3 Best Thocky Linear Switches In 2024 – All You Need to Know

thocky linear switches

Every man and his dog love thocky linear switches due to their deep keystroke sound, proper stem smoothness, perfect actuation, and keypress travel distance. For that reason, gamers love thocky linear switches for their gaming PC setup that make the day over the moon. So let your hair down, I’ve prepared a complete guide on the best thocky switches that enhance your performance or provide great keypress sound;

3 Best Thocky Linear Switches In 2024?

There are three perfect thocky linear mechanical switches that make you perfect in competitive games or fast typing;

Gateron Oil King Thocky Switches

Gateron’s Oil King is a new mechanical thocky switch on the market. It has a 55gf operating force. The housing base and body are made from a secret black ink. This mechanical switch, like other linear gateron switches, uses a POM stalk and provides extra stability without wobbling.  You want to be aggressive while gaming, but you don’t like the sound of keypresses. Oil King switches may be an option that you should consider.

gateron oil king

It is the ideal choice for office use. They’re a great choice for those who are just starting and want to use a mechanical switch that allows them to perform two keystrokes with one keystroke. These keyboard switches are chosen by people who cannot afford to buy different linear switches, whether for or gaming.

Gateron Oil King Linear Switches can be used to provide positive gaming experiences for many users. The linear switches are known for their smooth actuation. There is no audible or tactile feedback. Also, this is because the key will not click when pressed, which makes it perfect for games that require rapid keystrokes. Additionally, the smoothness of these switches can help with rapid double-tapping or repeated keystrokes. Which are often required in fast-paced gaming scenarios. And, reducing the risk of finger fatigue during gaming sessions that last an extended period.

The lack of a tactile bump or audible click can provide a seamless and uninterrupted gaming experience. As the switches won’t cause any extra resistance or noise. There are many benefits to using Gateron Oil King linear switches for gaming because the smoothness of the switches allows for quick and effortless key presses.

Durock Pom Thocky Linear Switch

Durock thocky linear switches are the best on the market for mechanical keyboards. It has a much longer travel distance compared to its competitors and a very smooth response. These linear switches are smoother and more consistent compared to Red Cherry MX or MX Speed Silver linear switches.

Durock POM mechanical switches are smoother and more consistent than Cherry speed silver switches. The stem also clicks into position when the mechanism has been installed. Make sure that the PCB has been inserted in the stem.

durock pom thocky switches (1)

The stem is not excessively sticky. This switch won’t bump into your keyboard, even if you place it on top of it. This switch is available in a nice black color. The transparency of the stem makes it easy to see how many keypresses remain. This switch is great for both typing and gaming. This switch is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and responsive switch.

They are made from a blend of Polycarbonate and Polymer Nylon Shells. In testing, the most durable mechanical keyboard switches were Gateron linear and Cherry MX. The stem is designed for smooth and consistent operation and to increase performance or response time. This switch is finished in a beautiful black. They have a solid build after holding them. These linear mechanical switches have been made from high-quality materials, and their durability is evident when they are used.

Features of Durock POM Thocky Switches

  • Comes pre-lubed
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy to Install
  • Gold plated
  • Comes with 90 linear switches pack
  • LED style shape
  • 5-pin PCB mount
  • Smooth and linear keypress
  • A Grace Piano Keys appearance is possible with Opaque Black and Original White P3 Stems.
  • Customizable linear switches

Gateron In Black Thocky Switches

Gateron black thocky switch manufacturers prefer a super smooth or stiff sound for feedback. The Gateron black switch also has a greater operating force, about 60 gf, than the Gateron line switch. Strong actuation force results in increased pressure and mechanical feedback.

gateron ink black

Gateron’s black switch is also a good choice for those who prefer linear mechanical switches that have a strong trigger force. They also provide a smooth feel, which is great for typing or gaming. The Gateron black linear switches may be the best choice for you after a lot of use.

Gateron Vs Cherry Thocky Mechanical Switches

There are several advantages that your’ll feel only in thocky mechanical switches;

Smoothness of Thocky Linear Switches

Different manufacturers produce linear switches with varying smoothness. Gateron linear switch types are slightly smoother than Cherry switches. Cherry switches are stiffer and more resistant. However, most people prefer a resistant or stiff feel. I like the smoothness of the switches because, in linear cases, smoothness is most important to improve performance when gaming or typing.

Keystroke Feel of Thocky Switches

Gaterons have a lower actuation but feel consistent. Cherry, on the other hand, has a higher actuation yet is lighter. The Gateron thocky switches feels more natural and smoother than the Cherry Switch. Gateron is quieter than Apple because it has a smoother keystroke and less friction.

Gateron also launched several new switch series which can be personalized. Both switch stems are the same, but Cherry stems fit tighter and give a more rigid feel. A Housing Bottom for Switches reduces wobbling, giving you a more stable and secure feeling.

Newbie friendly

Professional gamers recommend tactile switches to beginners over linear switches. Gateron yellow switches are superior to Gateron mechanical. Yellow gateron is a good choice for beginners.

Cherry linear switch is not a good choice for beginners. Gateron mechanical switches are the best option if you enjoy most linear mechanical controls. They also satisfy beginners.


Many newbies get sick in the face of a variety of linear switches. It was necessary to do a thorough check in order to find outstanding thocky linear switches.

Thocky Sound Experience 

Listening to the sound of linear switches can help you identify them. The linear switch, according to the paragraph above, is virtually undetectable in comparison to other switches, despite a slight clicking sound. Clicky Switches tend to be loud and bumpy. This is the easiest way to identify them.

Smoothness is a hallmark of linear switches. Linear switches are known for their smoothness. The linear switch uses a lighter actuation force compared to tactile or clicky buttons. It can also be used for playing and typing.

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