Everglide Linear Switches 2024 – A Complete Guide For You

Everglide Linear Switches

In 2024 Everglide linear switches are a type of mechanical keyboard switch known for their smooth and consistent keystrokes. They are transparent linear switches with a complete transparent stem and housing, ideal for those who prefer shine-through keyboards. 

In fact, this mechanical keyboard switches right as a rain for gaming and typing with smooth and quiet keystroke. So let your hair down, I’ve prepared a complete guide on Everglide linear switches in 2024 that make your day over the moon.

What Exactly is Everglide Linear Switches?

The Everglide Aqua King switch is the perfect choice for enthusiasts who appreciate the complete transparency of the keyboard’s stem and housing. With its sleek and modern design, this switch offers a stunning visual experience for those who love to showcase their setup.

This switch provides three actuation forces: 46g, 62g, and 67g. Also, this is one of the key features of Everglide Aqua King switches.  This allows enthusiasts to tailor their typing experience according to their preferences. Whether you prefer a light, responsive switch or a more tactile feel, the Aqua King offers a range of options to suit your needs.


In addition to their aesthetic appeal, the Everglide Aqua King switches have 5 pins. This makes them compatible with keyboards that utilize 5-pin hot-swap sockets, enabling easy customization and replacement. With the ability to hot-swap the switches, enthusiasts can easily personalize their keyboards by trying different switches to find the perfect typing feel.

Switch Information

Everglide Linear SwitchesSpecification
Switch typeLinear
Switch brandEverglide
Top housing materialPolycarbonate
Bottom housing materialPolycarbonate
Mount typePCB (5-pin)
Stem constructionStandard
Stem materialPOM
Actuation weight46g
Bottom-out weight62g
Factory lube statusYes, factory lubed
Pre-travel distance2.00 mm
Total travel distance4.00 mm
Suitable Gaming and Typing

Furthermore, the 5-pin design of the Everglide Aqua King switches offers additional benefits. Compared to general 3-pin switches, the 5-pin configuration allows for more stable installation on PCB-mounted keyboards, reducing the risk of issues. This ensures your keyboard remains functional and reliable, even during intense gaming or extended typing sessions.

Aqua King Switches

Moreover, Everglide Aqua King switches feature the same general MX structure as other popular switches. The compatibility of these switches allows them to work with a wide range of keycap sets, making them easy to alter and remake. With a wide range of compatible keycaps available, you can personalize the appearance of your setup to match your unique style. The below sound is without cap.

Sound using cap one click audio extraction below and feel the difference here.

There are LED slots available for modification on the Everglide Aqua King switches. Due to the transparent housing, the backlight can also shine through with SMD LEDs when used with the transparent housing. As a result, DIYers will be able to take advantage of more interesting features and options. The lifetime of the keypad is estimated to be more than 50 million times keystrokes based on test results conducted in a laboratory, based on the use of a gold-plated stainless steel spring.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Everglide Linear Switches

There are the following advantages and drawbacks of Everglide mechanical linear switches that help you while electing;


  • Smoothness: Several users have reported that they have experienced a very smooth transition between switches
  • Linear Actuation: Everglide switches offer a consistent and smooth keystroke. Due to linear actuation, the force needed to activate the switch is constant during the entire keystroke. This makes typing more comfortable and predictable.
  • Quiet Operation: These switches are quieter than tactile and clicky switches. Therefore, they are ideal for office environments and situations requiring noise reduction.
  • Tight Housing: This switch has a fully polycarbonate construction, and the housing has been designed to be very tightly sealed
  • Virtually No Stem Wobble: There has been a lot of praise from users who have found these switches to be virtually wobble-free.
  • Fast and responsive: This switch is popular among gamers, who need rapid key presses because there is no tactile feedback or audible clicking.
  • Durability: The Everglide switches are designed to provide high reliability and durability over the long term. The switches can handle heavy use for up to fifty million keystrokes before they lose performance.
  • Budget-Performance: Due to their low price per switch, the switches are considered a great budget-performance option.
  • Positive Impressions: Many users have expressed positive impressions of the V3 Water King linear switches, some even considering them the best ones they have used.


  • Lack of Tactile Feedback: The disadvantage of Everglide is the lack of tactile feedback. Unlike tactile switches, linear switches provide no physical feedback upon activation. Typical typists rely heavily on their hands for accuracy due to the lack of tactile sensation.
  • Limited Customization: There is no way to customize Everglide. Unlike mechanical switches, Everglide do not allow users to modify the actuation force or add dampeners. The lack of customization may deter people who prefer to type in a more customized way.

Characteristics of Everglide Linear Switches

These keyboards’ smooth and consistent feel has made them a favorite among keyboard enthusiasts who enjoy playing with them. Unlike tactile switches that provide tactile feedback or audible clicks in the keyboard, these switches offer a linear typing experience. The following are some of the most critical characteristics of Everglide switches:

Linear Actuation

With Everglide switches, the actuation force curve is linear. This means that during the entire key press, the force required to actuate the switch remains constant regardless of how much pressure is applied. As a result, no tactile bumps or clicks disrupt the typing experience, resulting in a consistent typing experience.

Everglide Linear Switches many aqua king

Actuation Force – 46g

in 2024 Unlike Jwick Everglide linear switches, Everglide mechanical switches have a 46g actuation force. If you want to avoid keystroke accidents when you play games or type, then linear switches are the best option.

Smooth and Quiet

As a result, they are known for their smooth keystrokes since there is no tactile feedback or audible clicks to interrupt the typing process. Due to this, they are ideal for use in office settings and shared spaces where noise might be an issue.

Key Travel Distance – 4.00 mm

There is a 4.00 mm total travel distance of Everglide switches, but the official does not mention the pre-travel distance. As a result of 3 months of testing, I could measure the pre-actuation force, which is almost 2 mm.

Due to their responsiveness without requiring excessive force, the keys are comfortable and efficient to type.

Durability – 50 Million

A durable and long-lasting switch is what Everglide Switches are all about. This switch can handle heavy daily use without compromising performance. Its rated lifespan is around 50 million keystrokes.

Everglide Linear Switches

Customization Options

For keyboard enthusiasts, they offer customization options. With them, users can customize their keyboard’s look and feel with various keycaps.

We extracted different sounds by using different keycaps.

Aqua King by USING GMK Hennessey-Audio Extraction

USING GMK Hennessey ONE CLICK-Audio Extraction

Using MAXKEY SA BLACK-Audio Extraction.

Aqua King by using BIIP MT3 2048-Audio Extraction


These keys are compatible with various mechanical keyboards, including those with hot-swappable sockets. As a result, keyboard enthusiasts interested in experimenting with various switch types will be able to use them in various situations.

Several Everglide mechanical switches are characterized by smooth and consistent typing experiences, moderate actuation forces, quiet operation, durability, and compatibility. Those looking for a linear switch without tactile feedback or audible clicks prefer these.

Typing and Gaming Comparison of Everglide Mechanical Switches

The Everglide Aqua King linear switch is popular for typists looking for a comfortable and smooth typing experience. Known for its frictionless design, this switch offers high precision and accuracy, allowing for fast and accurate typing.

With 62 grams of actuation force, the Everglide Aqua King stands out among its competitors. This force is optimal for typists, as it balances responsiveness and comfort. It allows typists to apply enough force to actuate the switch without exerting unnecessary effort.

In terms of sound, the Everglide Aqua King offers a subdued and dampened sound when pressed. This feature is highly appreciated by many users, especially those who prefer a quiet work environment or those who find the clicky sound of other switches distracting. The dampened sound produced by the Everglide Aqua King provides a satisfying typing experience without being overly loud.

Regarding gaming, the Everglide V3 linear switches have also been positively reviewed. These switches offer a smooth and decent performance, making them a viable option for those exploring the budget-performance realm. They provide a responsive feel and allow for precise control during gameplay.

Overall, the Everglide Aqua King linear switch is an excellent choice for those seeking a comfortable typing experience. Its medium actuation force, subdued sound, and decent performance in gaming make it a well-rounded choice for typists and gamers alike.

Everglide VS Everglide Aqua King Linear Switches

The Everglide Aqua King linear switches are a specific type of linear switch offered by Everglide. While the standard Everglide linear switches share some similarities, there are several notable differences between them.

The housing of Everglide linear switches and Everglide Aqua King linear switches differ significantly. The Everglide Aqua King switches have a fully transparent housing, which allows for shine-through effects and is designed for compatibility with LED lighting. On the other hand, the standard Everglide linear switches may not have the same transparent housing.

keyboard Everglide aqua king switches

Another difference between the Everglide linear switches and the Everglide Aqua King linear switches is their stem material. The Everglide Aqua King switches have a stem and housing made of polycarbonate, which is fully transparent. This feature is not explicitly mentioned for the standard Everglide linear switches in 2024.

The Everglide Aqua King switches are available in three actuation force options: 46g, 62g, and 67g. This variety may not be available in the standard Everglide linear switches. The choice of actuation force allows for customization based on individual preferences.

The Everglide Aqua King switches have been offered at different price points, catering to different budgets and preferences. The availability of multiple actuation force options also contributes to the variation in the pricing.

Overall, the Everglide Aqua King linear switches offer several unique features compared to standard Everglide linear switches. These differences include their transparent housing, polycarbonate stem material, and multiple actuation force options. Additionally, the Everglide Aqua King switches have been offered at various price points, providing flexibility in terms of budget and preferences.

Components of Everglide Linear Switches

Components of Everglide switches include the housing, stem, and spring. These three elements work together to create a smooth and reliable typing experience.

Housing: This switch’s upper and lower housing act as an outer shell that protects the switch’s internal components. Most commonly, it is made of POM and is designed to withstand pressure and impact since it is made of this material.

Moreover, the housing also prevents dust and debris from entering the switch, ensuring it will last a long time and perform at its best.

Everglide Aqua King Switches

Stem: In the linear switch, the Everglide stem is a central piece of the switch that connects the keycap to the internal mechanism, designed and manufactured by POM. 

When the keycap is pressed, a force is transmitted to the spring, which activates the electrical contact when the force is applied to the keycap.

Additionally, the stem has been designed to be both sturdy and flexible, allowing for a precise and consistent actuation of the key with each press.

Everglide Linear Switches (Aqua King) detail

Coil Spring: There is no doubt that springs are an important component of the switch since they provide the necessary force to return the keycap to its original position after it has been pressed. 

Everglide Linear Switch inside

Metal is typically used to construct these sensors, which are carefully calibrated to provide a specific level of resistance and accurate tactile feedback. 

Furthermore, the spring is also an important component of the overall typing experience since it determines whether or not the switch will be activated by a particular amount of force, an essential part of the experience.


As per one month testing, the Everglide mechanical switches are the foremost for typing compared to other mechanical switches because its operating force and travel distance are good.

Yes, linear Everglide switches with the appropriate switch type can be used in hot-swappable keyboards. With hot-swappable keyboards, switching switches is easy and doesn’t require soldering.

The keypress sound is too smooth and quiet compared to Tactile and Clicky switches because the structure of the stem makes it quiet mechanical switches.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Everglide linear switches provide your off-chance experience during working and playing games at night. From my side, if you don’t want to be disturbed due to the frustrating sound of mechanical switches then purchase it because they’re much budget friendly mechanical switches for everyone.

On the other hand, the keypress sound is unique in comparison to Moss, Hippo, and silent linear switches. To improve your overall performance, I highly recommend you choose this keyboard switch.

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