are linear switches good for gaming

I know while getting linear switches, newbies judge are linear switches good for gaming or not? So don’t be seek as a parrot, I’ll discuss curial characteristics during electing mechanical linear switches, they provide a more competitive edge on heavy games than tactile and clicky switches.

Are Linear Switches Good for Gaming

Gaming performance and typing speed are improved by mechanical switches. A linear switch is more preferable than a tactile or clicky mechanical switch. The red, black, and speed silver linear switches produced with tactile feedback, keystrokes are consistent and smooth.

High response rates and high speeds can be achieved by linear switches. In competitive games with tactile switches and clicky, the bumping can slow down play and frustrate the player even though all features of linear switches are designed to improve the gaming experience. 

Are Linear Switches Good for Gaming

Furthermore, linear switches provide better finger comfort due to their high actuation force and responsiveness. To survive in heavy games, here is the first recommendation for pro gamers. Do linear switches work well for gaming? The results of all linear switches are efficient when it comes to gaming. The actuation feedback and quick response of cherry MX speed silver and cherry MX red linear switches make them ideal for gaming. 

After that, both linear switches aren’t optimal for typing because the response time is higher due to being stem shaped than other linear switches. I recommend Cherry MX red and Cherry MX speed silver linear switches if you need linear switches to increase gaming performance.

Characteristics of Good Gaming Linear Switches

Professional gamers and esports players consider gaming keyboards with linear switches because they’re biting at the cherry who want to enhance abilities. By right as rain stem, springs, top and bottom housing. Plus, linear switches are popular and optimal for gaming by their comprehensive characteristics.

Noiseless Operating and Smoothness

In comparison to tactile and clicky switches, linear mechanical switches have lower noise levels. Continuing keystroke in heavy games, streaming content on multiple platforms and capturing videos without disturbing others are made possible by linear switches.

It is also common for the public to convert tactile or clicky switches into linear switches because of their frustrating clicky sounds. However, if you prefer a linear switch that does not make noise, you should go with a gateron black or red silent linear switch.

Does linear switching work well in an office or at work? It is ideal for office work to use this mechanical switch that is too quiet and the only sound you hear when the keycap hits the board means plastic hitting plastic.

On the other hand, linear switches are great for their smoothness than tactile and clicky switches. Plus, smoothness is one of the characteristics of linear switches. Linear switches are distinguished by their smoothness. As opposed to tactile and clicky switches, the linear switch uses a light actuation force, allowing you to type and play simultaneously.

Speed and Feedback

When you think of all three types of switches as speed switches, you can distinguish them more easily. By using linear switches, you’re able to achieve smooth keystrokes and shorter actuation points (the distance between what you press and what is registered as a command).

Moreover, linear switches are free of tactile feedback or clicky sounds. Input raid commands are easy to enter with these components together.

Actuation Point and Travel Distance

As far as actuation point (as far down as you have to press in order for a key to register) goes, the linear switches won. It is therefore crucial that you find a mechanical switch that is both fast and durable enough to survive in competitive games.

As a result, linear switches offer a great alternative, since the fewer the points and forces, the quicker the response time. Cherry MX speed silver and Cherry MX red linear switches right as rain for actuation points and gives a highly competitive edge in games.

Furthermore, it is easy to determine how far a key travels before it registers. Compared with tactile and clicky switches, linear switches provide a key travel distance of 4mm. Consider how useful linear switches can be for different tasks and applications, and you will see whether they are good for travel distances or not.

Operating Force

Keyboard switches sometimes feel different as a result of subtle variations in force, in addition to the operation force. There is 45 grams of force needed to operate the Gateron yellow or red linear mechanical switches.

Operating Force

There is 35 grams of force required to operate the Gateron white switch, etc. The Gateron white switches have a softer touch and a lighter trigger feel. If you are choosing the perfect linear switch, be sure to check its operation force.

Tactile Feedback and Resistance Level

Generally, mechanical switches require less keystrokes and are more tactile. The tactile feedback of linear switches is part of their fame since linear switches do not come with tactile feedback. Linear switches are super smooth even without tactile feedback, which makes every keystroke more comfortable. 

Alternatively, playing competitive games and fast tying will require less finger strain without tactile feedback. While linear switches provide no tactile feedback, they are better for those who do not need to feel anything.

Cherry MX black and MX silver have 60 cN (centinewtons), whereas cherry MX brown tactile switches have 54 cN (centinewtons). Linear switches are also excellent due to their high resistance level compared to tactile and clicky switches.


Red, green, and blue RGB illumination, which is used in certain keyboards nowadays and in the linear switches beneath keycaps, is a multi-shaded backlit illumination color. RGB is supported to some extent by all mechanical switches.


A detailed testing analysis showed that linear, tactile, and clicky mechanical switches were the most reliable. Linear switches now offer RGB options, which is great to hear. You should also consider an RGB mechanical keyboard if you want an excellent linear switch keyboard for all your applications. With RGB keyboards, the lights can also be controlled when not needed. 


Let me get straight if you want the fastest linear switches only for games. Cherry MX speed silver and Razer red optical linear switches are your best choices. Otherwise, these switches are unstable for typing, so you should prepare Cherry MX or gateron linear switches.

Several linear switches are available in the market, but the best Gateron linear switches are red and yellow due to the operating force’s great actuation and resistance. Red switches come with several keyboards for gaming, and yellow switches are budget friendly and good for newbies with medium resistance.

Gaming is best done with linear switches. This is due to the smooth and consistent operation of linear switches. Neither bumps nor clicks are heard during keystrokes. A tactile bump shouldn’t distract you or cause the switch to malfunction when pressing several keys in rapid succession.


Linear switches optimal for gaming and fast typing experience by there  comprehensive characteristics. Although, still you’re sick as a parrot and confused for good gaming linear switches, Razer red, Cherry MX speed silver, and grey linear switches are good for gaming.

Plus, these switches were super smooth and had a whale of time for you. But Gateron yellow and Cherry MX red linear switches are beginner friendly switches due to great characteristics.

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