Gateron Red Linear Switches – Best Switch Ever in 2024

Gateron Red Linear Switches

Gateron Red linear switches are a popular choice for mechanical keyboards. They are described as having a moderate, light pressure and a soft rebound, making them suitable for various scenarios, including gaming, typing, and daily work. 

The Gateron Red switches have an actuation force of 45g and a bottom-out force of 55g, with a total travel distance of 4mm. So let your hair down, I’ve prepared a complete guide for beginners who are unfamiliar with this foremost linear switch. Although, if a pro gamer and fast typist then look over the complete guide and make your mind swift;

What Exactly is Gateron Red Linear Switches in 2024?

Gateron Red Switches have gained popularity among many due to their classic feel. They are considered the best alternative for typing and gaming experience compared to tactile or clicky switches. These popular switches are primarily found in linear keyboards due to their relatively quiet noise when pressed. Additionally, the pressure required to operate these switches is light, making them more comfortable for prolonged general use.

Switch Information

Gateron Red Linear SwitchesSpecifications
Switch typeLinear
Switch brandGateron Red 
Top housing materialPolycarbonate (POM)
Bottom housing materialPolycarbonate (POM)
Mount typePlate Mount (5-pin)
Stem constructionStandard
Stem materialPOM
Actuation weight43g
Bottom-out weight55g
Factory lube statusFactory Pre-lubed
Pre-travel distance2.3 mm
Total travel distance4.0 mm
Suitable Gaming and Typing

In terms of force, Gateron Red switches have an operating force of around 45g. This operating force is considered moderately light, making it an ideal and optimal choice for gaming. The lighter actuation force allows faster response times, enabling gamers to execute keys promptly. Below sound of one click without cap:

Also, the moderate actuation force of Gateron Red switches makes them well-suited for gaming applications. With their fast speed and responsiveness, gamers can easily and accurately perform in-game actions. This advantage allows gamers to maintain a competitive edge and enhance their gaming experience.

Gateron Red Linear Switches Jupiter

Moreover, the Gateron Red switches have a classic feel, quiet operation, and a moderately light actuation force. These features make them a popular choice for both typing and gaming applications. Their fast speed and responsiveness make them ideal for gaming, allowing quick and accurate key presses.

Why Choose Gateron Red Linear Switches in 2024

Gateron linear switches offer several advantages, making them ideal for gaming, typing, and daily use. These switches are known for their quiet sound profile, providing a smooth and quiet typing experience. The lack of a bump feel during keypresses also reduces noise.

Another advantage of Gateron linear switches is the low actuation force set at 45 g. This low force requirement reduces finger strain, making it more comfortable for extended periods of gaming or typing. Additionally, the light pressing force required to activate the switches enhances the overall responsiveness and precision. Below is a sound of one click with cap for illustration purpose:

Another notable feature of Gateron linear switches is their soft rebound. When the switch is activated, soft tactile feedback provides a pleasing and tactile response. This soft rebound allows for a more comfortable typing experience, especially for users who prefer a cushioned feel.

A unique aspect of Gateron linear switches is the vertical pressing feel. These switches have a design that allows them to sense vertical and horizontal presses. This feature enhances the gaming experience by allowing players to execute specific actions by pressing keys at various angles. The vertical pressing feel allows for more precise control and increased versatility in gameplay.

Gateron Red Linear Switches Jupiter 3

Overall, Gateron linear switches offer various advantages that make them suitable for various tasks. Their quiet sound profile, low actuation force, light pressing force, and soft rebound contribute to a more comfortable and enjoyable typing and gaming experience. Additionally, the vertical pressing feel adds a unique dimension to these switches, enhancing overall gaming performance.

Pros and Cons of Gateron Red Linear Mechanical Switches

There are several advantages and drawbacks of Gateron red linear switches that help to find the right option in 2024;


  • Smoothness: The Gateron Red variations of Gateron switches also are famous for their smooth linear actions. Smooth keystrokes are more comfortable and enjoyable for typing and gaming.
  • Quieter operation: The Gateron Red features a lubrication mechanism to dampen the noise when keys are pressed. It is especially useful for people who want a quieter keyboard in shared or office spaces.
  • Increased switch longevity: Lubrication extends the life of Gateron Red linear switch components. Friction-free switches are ideal for gamers and heavy typists. They can last longer, remain smoother over time, and be more durable.
  • Beginner-Friendly: These beginner-friendly switches will make you as happy as Larry.
  • Reduce friction: The Gateron Red linear Switches have been specially lubricated in the factory to reduce the friction between stem and housing. This lubrication improves smoothness, and reduces any gritty or scratchy feeling that can occur with non-lubricated switches.


  • Limited availability: Gateron Red switches may not be as readily available as other Gateron switch options. Depending on the market conditions and demand, finding these switches in large numbers or stock could be difficult.
  • Cost: Many users reported that they were expensive linear switches compared to other linear brands. The double-action features of these switches make them a good investment.

Features of Gateron Red Linear Switches

There are several unique features that make your day over the moon. And, you keypress performance enhanced day by day;

Switch Profile – Pure Linear

Gateron Red switches are often misunderstood because they appear linear because of smoothness or critical feel. The slow key pressing sound causes some to say they’re tactile. I understand that many beginners would prefer a more precise switch profile. 

Jupiter Red Linear Switches

However, after two months of testing, I am sure the keystrokes feel accurate. Unlike other switches, the Red does not provide tactile feedback after pressing each key, so it is a naturally linear switch. 

Operating Force – 45g

Suppose you enjoy linear mechanical switches with a mid-range operating force. You can feel your desire with Gateron Red because they offer 45gf force. Although Gateron Ink black linear switches have a relatively low operating force, the operating force is quite high. 

Also, the Gateron Red would be perfect for gamers, typists, and beginners. Due to the operating force, beginners will have a little fun with it. Compared to other linear mechanical switches, it’s safer for people who don’t want accidents when pressing keys.

Longevity – 50 Million Keystroke

Some people choose these linear switches because of their durability, since compared to other gateron or cherry linear switches, they Gateron Red lasts up to 50 million keystrokes. Consider comparing it to a Gateron clear or diamond linear switch.

It comes down to durability since the housing is made of special nylon, and the leaves are made of Crosspoint metal leaves or gold alloy. You will never regret switching from competitive games to work as soon as you begin playing them.

Gateron Red Sound – Low Sound

Unlike other linear keyboard switches, Gateron Red switches are known for their smooth and quiet operation. Users often praise them because they are smooth and lack tactile feedback and audible clicks. A well-lubricated stem provides a smooth feel to the Gateron Red, which has a name that implies the switch is factory-lubricated. When Gateron Red bottoms out, its sound signature is known to be relatively deep and low.

They produce fewer noises than switches with audible sounds or tactile bumps due to their smoothness and lack of tactile feedback. Normal typing or gaming still produces less noise than switches with audible clicks or tactile bumps.

Travel Distance – 2mm to 4mm

Travel distances are similar to Gateron Cap Yellow linear switches, which have a pre-travel distance of 2.3 mm, as in Gateron white and Gateron ink black switches. Alternatively, the travel distance is 4 mm, satisfactory for playing heavy games or typing with swift keystrokes. 

Many people prefer the mechanical linear switch because of the perfect feel of keystrokes resulting from the standard travel distance. This switch should be moved if you fall into this category.

Bottom Out Force – 55g

The bottom out force is 55g, slightly higher than other linear switches such as Husky and Zaku linear. However, this mechanical switch uses an excellent bottom force since it is a little harder to depress the key than to fully actuate it. In this way, accidental keystrokes can be reduced, and switch consistency can be improved.


The best linear switch available today is the Gateron Red linear switch because of its smooth operation. You will enjoy typing and gaming more with Gateron Red linear switches. You will be able to press keys effortlessly and fluidly as a result. The factory lubrication helps reduce friction and promotes a smoother motion when the switch is actuated.

two Gateron Red Linear Switches

Gaming Experience of Gateron Red Mechanical Switches

The Gateron Red linear switches are commonly acknowledged as a viable option for gaming due to their specific characteristics. These switches are often described as having a classic feel that many users find appealing. They produce a relatively quieter sound compared to other switches, which can be an advantage in gaming environments where noise can be disruptive.

Light Actuation Force

Gateron Red linear switches are notable for their light and moderate actuation force of about 45g. This actuation force allows for rapid keystrokes, which can be beneficial during intense gaming sessions. The lightweight actuation force also helps prevent finger strain, allowing for more comfortable gameplay for extended periods.

Additionally, Gateron Red linear switches are known for their smooth typing experience and overall feel. Many gamers appreciate the tactile feedback the switches provide, allowing for easy and comfortable typing. This combination of rapid keystrokes, comfortable typing, and a smooth feel makes Gateron Red linear switches popular among gamers.

Recommended for Gaming

In general, Gateron Red linear switches are recommended for gaming. However, they may not be the best option for extended gaming sessions. Some reviews suggest that the light actuation force of these switches may not be ideal for heavy-keyed games.

However, despite this potential drawback, Gateron Red linear switches are still recommended due to their advantageous characteristics. Many gamers still highly value the rapid keystrokes and comfortable typing experience they provide. The switches’ overall performance and versatility make them suitable for various gaming genres and scenarios.

Because of their classic feel, quiet sound, and light to moderate actuation force, Gateron Red linear switches are a popular choice among the gaming community. While they may not be the ideal choice for extended gaming sessions due to their lightness, they still offer many appealing features that benefit gamers during fast-paced gameplay. Whether you are a casual gamer or a competitive enthusiast, Gateron Red linear switches can be suitable for enhancing your gaming experience.

Typing Experience of Gateron Red Linear Switches

The Gateron Red linear switches are known for their smooth and quiet typing experience, making them popular for gaming, typing, and daily work. These switches provide a classic feel with a light and moderate actuation force of about 45g, allowing for rapid keystrokes and minimizing finger strain.

Gateron Red switches are highly praised for their soft rebound, which makes them great for typing. A comfortable typing experience is achieved by not feeling stiff or hard when pressing the key. This characteristic allows typists to type for extended periods without feeling tired or strained.

Additionally, the Gateron Red switches have a smooth typing experience overall. The actuation point, which is the point when the switch triggers and starts to register the keystroke, is relatively low, making it very responsive and convenient for fast-paced typing tasks. This feature is particularly appreciated by gamers, who often need quick and accurate keystrokes.

Gateron Red Linear Switches Open

Overall, the Gateron Red linear switches are versatile and user-friendly. They are suitable for various situations, such as gaming, typing, and daily work, due to their smooth operation, light actuation force, and soft rebound. The switches are appreciated by gamers for their responsiveness and accuracy, as well as by typists for their comfortable feel and reduced finger strain. The Gateron Red switches provide an excellent typing experience for anyone, whether professional typists or casual gamers.

Build Quality 

Gateron switches have good build quality. These are renowned for producing reliable and durable switches and is one of the world’s most reputable switch manufacturers. Gateron switches are typically made of durable plastic housing, making them suitable for long-term use. 

The switch stem, which is the moving part, is designed to last several years without deteriorating or developing problems like wobble or excessive wear from repeated keystrokes.

Further, Gateron Red linear switches are factory lubricated, which improves their smoothness and overall feel. Through this type of lubrication, friction can be reduced and wear/tear on the switch’s mechanism can be reduced. 

Gateron Red Linear Switches (components)

Quality can vary slightly despite switches being manufactured in small batches or individually. Some users may have preferences or experiences that differ from the consensus. You may hesitate to buy Gateron Red switches if concerned about their build quality or reliability.

Both enthusiasts and professionals commonly use Gateron switches in mechanical keyboards. Gateron switches are known for their solid build quality.


Consistency is a crucial factor when it comes to mechanical keyboard switches. It ensures that every switch in a keyboard operates with a consistent actuation force, smoothness, and overall typing experience. Consistency in actuation force refers to the pressure required to activate the switch, resulting in a keystroke. 

Typing Experience:

With Gateron Red linear switches, the actuation force remains constant throughout the life of the switch, providing a consistent and satisfying typing experience. This consistency helps typists maintain accuracy and efficiency in their typing, as they can rely on the switch to respond the same way each time.


Consistency in actuation smoothness refers to the smoothness of the keystroke when the switch is activated. Gateron Red linear switches are known for their smooth actuation, minimal resistance and satisfying tactile feel. This consistency ensures that every keystroke feels consistent and accurate, reducing the chances of error or mistyping.


Gateron Red Linear Switches are a type of mechanical keyboard switch that are characterized by their linear actuation force and consistent keypress travel. They provide a smooth and linear typing experience, making them popular among typists and enthusiasts.

Gateron Red Linear Switches are similar to Cherry MX Reds regarding keypress feel and actuation force. Both switches offer a smooth and linear typing experience, but the Gateron Reds are generally known for their slightly lower actuation force and shorter travel time.

One of the main advantages of Gateron Red Linear Switches is their smooth and linear keypress feel. This makes them ideal for typists who prefer a keystroke without tactile or clicky feedback. Additionally, Gateron Reds are known for their durability and reliability, making them suitable for gaming and typing purposes.

Gateron Red Linear Switches are commonly used in gaming and mechanical keyboards. They are often found in entry-level and mid-range keyboard models and custom keyboard builds. Some popular brands that use Gateron Reds include Corsair, Logitech, and Razer.

Gateron Red Linear Switches are suitable for gaming due to their linear key action and low actuation force. They provide a fast and responsive typing experience, which is important for fast-paced games. Additionally, the durability and reliability of Gateron Reds make them suitable for heavy use in gaming environments.

The Bottom Line

With their smooth and quiet typing experience, Gateron Red linear switches suit various situations, including gaming, typing, and everyday use. With a black bottom and a milky top housing, their travel distance is 4mm, their actuation force is 45g, and their bottom-out force is 55g. 

There is a good consensus among switch users that the switches have a good build quality and are durable and strong. These are generally rated positively across sources despite minor smoothness complaints. Furthermore, Gateron Red switches are considered suitable for gaming because of their rapid keystrokes. On the other hand, this mechanical switch is budget-friendly and off-chance.

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