What is Progressive Linear Switches in 2024 – A Complete Guide for Beginners

progressive linear switches

Another Durock manufactured a linear switch which is known as Progressive linear switches. These linear switches keystroke are similar to JWK Durock or Lilac but actuation and bottom-out force is different with keypress travel distance. WIth POM 5 Pin or quiet operating performance make it suitable for gaming and typing. The Nylon top to bottom housing makes it durable with other JWK switches

So don’t be pear shaped, here is a comprehensive guide on progressive mechanical switches that enhance your keypress performance in every competitive match. Look over the complete guide and make your day happy as a Larry;

Progressive Linear Mechanical Switches?

Progressive linear switches are the best on the market for mechanical keyboards. It has a much longer travel distance compared to its competitors, and its response time is smoother. These linear switches are softer and more consistent compared to Red Cherry MX or MX Speed Silver linear switches

progressive mechanical switches

Progressive linear switches are smoother and more consistent compared to Cherry speed silver switches. The stem also clicks into position when the mechanism has been installed. Make sure that the PCB has been inserted in the stem. The stem is moderately sticky. This switch won’t bump into your keyboard, even if you place it on top of it. 

Switch Information

Switch typeLinear
Switch brandProgressive 
ManufacturerDurock Switches
Top housing materialNylon lightweight 
Bottom housing materialNylon lightweight 
Mount typePOM 5 PIN
Stem constructionStandard
Stem materialPOM 
Actuation weight68g
Bottom-out weight
Switch SoundQuiet
Pre-travel distance2.0mm
Total travel distance4.0mm
Suitable Gaming and Typing

Progressive linear switches de-incentivize bottoming out as one of their key features. The progressive spring mechanism in these switches provides a smooth transition between the initial and subsequent presses, ensuring that users experience a smooth and consistent typing experience. This de-incentivization reduces finger fatigue, as users do not have to exert excessive force or constantly bottom out the keys.

In addition to reducing finger fatigue, progressive linear switches reduce keyboard noise. Bottoming out is a common cause of keyboard noise, as it can cause the keys to make unwanted clicking or clicking sounds. By discouraging bottoming out, progressive linear switches help to create a quieter typing environment, which is particularly important for those who work in a shared office space or are sensitive to noise.

Also, this switch is available in the finest color. The transparency of the stem makes it easy to see how many keypresses remain. This switch is great for both typing and gaming. This switch is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and responsive switch.

Durock Design & Build Quality 

Progressive linear mechanical switches are available in a sleek, minimalistic design. They’re made from Polycarbonate and Polymer Nylon Blend Shells. In testing, the most durable mechanical keyboard switches were Cherry MX linear switches. The stem is designed for smooth and consistent operation and to increase performance or response time. These switches come with the finest finish. They have a solid build after holding them. 

progressive spring

These linear mechanical switches have a high-quality build and are the best option for you. Their durability and strength will be evident once they are used. Progressive switches performed perfectly in gaming and typing. A linear optical switch is more efficient than Durock in gaming.

LED Style and Plates 

Progressive switches allow you to choose the LED style you want by biting the Cherry. This feature is not available in another linear mechanical switch. The LED style gives a great feeling while gaming or typing. These styles are also only available in the Wave LED and Static LED styles. 

Moreover, you also had a great time with the LED linear switch’s adjustable brightness. These linear switches are waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and durable, thanks to the gold plating. The gold plating on Durock switches gives them a premium appearance. These switches are good switches if you’re looking for a premium feel and look.

Pre-Lubed Keystroke Feeling 

Another great feature of Progressive linear switches you never before received in other linear switches is pre-lubed. Furthermore, these switches are easy to clean, and you want a linear switch with a pre-lube to remember them. Let me get straight. Durock mechanical switches offer smooth and consistent force with a great resistance level or actuation point because, after use, no actuation force is required.

Several people who love the feel of each keystroke are very consistent. Considering heavy games and typing, it’s a perfect choice because the operating force is 2.0 mm or the travel distance is about 4.0 mm.

Also, linear switches need to be lubed after buying to enhance keystroke feeling, noise, and smoothness. But progressive linear switches don’t need to buy lube and lubricate themselves. Durock company is responsible for making it pre-lubed. So, if using lubed linear switches, you know how you feel differently without lubed mechanical switches

Characteristics of Progressive Linear Switches

Here are several features of Progressive linear switches that finest for every man and his dog;

Smooth and Clean Actuation:

One of the main benefits of progressive linear switches is the smooth and clean actuation they offer. The friction-reducing materials used in their construction ensure that the keyboard responds effortlessly to your input, regardless of the angle of the keypress. This characteristic makes them ideal for typists who prefer a tactile and linear typing experience without an audible click.

progressive switches stem volume

Custom-Designed Progressive Spring:

Progressive linear switches feature a customized progressive spring that encourages a controlled and intentional press, discouraging accidental bottoming out during quick presses. This can help reduce finger fatigue and overall keyboard noise.

Friction-Reducing Materials:

Progressive linear switches are made from friction-reducing materials, specifically a POM stem and nylon housing. These materials contribute to a smooth and clean actuation, regardless of the typing angle.


Progressive linear switches, such as the EV-00 Linear Switches, are manufactured by Durock/JWK and designed bespoke. Keys. Our switches are sold through Thic-Thock, a mechanical keyboard manufacturer specializing in high-quality products. This collaboration brings together the technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities of Durock/JWK with the innovative bespoke design. Keys and the marketing expertise of ThicThock ensure the availability of high-quality progressive linear switches to enthusiasts and keyboard enthusiasts alike.

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