How Gazzew Linear Switches Perfect for My Gaming or Working in 2024

gazzew Linear Switches

Discover the pinnacle of tactile satisfaction with the Gazzew Linear switches. Designed to the finest detail to offer seamless gaming and typing performance. These Boba Thock (LT) switches also have a linear design. That makes it easy to align them from top to bottom, perfect for typing fast and accurately.

Coming in 55g and 65g models, Gazzew LT switches are made from a custom plastic material. That creates a more resilient switch and delivers the sought-after “thick” sound. These switches have unique long pole stem designs to enhance acoustics and provide a richer and more satisfying sound.

The relevance of this level is that it is intended for customization. The switches arrive at the factory lightly lubed on the springs and the leaf of the slider. But the sliders themselves are dry so that the user can adjust the keyboard to their liking. Some of the most widely used lubricants are Krytox 205g0, Tribosys 3203/3204, and Gazzew’s Loob-3G.

Undefined Measuring 60mm actuation distance, 00mm total travel distance. And, equipped with a sturdy 5-pin PCB mount, these switches not only serve a purpose. But also look great doing it with its RGB clear top housing and Korean stainless steel springs. Sixty-nine per switch when pre-lubricated and filmed. The Gazzew Boba LT switches are worth the cost of the premium quality and the highest performance.

Be among the elite gamers and writers who embrace the smooth. The linear profile and signature “thocky” sound of the Gazzew Boba LT switches. Step up your typing game with switches that are tailored to perfection.

Which Gazzew Linear Switches Perfect Boba 55g & 65g?

Choosing Between 55g and 65g Versions of Gazzew Boba LT Linear Thock Switches: A Comparison of All Aspects So when deciding which of the 55g and 65g Gazzew Boba LT Linear Thock switches to choose, it is important to know how they differ to find the best setup for typing and gaming.

Which Gazzew Linear Switches Perfect Boba 55g & 65g

Spring Weight:

The major difference is in the spring weight. There is a 55g version with a 55g spring and a 65g version with a slightly heavier 65g spring. This difference is immediately felt in the typing complexion, specifically the force needed for the switch activation and the feel of the switches.

Typing Experience:

Deciding between these variants depends on the user’s preference for typing dynamics. The 55g switches are lighter, and by doing so, it is easier to switch them faster with minimal force. These are recommended by people who want a more subtle experience as they type compared to the clickety-clack sound of the standard keyboard.

The 65g switches offer more tactile feedback and have a slightly higher activation force than the 45g kind. This gives firmer keystroke feedback, appealing to users who require a firm touch to the keys and an appealing tactile response good for typing and gaming.

Compatibility and Design:

The 55g and 65g versions of the Gazzew Boba LT switches are developed with a standard PCB mount of 5 pins, which means it is compatible with almost all mechanical keyboards. Both variants have clear RGB housings and use the long pole stem concept for uniformity in their external and internal features.

gazzew Bola Linear Switches


Visually, there is no distinction between the 55g and 65g switches. They both feature a clear RGB top housing, complemented by the long pole stem design, offering a modern and sleek appearance that enhances the overall aesthetic of any keyboard build.


Pricing factors do not differ significantly between the two versions; each version is usually $0 closer to the other. $2.69 per switch when bought unlubricated and ready to film. This removes the decision to a level of personal preference and typing feel instead of cost.

Choosing Your Ideal Switch: 

Ultimately, the choice between the 55g and 65g Gazzew Boba LT switches boils down to your typing style and preferences. If you prefer a lighter, more effortless typing experience, the 55g switches will suit you best. Conversely, if you prefer a firmer, more substantial feel with a pronounced tactile response, opt for the 65g switches.

Whichever variant you choose, both offer the renowned Gazzew quality, ensuring a satisfying and enjoyable typing or gaming experience tailored to your specific preferences. Explore the Gazzew Boba LT Linear Thock switches today and elevate your keyboarding experience with premium tactile performance.

Explore the Features of Gazzew Linear Switches

Discover the exceptional features that define the Gazzew Linear switches, designed to elevate your typing and gaming experience:

gazzew components
  • Smooth Linear Feel: Enjoy a consistent, smooth keystroke from top to bottom, perfect for rapid and precise typing or gaming sessions.
  • Thocky Sound Profile:Crafted with a proprietary plastic blend for the housing, these switches deliver a satisfying “thocky” sound that enhances your auditory experience.
  • Long Pole Stem Design: Featuring an innovative stem design that produces a deeper sound profile, adding a tactile satisfaction to every keystroke.
  • Customizable Lubrication: Comes lightly lubricated on springs and leaf for smooth operation, while sliders remain dry for personalized lubrication using recommended options like Krytox 205g0, Tribosys 3203/3204, or Gazzew’s Loob-3G.
  • Optimal Travel Distance: With a 4.00mm total travel distance, strike the perfect balance between responsiveness and comfort.
  • Versatile 5-Pin PCB Mount: Compatible with a variety of mechanical keyboards, ensuring easy installation and stability.
  • RGB Clear Top Housing: Enhance your keyboard’s aesthetics with a transparent top housing that allows RGB lighting to shine through, creating a vibrant and customizable look.
  • Durable Korean Stainless Steel Springs: Built to last with high-quality stainless steel springs, ensuring reliability and longevity.
  • Multiple Spring Weights: Available in 55g and 65g options, you can choose the ideal actuation force that suits your typing style.

Embrace the excellence of Gazzew Linear switches, tailored to meet the demands of discerning enthusiasts seeking premium performance and exceptional tactile feedback. Whether crafting a new keyboard or upgrading an existing one, these switches promise a superior typing experience that combines precision, comfort, and style.

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