All About Matias Linear Switches in 2024? – All You Need to Know 

matia linear switches

The Matias brand builds their own mechanical keyboard switches which are known as Matias linear switches. These switches offer best actuation force with off-chance travel distance. After all, the Nylon build quality makes it durable mechanical switches compared to JWK durock and Hippo linear switches.

So, if you want a deep sounding linear switch which provides 0% noise then buy Matias switches. Please look over the complete guide and make your mind swift. Below you’ll get each characteristic of this amazing keyboard switch.

Matias Linear Mechanical Switches?

Matias linear switches are a type of mechanical switch. They provide a smooth and consistent feel on each keystroke, the same as other JWK linear switches, H1, or Progressive linear switches. After all, while typing, you can’t feel any tactile bump or clicky sound compared to brown and blue mechanical switches.

Matias Linear Mechanical Switches?

In fact, due to the light moderate keystroke sound, people consider it a tactile mechanical switch. But Matias has a linear feel, which means there is no tactile bump or any audible loud-click sound. After all, the sound is lighter than tactile switches after sound comparison. 

Switch typeLinear
Switch brandMatias
Top housing materialNylon
Bottom housing materialNylon
Mount type3 PIN
Stem constructionStandard
Stem material
Actuation weight35g ± 5g
Bottom-out weight35±5 gf
Switch SoundQuiet
Pre-travel distance2.2±0.2 mm
Total travel distance3.5 mm
Suitable Gaming and Typing

With an actuation force of 35g ± 5g, Matias Linear switches provide a moderate amount of force required for actuation, allowing users to type with ease and comfort. Furthermore, Matias linear switches actuation force is smooth and consistent throughout the keystroke, resulting in faster and more accurate typing. The travel distance is similar to dogikon or durock pom mechanical switches.

These switches are not compatible with PCBs, plates, and keycaps designed for MX-style switches but rather require Alps-specific PCBs, plates, and keycaps. While they are incompatible with PCBs, plates, and keycaps designed for MX-style switches, their popularity stems from their quiet operation and distinctive design.  Overall, Matias switches are an excellent choice for those seeking a quieter and smoother linear typing experience and a touch of nostalgia. 

Pros & Cons

  • Consistent and smooth feel: Matias switches have a consistent and smooth feel during their entire travel. This provides a great gaming or typing experience. It’s like working with a whale.
  • Long lifespan: These switches have a lifetime of 50 million keystrokes. They are reliable and consistent, making them a great investment for frequent keyboard users.
  • Customization Many custom mechanical keyboards allow for high customization. You can program custom macros, shortcuts, and keycaps.
  • Low noise: The switches keyboards offer a moderately quiet typing experience.
  • Actuation Force: The actuation forces required by Matias switches are designed to reduce typing fatigue, making them easier to operate for longer periods.
  • No tactile feedback: The Matias may not be suitable for those who prefer tactile or clicky switches.
  • Limited availability: The availability of these switches isn’t as widespread as that of other mechanical switches, so they are harder to acquire.

Features of Matias Linear Switches

Here are several features of Matias linear switches that enhance your keypress performance easily;

matia linear in keyboard

Keystroke feels – Linear. 

Matias linear switches  keystroke is achieved by their smoothness from top to bottom. Their non-clicking sound or tactile bump make them an excellent choice for gamers who want to achieve high keystroke speeds without straining their fingers. The sound is ideal for typing without annoying someone.

Actuation force: 35g ± 5g

The actuation force of the Matias switches is 35g ± 5g. This means that the force required to actuate the switch is within this range of values. The actuation force is important for determining the ease of typing on the switch and how it feels to the user.

Mounting: Plate mount

The Matias Linear switches are plate mount switches, which means they are designed to be mounted onto PCBs using mounting holes. This allows for a clean and compact installation without additional mounting plates.

Travel Distance 

The pre and total travel distance aren’t mentioned of these linear switches. But as per testing, the pre-travel distance is 2.2±0.2 mm and the total travel distance is 3.5 mm, similar to other JWK linear switches like Durock POM, dogikon, Moss, and H1 linear switches. 

In addition, travel distance indicates how far a keystroke travels before it is registered, which is a perfect indicator of mechanical switches. In addition, most mechanical switches travel the same distance.

How To Lubricate Matias Linear Switches

You can improve the overall feel and sound of mechanical keyboard switches using a lubricant. Here are some general guidelines on how to lubricate the Matias linear switch:

How To Lubricate Matias switches

Gather all the needed materials: lubricants, such as Krytox and Tribosys, a brush, and a small container for the lubricant.

Disassemble keyboard: Remove the keycaps to access the switches. Be sure to disconnect all power sources before starting.

Remove Matias linear switch: Two pins connect each switch to the PCB. Use a switch puller to remove the switch or gently wiggle it.

Apply lubricant A tiny amount of lubricant can be applied to the side rails using a brush or syringe. Avoid using too much grease, as it can affect the switch.

Reassemble switches: The switch should be reinserted in the PCB and secured with the pins.

Test your switches: You must reassemble the keyboard with all the switches working. ( Lubricating switches requires precision, and over-lubricating them can reduce performance. It’s also worth testing different types of lubricants, as some keyboard enthusiasts prefer them. 

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