In the list of gateron red switches are efficiently findable due to their popularity. Asked me, gateron red is an all-in-one switch pack that provides a smooth typing experience and extreme edge while playing competitive games with a 2.3mm to 4mm travel distance. So here I’ve prepared a comprehensive guide on commonly used gateron red linear switches. Plus, compared with Cherry MX red linear than gateron red is over all better and right as rain option for you and easily findable at cheap price;

Are Gateron Red Linear Switches Good for You?

In terms of typing and gaming experience, Gateron Red switches are considered the best alternative due to their classic feel. Due to their quieter sound, these switches are mostly used on linear keyboards. Additionally, the pressure is light and moderate, allowing them to use it for longer periods without feeling tired. 

Are Gateron Red Linear Switches Good for You?

In addition, red mechanical switches operate with a force of about 45 gf. A moderately-light actuation force makes it ideal and optimal for gaming at a fast speed switch with an increased response time. This resulted in the keys being executed quickly.

Unlike Cherry MX Red switches, Gateron Red has a linear design made of light material. Comparing Gateron Red and Cherry MX Red, some force curves show the Gateron Red being less progressive. It also weighs 43g instead of 49g and is further away from the MX Red with 2.3mm instead of 2.1mm. Although the Outemu Red is much more expensive, the Gateron Red is still cheaper in many cases.

Gateron RedSpecification
Mount TypePlate Mount
Pre Travel2.3mm Actuation
Total Travel Distance4.0mm Actuation
Operating Force 43g Operating
Bottom-out Force57g Operating
Sound levelQuiet
Switch HousingTransparent
Lifespan50 Million
Competible WithStem Keycaps
Suitable Gaming & Typing

Parts of Gateron Red Switches

After all, there are the following components that make gateron red switches gaming, typing, and beginner friendly such as;

Top housing: identifying gateron red switches is too easy because the upper housing part comes with transparent color and is crucial for protecting stem guides. Moreover, this plastic component is too thick and lighter than the bottom housing and comes with a 4-pin lock. On the other hand, while keystroking, the keycaps hit the upper housing.

Parts of Gateron Red Linear Switches

Stem: Here are the core components of gateron red. Because the stem makes the pressing feel vertical and quiet operating. This smaller component makes the switch gaming friendly and typing-friendly. But by the stem, gateron red is famous for gaming, typing, and general use. It’s hard to tell if the switches are Gateron red or Cherry MX red.

Coil Spring:  They don’t have tactile feedback since coil springs control the stem and produce resistance actuation force. A key can also be activated but not actuated. The coil spring also resets the key in addition to providing resistance.

Metal Leaves: Metal or gold pieces are in contact with each other in the same manner as gateron red mechanical switches.

Bottom Housing: The white color bottom housing of gateron red switches is attached to the transparent upper housing. Bottom clips mount the PCB of the keyboard.

Characteristics of Gateron Red Linear Switches

The following features of Gateron Red switches should be considered when making an informed purchasing decision.

Keypress Sound

When gaming or typing, it has a much better sound. The keystroke sound doesn’t disturb people as much as tactile, clicky switches. If you adjust the keypress speed, red switches sound fair office-friendly without causing frustration.

Keypress Sound

Also, a mechanical keyboard isn’t worth buying if your family throws it away because of the switch noises and the keycap hitting the plastic as you push each key. Furthermore, the red sound is much better and quieter than the gateron clear.

Moreover, users can stream content across multiple platforms without disturbing others. Also, many people want line sound during working, So you don’t try to convert your tactile and clicky switches. The gateron red is good and cheap as chips for you and good for typing.

I liked the Outemu Red more than the Outemu White because it was much rockier (deep-sounding). The switch in this example is more “average”; it isn’t bad, but it doesn’t stand out.

Amount of weight

This switch has a 43g actuation weight at 2.3mm and a 54g actuation weight of 4mm. A few things distinguish the MX Red from its competitors, including its lighter weight.

However, the difference in weight is insignificant when comparing the two. The weighting is still very light for me; I make many errors when typing or playing games with it. My preference is to give this to someone who uses the MX Red.


Mostly, the center’s keypresses are very smooth, except for some scratches in some switches. While the inconsistency may be minor, some lubricant could easily ‘fix’ it. Also, keypresses off-center are noticeably different between good switches or bad one on the board.

table of gateron red linear switches

Operating Force

A keyboard switch’s feel can sometimes differ due to subtle variations in force in addition to its operation force. Gateron’s red and yellow switches require 45 grams of force to operate.

Also, gateron’s red 43g switch requires force to operate. Compared to Gateron black switches, Gateron switches have a softer touch, and lighter trigger feel. Ensure that the operation force is considered when choosing your ideal linear switches.

Operating Force

Build Quality and Design

A sleek and minimalistic design is combined with polycarbonate and nylon shells.A sleek and minimalistic design is combined with polycarbonate and nylon shells. According to our testing, Gateron linear switches and Cherry MX switches proved to be the most durable mechanical keyboard switches. This stem is designed for smooth and consistent operation and increased performance and response time. 

Moreover, a white transparent finish is also present on the switch, which looks great. It’s easy to sense the quality of this Gateron red after holding them. These mechanical linear switches are a great way to see their strength and durability since they are constructed with high-quality materials. Compared to Cherry MX and Gateron linear switches, the red ones still worked perfectly for gaming, typing, and general use.

Gateron Red Typing Experience 

The Gateron red switch has a linear structure and weighs about 45 grams with an actuation force of approximately 30 grams. The linear switch produces a quiet typing sound, which makes it popular. Its pressure is light and modest, allowing you to type for a prolonged period without getting exhausted.

Gateron Red Typing Experience 

Additionally, they are suitable for all types of users and can be used in a variety of situations. It’s nice to type on this switch. Despite its smoothness, it’s okay-sounding and reasonably priced for most people. This switch will be most enjoyable to anyone from an MX Red or equivalent. Having said that, I’m looking for a switch that is more durable in the long run.

Gaming Experience 

It’s a pretty good gaming experience on these than tactile, and I enjoyed using them. Gaming is made easy with the switch’s smooth and lightweight nature. The price of this switch makes me hard-pressed to choose any other switch.

Moreover, It’s the best entry-level budget mechanical keyboard I’ve found if you’re looking for an upgrade from a rubber dome keyboard. The performance offered by this is unbeatable for the price.

Comparison of Gateron Red and Cherry MX Red

The classic feel of red switches comes from their linear design. It has a similar actuation force and travel, as well as a distinct feel, as Cherry red and Gateron red. Moreover, gateron red feels lighter and smoother than cherry red, but Cherry red feels more comfortable. Also, there might be some people who think Cherry reds are scratchier than 

Gateron Red and Cherry MX Red linear switches

Gateron reds, but the difference is small. Some people might think Cherry reds are scratchier than Gateron reds, but the difference is small.

Gateron RedFeaturesCherry MX RedFeatures
Pre Travel Distance2.3mm Pre Travel Distance2.0 mm
Total Travel Distance4.0mmTotal Travel Distance4.0mm
Operating Force 43g Operating Force 45 cN
Keystroke NoiseNo ClickKeystroke NoiseNo Click
AvailabilityEasily FinableAvailabilityDifficult to find
Lifespan50 MillionLifespan50 Million
Graphcherry mx redGraphgateron red

Keystroke Feeling

We’ll decide which is best for overall comfort and a satisfying typing and gaming experience. Moreover, In our testing of many switches from both brands, we found Gateron red switches have a superior overall feel.

Accordingly, Gateron red places a high priority on making its key switches smooth and pleasant for users. By doing so, the keys travel more smoothly and generate less resistance.

Compared to Red Cherry switches, which have a clear scratchiness at first, Cherry switches have a smooth surface in the middle. It may be difficult for some dissatisfied users to get used to the scratchiness after usage, but some users said it lessened after usage. Ultimately, Gateron red wins because of its seamless linear switches over Cherry MX red.


The quality standards of Cherry MX are unbeatable, as mentioned in the previous section, so Gateron red is completely dominated by Cherry MX red here. Also, Cherry MX red switches have a longer lifespan than red Gateron switches.

Furthermore, their ability to withstand keystrokes is limitless. After reaching the limit, the switch may still work flawlessly, but its force curve will no longer be optimal.

On the other hand, Gateron switches can handle 50 million keystrokes per second. Gateron isn’t quite up to the high standards of Cherry red MX, even though this is still a substantial figure.

Sound Test

As Gateron switches are smoother and less scratchy, they produce less noise than Cherry MX switches. By reducing friction and rubbing, this smoother keystroke reduces sound emissions. Also, sound is quiter than durock linear switches and optical linear for gaming and typing.


Afte testing, the gateron linear switches is much quiter than cherry MX red. But there’s no difference feel due keycap hitting sound but cherry mx red little be more than gateron red. Nonetheless, Cherry would be the best choice if you enjoy the clicking sound.



Linear switches manufactured by different companies have different smoothnesses.  Gateron Red linear switches operate slightly smoother than Cherry MX red switches.

gateron red vs cherry mx red

As opposed to Cherry MX red switches, Cherry MX red switches are stiffer and more resistant, but most people like a stiffer and more resistant feel. Moreover, as a gamer and typist, I prefer smooth switches because smoothness is most important in linear cases.


Since Cherry MX switches have been around for so long, they are undoubtedly the market’s most widely used switch type. Almost all high-end and midrange keyboards come with them.

These are almost always included with high-end keyboards and midrange keyboards.

Gateron red switches are increasingly available, but Cherry red switches are still harder to find. As a result, you will have an easier time finding keyboards with Cherry MX red switches since most reputable brands use these switches.

Beginner Friendly 

Beginners are recommended tactile switches over linear switches by professionals in the gaming community. Although Gateron red switches beat Gateron mechanical switches, Gateron linear switches are more reliable. I recommend red and yellow gateron linear switches for those new to linear switches. 

For beginners, Cherry red mechanical switches cannot enhance performance. Regardless of whether you prefer linear switches or not, Gateron red mechanical switches are the right choice if you have no experience with them.


Since Gateron red is a linear switch, it is commonly used due to its quieter typing. During prolonged typing, you will not feel tired due to the moderate, light pressure. Most people can use them for a variety of scenarios and in a variety of situations.

Gamers prefer this switch because it allows rapid keystrokes. Pressing down requires more force, but it’s still smooth.

We recommend that you switch to the Gateron yellow switch if you prefer stronger feedback to the red switch. Gateron yellow switches are smooth and actuate with 50g of force, only 5g more than Gateron red switches.

For most people, it’s an affordable switch that plays decently smoothly and doesn’t sound awful. It is most enjoyable for anyone who comes from an MX Red or equivalent switch.

The Bottom Line

Gateron Red keyboard linear switches are more trendy and efficiently findable than Cherry MX red switches. And, overall feel better than MX red switches. In the gaming community, gateron red is mostly recommended due to their rapid keystrokes and the cause of less finger strain than gateron clear linear switches. Asked me. The actuating force, keystroke feel, and travel distance make it perfect for typing, heavy gaming, and general use.

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