Gateron Clear linear switches are famous due to their extremely lightest linear switch. Each keystroke is smoother than other linear switches but has little scratchiness throughout. So, Here is a detailed comparison of gateron clear linear mechanical switches and making decisions easy by comparing clear tactile switches. 

What are Clear Linear Switches and Its features?

These linear switches are relatively different from other gateron or Cherry MX clear switches while typing because you get very pleasant or smoother typing that feels more tactile. After testing in gaming or writing experience, these clear switches allow a completely new typing and gaming experience than other mechanical switches.

On the other hand, gateron switches bring significant improvement, which is an improvement looking at his first gaming mouse. Also, there are following characteristics on gateron clear switches which help to select right as rain option for gaming, typing, and general use.

What are Clear Linear Switches and Its features?

With Gateron, you can type effortlessly with very little force because of its smooth nature. You won’t have to exert too much force when typing, so you won’t make much noise. Moreover, you will only make a little noise. 

Also, you’ll love it more if you like that. A clear switch may feel too light and soft, and you might even touch it by mistake if you like stronger feedback.

Gateron Clear Specification
Mount TypePCB Mount
Pre Travel2.0mm Actuation
Total Travel Distance4.0mm
Operating Force35g
Bottom-out Force50g
Stem Structure MX
Lifespan50 Million
Sound levelQuiet

Components of Clear Switches

These components ensure bump-free, noiseless operation, resistance level, and actuation force in linear switches;

Components of Clear Linear Switches

Stem: Clear switches are called white switches because of their white stems since their operation depends on them. Linear switches do not produce any noise, while consoles have spring coils. Clicky jackets are required to use these stems with silent switches.

Upper Housing: Stems are protected and guided by lightweight upper housing components. In the upper switch housing, a slider controls the operation. You press a key, but the keycap strikes the upper housing.

Coil Spring: Linear switches use coil springs to control stem movement and produce resistance actuation force without tactile feedback. Keys can be activated as well as actuated. The coil spring is also responsible for resetting the key and providing resistance.

Metal Leaves: Key presses are detected with linear switches by making contact with two metal or gold pieces.

Base Housing: Upper housing is attached to this off-while component. Clips secure the PCB to the piece. On the bottom housing of linear switches, there are usually four pins.

Characteristics of Gateron Clear Linear Switches

The following features of these linear switches, because they matter most before electing this extremely mechanical switch. 

Keystroke Noise

After examining it, the sound is much better while gaming or typing. People do not disturb the keystroke sound more than tactile clear or clicky switches. Furthermore, clear switches sound considerably office friendly without frustrating anyone if you adjust the keypress speed.

Keystroke Noise

After all, if you don’t want your family throwing away your mechanical keyboard because of the switch noises and the keycap hitting the plastic when you press each key, there is no point in buying it.

In addition to allowing users to type while streaming content across multiple platforms, clear switches allow users to capture videos without disturbing others. Consumers often convert tactile or clicky switches into linear switches because they make annoying clicking noises.

Once again, I’m testing on a new, improved keyboard. So, nothing to be surprised about here. In addition, the smoothness of the switches also contributes to this. You will likely bottom out every single keypress with these switches for the most part – at least for a good while. It sounds like they’re good.



Most switches have decently smooth on-center keypresses without much scratchiness. Some inconsistencies occur when keypresses are off-center. I had the scratchiest switch in my “P” key, while the smoothest switch was installed in my “A” key. 


Moreover, the two are significantly different in smoothness, but it’s only a minor difference. As for the other switches, they were merely average. They’re smooth but could be more top-tier, as you would expect from Gateron’s linear clone switches.


The worst factor of clear switches is their weighting. Because they’re extremely light with an actuation of 35g. Moreover, the bottom-out force measures 50g. Also, many people feel uncomfortable typing. But as asked, I was adjusted in 5 days.


Alternatively, my friend couldn’t handle it because he was making 1 typo for every 5 words due to the lightness of the switch. Comparing other gateron linear, clear is lighter and can’t adjust for typing by their design or structure weight. But perfect for gaming due to less finger strain.

Design and Build Quality

The stem is designed to increase performance or response time by operating smoothly and consistently. In addition, the switch has a white-coded finish that looks great. This linear switch has a great build quality that feels as good as rain after holding it for a while.

These mechanical linear switches have proven to be durable and strong after they’ve been used. High-quality materials are used to make them, and they’ve a cherry option. Gaming with clear was better than Cherry MX.

Typing with Clear Mechanical Switches

Compared to clear linear , tactile and clicky switches have considerable advantages. A tactile switch or a clicky switch provides useful feedback for testing as well as medium sounds. The linear switches, on the other hand, provide feedback that aids in quicker word typing since they have no tactile bumps. 

Typing with Clear Linear Switches

In addition, people convert their switches due to working in public spaces or offices. Is it possible to type with clear linear switches? Because the plastic stem enhances the typing performance,

Also, smoothness, weighting, and sound are the three things I evaluate typing performance for, with weighting being the most important for me. After some more practice, I can type on these comfortably. However, the switches were too easy to activate, so I made a lot of typos throughout my testing. The switches are smooth and sound good overall. 

Gaming With Clear Switches

During my test period, this was probably the most painful part. They eventually did help me, but not as much as a heavier switch does.

Gaming With Clear Linear Switches

Although I have been using the keyboard for two weeks straight, I still unintentionally hit keys. I often crouch, strafe, and jump for no apparent reason. Furthermore, I’m used to leaning on my switches when gaming, which didn’t help either. It’s still barely usable for gaming, so it’s nearly unusable.

Gateron Clear vs Cherry MX Clear Switches

They’re lighter than MX clear tactile switches. After all, MX clear can’t produce more sound than gateron clear switches. The operating force of clear tactile is 65cN, and gateron has 35cN.

Gateron Clear vs Cherry MX Clear Switches

Plus, the actuation force is 2 mm for both switches. Moreover, there’s the following comparison of both switches;

Keystroke Feel – Winer Gateron Clear

We look at the overall feel to determine which is the best for gamers and types to enjoy. These Gateron switches provide better feel without right as rain keystroke.

The Gateron switches feel exceptionally smooth, particularly the linear switch variant. Smaller stems make keystrokes smoother. Cherry switches have a tighter fit due to their precision tolerances.

In contrast, the field is more level when considering switch variations other than linear. On the other hand, blue and Brown Cherry MX switches are comparable to Gateron switch variants in terms of their texture and clicky feel. It’s Gateron clear switches that have a smoother overall feel than Cherry MX clear, but if you look at other switches, they’re tied.

Durability – Winer Cherry MX Clear

MX destroys Gateron clear in this area. Moreover, a Cherry MX switch has a lifespan of twice as long as a Gateron switch. 

There is a 100 million keystroke lifespan for Cherry MX clear switches before they deviate from their factory specifications. Operating the switch perfectly well after reaching the limit is still possible, but the curve will no longer be ideal.

Also, there will be a slight difference in feel between the worn-in switch and the stock switch, but some keyboard enthusiasts prefer the worn-in switch.

Despite Gateron’s 50 million keystroke warranty, it’s still alarmingly high. A Gateron clear linear switch will last a long time because mechanical switches are incredibly durable. Their quality could be higher than Cherry MX’s.

In terms of quality, Cherry wins over Gateron, but the difference could be better when most people won’t use their current keyboard for 50 million keystrokes.

Keystroke Noise – Winer Gateron Clear

Cherry MX clear tactile switches produce slightly more noise than Gateron clear switches, which are smoother and less scratchy. In fact, by making the keystroke smoother, less friction and rubbing are created, which lowers the sound output.

Moreover, they’re generally quieter than Cherry switches across the board, although Cherry MX clear tactile switches may be louder in some switch color variations. Also, some people prefer Gateron switches because they are louder.


In the case of clicky switches, Cherry clear would be the best choice if a loud noise is what you’re looking for. Furthermore, It helps to reduce the level of noise when typing and to play games with Cherry and Gateron Silent switch.

Rubber bits are incorporated into the silent switches to reduce the impact of each keystroke. Cherry MX has only Red and Black switch options, while Gateron has Red, Black, and Brown.



With a 35g operating force and a 50g bottom-out force, Gateron Clear is an extremely lightweight linear switch.

Because Gateron switches are smoother and more tactile, typing with them is very pleasant. As a result, you’ll be able to type and play games in a completely new way.

Considering the price, you can’t beat this tactile switch if you want a heavier tactile switch for gaming. It is better than the MX Brown if that is what you want.

Final Takeaways

Let me get straight, gateron clear switches are better than Cherry MX clear tactile switches. Moreover, these mechanical switches are smoother and more tactile than others, and right as rain for playing games, they don’t cause finger strain.

After all, lightness and weighting make it worst for typing for many people, but the ball is in your court. Also, if you like that, you’ll love it even more. And those who prefer stronger feedback may feel that a clear switch is too light and soft.

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