Why Use Tecsee Linear Switches Instead of Gateron or MX Switches?

tecsee linear switches

Another popular Nylon body mechanical switches is famous for their classic keystroke, unique color, actuation force, and build quality which is called Tecsee linear switches. These switch brands approach with two famous linear switches including Tecsee Raw or Tecsee Lake Blue. Compared to Gateron or MX switches, these keyboard switches come with unique properties or build quality. Because the balanced actuation force or bottom-out force with stem is right as a rain for every gamer. Who wants a fast keypress mechanical switch.

On the other hand, Tecsee switches are also perfect in working areas. Where you can write thousands of words without facing any finger strain or other pain. So don’t be pear shaped, if you’re confused between both switches and don’t know which is right choice for your work then. Look over the detail guide and make your mind swift;

  • Tecsee Raw Linear Switches: These Switches are linear switches made with Tecsee’s proprietary HPE material  stem combined with a classic Nylon housing. Coming unlubed so it can be tuned to your personal preference.
  • Tecsee Lake Blue Linear Switches: These Lake Blue Switches are designed by Panghu in a light color way. The switch is linear with a PC top housing, nylon bottom housing, and POM stem.

Why Use Tecsee Linear Switches In 2024?

Compared to other linear mechanical switches. Tecsee is a new brand that keeps growing due to their Tecsee raw or lake blue linear switches. Because these mechanical switches offer nice smoothness with low profile sound.

raw and lake blue linear switches

Which is never frustrating to other people. In fact, the top or bottom housing is made of Mixed nylon which is famous for long durability. Plus, the Tecsee switches stem is made of high performance estate (HPE) material which makes this stem more smooth or linear. 

Tecsee Raw Linear Switches

Switch typeLinear
Switch brandTecsee
Top housing materialMixed Nylon
Bottom housing materialMixed Nylon
Mount type5 PIN
Stem constructionPCB Standard
Stem materialHPE
SpringSingle-Stage, 22mm
Actuation weight57g
Bottom-out weight57g Bottom out Force
Switch SoundQuiet
Pre-travel distance2.0 mm
Total travel distance3.5 mm
Suitable Gaming

After 2 months of continuous testing. The stem material is familiar with keycaps and provides me with an excellent stance while playing competitive games including Takken 7, PUBG PC, or Fallout. If you compare to other mechanical switches then you feel different with these linear switches. From my side, the Tecsee Raw linear switches are much better than lake blue while playing gaming.  Furthermore, during writing blogs these switches surprise me. Because you never press any key double time while typing fast.  

Tecsee Lake Blue Linear Switches

Switch typeLinear
Switch brandTecsee
Design ByPanghu
Top housing materialPC (pantone 283C)
Bottom housing materialNylon (pantone Cool Gray 1C)
Mount type5 PIN
Stem constructionMX Standard Structure 
Stem materialPOM
SpringSingle-Stage, 22mm
Actuation weight50g
Bottom-out weight58g Bottom out Force
Switch SoundQuiet
Pre-travel distance2.0 mm
Total travel distance3.5 mm
Suitable Typing
LubedFactory Pre-lubed

With the help of Tecsee Lake blue switch you’ll easily type more than 70 words in just a minute, if still your typing performance is slow. So, if you want a perfect switch for office work and don’t like gaming, then buy Tecsee Lake blue linear switch because its output sound is much lighter than Raw linear switch or other mechanical switch. Although, if you work between frustrating people who don’t like your keystroke sound then it’s a big change to happy those people and make your day over moon by using lake blue Tecsee switches.

How do you lubricate Tecsee linear switches?

A lubricant will improve the smoothness of Tecsee switches and reduce their scratchiness. What you’ll need:

tecsee lake collection
  • The Tecsee switches
  • Krytox GPL 205, or Tribosys 3204, is a suitable lubricant
  • Brush or applicator for lubricant
  • Tweezers
  • Paper towels or microfiber cloth


  • Tecsee switches must be disassembled before they can be used. After removing the top housing, remove the stem and spring from the bottom housing with tweezers.
  • You can clean the switch components with a microfiber cloth or paper towel.
  • Apply a small amount to the switch’s stem and bottom housing. With a lubricant applicator or brush, spread the lubricant over the component’s surface.
  • Insert the stem and spring into the switch housing and replace the bottom housing.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 to lubricate every switch.
  • After lubing all switches, test them to ensure they function correctly and feel smooth and consistent (https://keyboard-test.space).

Note that it is important not to over lubricate the switches. This can lead to issues like decreased switch actuation forces and mushy switches. Start with a small amount and increase it as needed.

Characteristics of Tecsee Linear Switches

There are several features Tecsee switches that make your day over the moon while playing gaming; 

Actuation force – 57g

Tecsee raw switches have an actuation force of 57g. This means that 57g is required to activate the switch. This force is also high for mechanical switches. This switch is responsive without being too hard to press. These mechanical linear switches are a good choice if you want mechanical switches that have a high actuation force and resounding key feel.

Travel distance 3.5mm

Officials don’t mention the pre-travel distance. According to the test, pre-travel is about 2.0mm based on the switch-pressing motion. Tecsee total travel distance is 3.6mm, less than linear switches. If you need help understanding the travel distance of mechanical keyboard switches, learning is essential. The travel distance is the maximum distance that they can be pressed, the distance between the keystrokes and the recognition of the keystrokes on a keyboard.

tecsee lakeblue switches

Lifespan: – 50 Million

Tecsee has a rating of 50 million keystrokes. The standard for high-quality mechanical switches is similar to H1 and diamond line switches. This switch should last for many years in normal conditions.


Tecsee linear keyboard switches are relatively new on the market and are known for their smoothness. Tecsee mechanical switches have a smooth, buttery feel with no scratchiness or wobble. The low coefficient of friction on the POM stem and its durability ensures smooth keystrokes. The low coefficient of friction on the POM stem and durability ensure smooth keystrokes.

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