build Quality

JWK Dogikon switches are designed to withstand repeated keypresses over an extended period, making them ideal for gamers and heavy typists who may put their keyboards through a lot of use. The switches are also designed to be compatible with various keyboard layouts and are commonly used in custom mechanical keyboard builds.

The high build quality and durability of JWK Dogikon switches are well known. The switches are made with a POM stem and polycarbonate housing, which are materials designed to resist wear and tear. Plus, the POM stem also provides a smooth keystroke and reduces friction, which can help extend the switch’s lifespan. The switches are factory-lubricated to further enhance their smoothness and reduce scratchiness.

Overall, the build quality of JWK Dogikon switches is considered high, and they are known for their durability and long lifespan. They are a popular choice among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts and gamers looking for a reliable, high-quality switch option.


JWK Dogikon switches are known for their consistency and uniformity in switch feel and actuation. One potential drawback of the consistency of JWK Dogikon linear is that they may not offer as much variety or customization options in switch feel as other switch types.

Moreover, some users prefer switches with a tactile bump or click for a more personalized typing or gaming experience. However, for those who prefer a consistent and uniform switch feel, JWK Dogikon switches can be a good option.

Overall, the consistency of JWK Dogikon switches is considered a strength, particularly for those requiring a high degree of accuracy and precision in their typing or gaming. The switches are known for their smooth and consistent keystroke, which can make typing or gaming more comfortable and enjoyable.

Components of Dogikon Mechanical Switches

Dogikon switches are mechanical keyboard switches manufactured by JWK, a popular switch manufacturer based in China. The components of Dogikon include:

Components of Dogikon Linear Switches

Housing: The housing is made of polycarbonate plastic and is designed to protect the switch internals from dust and moisture. The housing also contains the contact leaf that registers the keystroke.

Stem: The stem is made of durable POM (polyoxymethylene) plastic and is designed to fit keycaps with a Cherry MX-style stem.

Spring: The spring is made of high-quality stainless steel and provides the resistance and actuation force for the switch.

Contact Leaf: The contact leaf is made of high-quality metal and is responsible for registering the keystroke when the switch is pressed.

They are designed to provide a smooth and consistent keystroke with a moderate sound level that is not too loud or high-pitched. 

How to lube and Filmed Dogikon Switches?

Lubricating and filming your Dogikon switches can help to enhance their smoothness and reduce the amount of sound they produce. Here is a general guide on how to lube and film Dogikon:

How to lube and Filmed Dogikon Linear Switches?


  • Disassemble the switch by opening the housing and removing the stem and spring.
  • Lubricate the stem’s side rails and the switch’s bottom housing with switch lubricant.
  • Reassemble the switch and repeat the process for all switches on your keyboard.


  • Obtain a thin, clear film such as PET or PTFE, cut it into small rectangles slightly larger than the switch housing, and place the film over the switch housing.
  • Press down on the film and use a tool like a flathead screwdriver to smooth out any air bubbles or wrinkles.
  • Trim any excess film around the edges of the switch housing.

Note that lubing and filming your switches can be time-consuming and require some technical skill. You should practice on a few switches before committing to lubing and filming your entire keyboard. Additionally, be sure to use a high-quality lubricant and film that is compatible with your switches and will not cause any damage or degradation over time.


A Cherry MX-style stem is compatible with Dogikon switches.

It is possible for Dogikon linear switches to produce different sounds depending on various factors, including the keyboard case material and the plate material and the keycaps used. Although they do not produce a high-pitched or loud sound, they tend to produce a moderate sound level.

In addition to lubricating and filming Dogikon linear switches, you can also reduce their noise level by lubricating them. It takes some technical skill and time to lube and film your switches.

To Conclude

After all, the overall keystroke feel and smoothness makes perfect Dogikon mechanical switches. These switches aren’t cheap as chips. That’s why their awareness is low. Plus, you should compromise the sound level and not support gaming at night or office work if you want silent or low sound switches. Plus, the lube and filming make it next level. So, if you’ve budgeted, then add it to your list. And, after use, I was also elated.


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