All About SP Star Meteor White Linear Switches in 2024 – A Complete Guide for Beginners

sp star meteor white linear switches

Sp Star Meter White linear switches are known for their unique sound and feel, making them a popular choice for keyboard enthusiasts. The nylon housing and POM stem, combined with the 57g actuation force, contribute to their distinct typing experience. 

They are often used in custom mechanical keyboard builds and are available in packs of 18 switches. So if you want to experience the foremost mechanical switches then purchase this linear switches and enhance your gaming or typing experience;

All About SP Star Meteor White Linear Switches in 2024

The SP-Star Meteor White linear switches are popular in the custom mechanical keyboard community due to their unique features and specifications. These switches are designed to provide a satisfying typing experience that stands out from other options available. The SP-Star Meteor White switches have a 57g actuation force, which gives them satisfying tactile feedback and an audible “clack” when pressed.

sp star set linear switches
Switch typeLinear
Switch brandSP Star Meteor White
SpringDual stage gold-plated spring
Top housing materialNylon lightweight 
Bottom housing materialNylon lightweight 
Mount typePOM 5 PIN
Stem constructionStandard
Stem materialPOM 
Actuation weight57g
Factory Pre-lubedLight Lubed
Switch SoundQuiet
Pre-travel distance2.0mm
Total travel distance4.0mm
Suitable Gaming and Typing

SP-Star Meteor White switches feature robust housing. These switches come with a full nylon housing, which adds durability and stability. The housing provides a small cushioning, resulting in a more comfortable typing experience. 

The stems of the SP-Star Meteor White switches are made from POM (Polyoxymethylene). A thermoplastic polymer known for its strength and impact resistance. The POM stem helps to maintain consistent performance over time and contributes to the durability of the switch.

Characteristics of SP Star Linear Switches

The SP-Star Meteor White linear switches used in the linear switch with several features and notable characteristics make the switches a preferred choice among custom mechanical keys. All these switches provide a different sound. When typed and are versatile to work with almost all layouts of the mechanical keyboard. Let’s take a closer look at each feature: Let’s take a closer look at each feature:

sp star switch open

Actuation Force: 

The force required to actuate these switches is 57g. Which is not too stiff but also not as soft as some of the competing switches out there. This force enables the precise typing when the most required force is applied with least discomfort when typing the keyboards.


Another notable feature of the SP-Star Meteor White linear switches is that its housing is fully made of nylon. Making it more durable and stable.


Because of this, the switch stem is fabricated using POM (Polyoxymethylene). Which is a dense plastic material that offers strength and stability. In terms of the feel, when one depresses the POM stem it offers a smooth feel which users find soft and a click feeling when pressed.


But the spring in these switches is dual-stage gold-plated, ensuring not only a beautiful look but also long-lasting and sturdy. The gold-plated spring is used in this model to increase the durability of the product. To maintain good performance over a long period of use, and to minimize any sign of wear and tear.


The SP-Star Meteor White linear switches come lightly lubed as a path of lubrication of the interior part of the switches. It also helps in reducing friction thereby improving the element’s longevity on the equipment.

Sound Profile: 

Its sound profile gives this switch a slightly more clacky, louder tone in comparison to linear switches. This particular aspect contributes greatly to a more satisfying typing experience since the keys provide a distinct auditory feedback that is favored by a lot of typing lovers.

Gaming Experience Of SP-Star

As a first time gamer, the SP Star Meteor White switches have offered an interactive experience, which has been more diverse and responsive than expected.

The SP-Star Meteor White linear switches are ideal for gaming as they have remarkable features as will be observed. Other specifications include the switches that come with a higher actuation force of 57g which is considered high for other switches. This is currently further enhancing the actuation force providing a significantly faster and more responsive typing mechanism, especially suitable for gaming where fast actuations and key presses are more critical.

sp linear switches star

In addition, it’s worth noting that the SP-Star Meteor White linear switches have a total travel distance of 4mm. out for 0mm. Although this is longer than most switches. Though this additional travel distance does consume a higher amount of space around the keyboards. It offers a softer keystroke, thus offering an ergonomic typing feel. The switches range from 2 millimeters as pre-travel distance before the movement starts. 0mm and contributed to the improvement of the typing experience becoming even smoother.

Another significant advantage of these switches is that the manufacturer of them only applies a minimal amount of lubrication to the switches. Which contributes to making them easy to modify. This lubing enhances the switches’ tactility and feedback without adversely affecting the tones.

For the gaming and type tasks. These switches are ideal since they are lightly lubricated so that you do not need to mod them. In addition, due to the solid full nylon housing and POM stem, it gives a quite different voice.

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