How Does Glorious Fox Linear Switches Enhance my Gaming Performance?

glorious fox linear switches

Presenting the newest addition to the Glorious mechanical switches family – the Glorious Fox Linear Switches. Designed to redefine your gaming experience with their smooth and responsive performance. These switches are a testament to Glorious’ commitment to quality and precision.

Unlike the exotic Lynx switches, the Glorious Fox Switches have a transparent housing with a red stem on the switch. Lacking the exotic materials of the high-end switches. These switches shine in providing a smooth keystroke feel that every gamer desires. The actuation force of the Fox switches is 45g. And, the bottom-out force is 60g, which makes the switches light touch but with good tactile feedback.

These switches are highly responsive and comfortable during long gaming sessions at 2. 2mm actuation and 3. 9mm bottom-out distances. Whether you are a professional gamer or a casual player. The Glorious Switches will not disappoint you with their smooth and consistent operation.

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into the mechanics and user experience of the Glorious Fox Switches. Uncovering what makes them a worthy addition to any gaming setup. Discover why smoother keystrokes can make all the difference in your quest for victory.

Why are Glorious Fox linear switches good for me?

There is no better choice than the Glorious Switches for the best mechanical switches. You can add to your gaming setup. Glorious, a company famous for its quality and performance in gaming peripherals, designed Fox switches. Unlike Lynx switches, which have a more exotic appeal, Fox switches offer a smooth keystroke that dedicated gamers seek.

glorious forge linear switches

Tecsee Manufactured Linear Switches

Switch typeLinear Glorious Fox 
Switch brandGlorious 
Top housing materialTransparent Plastic With RGB light 
Bottom housing materialTransparent Plastic With RGB light 
Mount type3 PIN
Stem constructionRED PCB Standard
Stem material
SpringSingle-Stage, 22mm
Actuation weight45g
Bottom-out weight60g Bottom out Force
Switch SoundQuiet
Pre-travel distance2.2 mm
Total travel distance3.9 mm
Suitable Gaming

It should be noted that the concept of the Fox Switches is incredibly simple. These switches have a clear housing for the main part. And, an eye-catching red body of the stem; these switches do not have any fancy design. The actual design choice of such keys needs to be revised, to say the least. They are accurate and visually contrasting, making them more noticeable among all the keys on a gaming keyboard.

Another thing that can be noted about the Glorious Switches is the remarkable lack of any roughness. These switches have an actuation force of 45g and a bottom-out force of 60g; therefore, the touch is well-balanced and perfectly responds to the gamer without discomfort. Whether shooting an action game or issuing quick orders in a strategy game, the fox switches to react quickly without losing its feel.

How Does Glorious Enhance my Gaming Performance?

Moreover, the Glorious Switches are engineered to enhance your overall gaming performance. Their smooth actuation mechanism not only improves response times but also reduces the likelihood of accidental keystrokes, giving you the edge in competitive gameplay scenarios. Whether you’re engaging in high-stakes esports tournaments or enjoying casual gaming with friends, these switches provide a dependable foundation for your gaming prowess.

In terms of performance, the Fox Linear Switches stand out because of the crisp click and the customizable bottom-out. Regarding the last criterion, actuation point refers to a characteristic that reaches the critical point of triggering an action at 2.2 mm and a total travel distance of 3. of .9 mm. 

glorious fox key cap pulling

These switches guarantee that every key depression is precisely caught whenever you want it, especially in the course of those marathon gaming sessions. Specifically, this feature is useful for gaming since gamers require equipment that is not only powerful but also dependable.

Overall, while the Glorious Linear Switches may not boast the exotic materials or flashy aesthetics of other switches in the market, their focus on smoothness, reliability, and precision makes them a standout choice for gamers of all levels. 

Whether you prioritize performance, comfort, or both, these switches deliver where it matters most – in the heat of intense gaming sessions. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the user experience and detailed performance metrics of the Glorious Switches, uncovering why they are a worthy investment for any discerning gamer’s setup.

Experts Review About Glorious Fox Linear Switches?

Therefore, choosing the right mechanical switches for your gaming system to optimize your performance and satisfaction becomes very important. Here’s why the Glorious Linear Switches should be your next pick if you plan to buy them.

First, it is necessary to note that the Glorious Fox Linear Switches are designed with smoothness in mind. As someone who has tested these mechanical switches a lot and is an experienced buyer, I can confirm that the responsiveness of these mechanical switches is incredible. These switches have an actuation force of 45g and a bottom-out force of 60g; therefore, these keys are relatively lightweight and comfortable to use.

fox and forge switches

Whether you are performing fast moves in an action-shooter game that requires every fast movement in the keyboard or giving out calculated instructions in a strategy game, the Fox switches make sure you get every command registered without lag.

Relative to the other colorful switches. The Glorious Switches stand out as plain because they do not boast a complex design. These switches have a clear housing and red stem, and their performance makes them pleasing to the eyes. The lack of such an aesthetic decision is attributed to Glorious’ ethos of not adding extra flair to a switch that doesn’t serve. A practical purpose while also providing a product built to last.

As for usability, the Glorious Fox switches perform exceptionally well in delivering a homogenous typing feel. Thus, the actuation point is 2. 2 mm, and the total travel distance is 3. 9mm; these switches reduce finger stress during long gaming hours due to the reduced travel distance of the keys. This is especially beneficial for serious players who require accuracy and durability from the ramp. Enabling them to maintain focus and provide the best performance.

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