what are linear switches good for

Gamers, streamers, and fast typists prefer linear mechanical switches for their superior keystroke experience, versatility, durability, and responsiveness. And I know you must listen to linear switches good for gaming. Don’t be sick as a parrot. Let’s consider what linear switches are good for and whether you should consider them.

What are Linear Switches Good for?

Everyman and his dog like linear switches due to buttery working, consistent bump-free feel and actuation without tactile feedback. On the other hand, linear switches are designed for people who increase response time. And, reduce speed by causing a bump. So, below are the following characteristics of linear switches good for;

Noise Level

Linear mechanical switches are good for their noise because the noise level is lower than tactile and clicky switches. With linear switches, you’ve the edge to work in public places, record videos. And stream content on multiple platforms without disturbing others.

Noise Level

Although, the public also converts clicky or tactile switches into linear because the clicky sound frustrates people. On the other hand, if you prefer a low noise level linear switch, you should go for the gateron red silent linear switch. Gateron black silent linear switches because these linear switches come without sound. Plus, optical linear switches is also good.

Are Linear Switches suitable for office and work? A mechanical switch that produces less noise is suitable for office work. For example, noiseless linear switches work well in the office if you’re a fast typist, whereas tactile buttons work better in the office than clicky switches. For home, you can choose any mechanical control to use. By the sound many people convert clicky switches linear or tactile switches into linear.

Tactile Feedback and Resistance Level

Generally, mechanical switches are more tactile and don’t require keystrokes. Linear switches are famous due to tactile feedback because these switches come without tactile feedback. Although, without tactile feedback, linear switches are super smooth and great for achieving comfort on every keystroke.

On the other hand, fingers will strain less without tactile feedback while playing competitive games or fast tying. Although, linear switches are better for no tactile feedback. Also, linear switches are good for their high resistance level compared to tactile and clicky switches because cherry MX black and MX silver have 60 cN (centinewton), then cherry MX brown tactile switch.

Actuation Point and Travel Distance

The linear switches winner for their actuation point ( An actuation point refers to how far down to press a key for it to register). So, you’re looking for mechanical switches that are good for fast typing and survive in comparative games.

Actuation Point and Travel Distance

There are several reasons why linear switches are a great option because the fewer actuation points and forces, the faster they respond. On the other hand, the Cherry MX red linear switch and Cherry MX brown tactile switches have the same actuation point after testing.

Also, it is easy to determine how far a key has to travel to register. After testing, the linear switches offer a 4mm key travel distance to the tactile and clicky switches. Consider how useful linear switches can be for different tasks and applications, and you will see whether they are good for travel distances or not.


RGB is a multi-shaded backlit illumination color that refers to red, green, and blue, and it comes with certain keyboards nowadays and the bedrock of linear switches beneath the keycaps. Nevertheless, RGB is supported to some extent by all mechanical switches. But after detailed testing, linear, tactile, and clicky mechanical switches were.


So, it’s great to note that linear switches offer RGB options. In addition, if you want a quality mechanical keyboard with linear switches, then consider one with RGB, since RGB keyboards will assume a better appearance or feel in all applications. Furthermore, the bite at the cherry with an RGB keyboard ensures you can control the lights when you don’t need them. 


Mechanical linear switches are designed to increase gaming performance and fast typing. After all, linear switches are preferred over tactile and clicky mechanical switches. After testing, the red, black, and speed silver linear switches provide consistent and super smooth keystrokes with tactile feedback or no noise. Plus durock linear switches also favorite for gaming.

Linear switches have a high ability to increase response level and high speed. Although all functions of linear switches are designed to improve TPS or FPS gaming experience because playing competitive games with tactile or clicky mechanical switches, the bump feeling can slow down and frustrate during gameplay. In fact, serval people compare linear vs tactile switches for gaming.

Moreover, high actuation force and more responsiveness cause less finger strain with linear switches. Linear switches are the first recommendation for pro gamers to survive heavy games. Which linear switches are good for gaming? Let me get straight, and all linear switches provide efficient gaming results.

But the cherry MX speed silver and cherry MX red linear switches are ideal for gaming because of the actuation feedback and quick response.

Furthermore, they enhance the gaming experience and speed compared to all linear switches because the stem and coil spring respond relatively fastly and reset back to less finger strain while continuing key pressing. 


After that, both linear switches aren’t optimal for typing because the response time is higher due to being stem shaped than other linear switches. I recommend Cherry MX red and Cherry MX speed silver linear switches if you need linear switches to increase gaming performance.

What are Linear Switches good for Typing

The tactile and clicky switches have a heavy edge on linear switches on typing. Furthermore, while tying with tactile and clicky switches, testing is a whale of a time because they provide valuable feedback and small bumps with moderate sound.

On the other hand, linear switches are good for typing due to no tactile bump and feedback that helps quickly increase the word typing experience. Plus, many people convert their switches into linear because they work in office spaces and public and can’t be frustrated. What is the best linear switch for typing?

Despite the fact that linear switches are commonly used for gaming, some linear switches are suitable for typing as well. Although, many people also find difference between linear and tactile switches and linear vs clicky switches for whole use.

The gateron ink black linear switches are optimal for typing because the plastic stem is designed to enhance typing performance and fit people who want to type with linear switches. It is unnecessary to wait until the key is bottomed out once the keypress has registered.

As a result, you will be able to type faster. The gateron ink black linear switch supports fast typing after many people tested linear switches ideal for gaming and tactile and clicky switches ideal for typing. After buying linear switches the best way to test here (https://keyboard-test.space). 

What Are Linear Switches good for Newbies?

Linear switches are a great option for those who want to enter the mechanical switches world, enhance gaming performance. And be long-lasting in highly competitive games. After all, when you shift the linear switcher after using tactile and clicky switches, you feel a great change in your keyboard experience. You can’t feel any tactile feedback or noise.

Otherwise, there is a high resistance level, actuation force, and travel distance you feel in performance as compared to tactile and clicky switches. 

But the need for clarification is that newbies can’t feel any abilities and performance. While using linear switches for the first time because newbies want to feel tactile bumps and low resistance levels with some moderate noise. Some professionals recommend tactile switches due to some similarities with linear switches.

Are Linear Switches good for Newbies?

Newbies can take more time to enhance their ability and need help to feel the linear switches’ qualities. I know linear are heavy for newbies but don’t be sick as a parrot. Also designed for newbies. Just find as right as rain knowledge. 

Asked me, my gaming teammate stuck on tactile switches. That’s not bad, but the headache is finger strain and less resistance level. They try to shift on switches, but they can control resistance. Let me get straight: I suggest Gateron yellow switches because these switches enter the door to enter the linear mechanical switches world.

Due to their low resistance level. Gateron linear switches offer a much more comfortable experience than standard regular keyboards for newbies. Who wish to learn linear.

In contrast, I was testing gateron black switches. And the gateron black switches have a higher resistance level. In addition, these switches are a great option since they are as cheap as chips and have the same level of resistance.


We have listed a few of the most popular linear switches below. Gamers, programmers, and fast typists all love these switches. 

  • Alpaca V2 Switches
  • Cherry MX Silent Red Switches
  • Cherry MX Red Switches
  • Cherry MX Black Switches
  • Cherry MX low Profile Speed switches 
  • Gateron speed silver pro switches
  • C3 tangerine Switches
  • Gateron Red Switches
  • Kailh Red linear switches
  • Kailh Black linear switches
  • Novel Key Cream linear switches
  • Durock POM linear switches

There are three main types of mechanical key switches, but linear switches are perhaps the most popular. In fact, there are good reasons for this. Moreover, no extra bells and whistles with these keyboards, but they offer a great typing experience.

Gaming is best done with linear switches. This is due to the smooth and consistent operation. Neither bumps nor clicks are heard during keystrokes. A tactile bump shouldn’t distract you or cause the switch to malfunction when pressing several keys in rapid succession.

There’re three most common and popular switches and easily available in market. You should also find best color of linear switches much more

  1. Cherry MXRed Switches
  2. Gateron Ink Black switches
  3. Gateron Yellow switches

To Conclude

Linear switches are the most popular in the mechanical keyboard world and the recommendation by pro gamers, streamers, and fast typists. Imagine you are a complete novice and want to handle with high resistance.

In that case, you should prefer gateron yellow switches because this mechanical switch has low resistance and is good for gaming or a smooth typing experience. Compared with tactile or clicky switches, linear switches offer a better grip. Due to their many abilities, and favorite. 

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