All About Lilac Linear Switches in 2024 – All You Need to Know 


Lilac linear switches are the most trusted mechanical switches among mechanical switches lovers because these keyboard switches are manufactured by Durock company and its top to bottom housing is made by Nylon.

Also, Lilac mechanical switches come with gold-plated springs which enhance their actuation force up-to 62 g which make it perfect for gaming and typing compared to Cherry MX red or black linear switches. So if you make up your mind to purchase Lilac keyboard switches then look over the complete guide and make your day over the moon.

What are Lilac Linear Switches?

Durock produces Lilac linear switches which are off-chance for gamers and office workers due to their fast keypress response or quiet operation. In fact, many gamers compare these switches with Cherry MX or Gateron linear switches but they’re completely different models with their tactile bump and noise almost 0%. 

Lilac mechanical switches
Switch typeLinear
Switch brandLilac 
ManufacturerDurock Switches
Top housing materialNylon
Bottom housing materialNylon
Mount typePOM 5 PIN
Stem constructionStandard
Stem materialPOM 
Spring Weight62g
Factory LubedLight
Switch SoundQuiet
Pre-travel distance2mm
Total travel distance4mm
Suitable Gaming and Typing

Lilac linear switches feature an actuation force of 62g, one of their key specifications. This medium-weight force allows for a balance between responsiveness and tactile feedback. The actuation force ensures that users can easily actuate the switches without exerting excessive pressure, ensuring a comfortable typing experience.

Standard Sound

The stems are made from a polymer mix similar to the Durock linear switch by JWK. These linear switches’ smooth keypresses and unique features have made them popular among mechanical keyboard users. You don’t have to buy any lubricants, because the pre-lubricants are already made. Everyone complains that the pre-lubricant is too thin. Compared to other factory-pre-lubricated linear switches.

Pros & Cons

  • Smooth keystroke feel: With Lilac, you get a consistent keyboard stroke from start to finish because of its linear actuation profile. This can also be helpful in gaming or typing.
  • Quiet: They are a good option for those who want a quieter keyboard, as they do not have an audible or tactile click.
  • Pre-lubricated: These mechanical Switches come with factory pre-lubricant. After purchasing, you don’t have to lubricate them.
  • Unique Sound: They’re a unique sound signature. They are popular among keyboard enthusiasts because they produce a satisfying, deep sound.
  • Lacking tactile feedback These switches do not have a tactile bump, it is difficult for some users to determine whether a key is fully activated. People used to tactile switches might experience keystroke errors or misses.
  • Less satisfying Feedback: A switch without tactile feedback may not be as satisfying for some users as a switch with tactile feedback. 

Characteristics of Lilac Linear Switches 

Here are several features of Lilac switches that are essential to knowing before selecting any mechanical switches.

Characteristics unlimited lilac

Actuation Profile

Linear Lilac mechanical switches indicate their linear actuation profile on each keystroke by a smooth and consistent finish. If you like to play highly competitive games or fast typing during work. Lilac right as a rain option for electing. Many people say they’re the best linear switches. And, no tactile bumpy or loud click noise on each keystroke. 

Travel distance – 2mm to 4mm 

These Durock linear switches offer 2mm pre-travel. This is similar to other JWK Moss or H1 linear switches. The Lilac linear switch has a short travel distance compared to dogikon linear switches. The total travel distance of the Lilac is the same as that of the Ev00 linear switches and JWK Moss. This also means that you can press the key all the way to the bottom. This allows some users to enjoy -type.

Actuation force 62g 

The Lilac linear switch requires 62 grams to be operated, which is considered a large actuation force. This can also be an excellent choice for users. Some users prefer switches that are easy to use but require a little force.


The smoothness of their operation is well-known. They are also ideal for users who have to type continuously. The keystrokes are smooth and consistent, resulting in no finger fatigue. You will be happy with the smoothness of Lilac linear keyboard switches.

bundle lilac keyboard switches

POM stem: 

The Lilac linear switches feature a POM (Polyoxymethylene) stem. POM is known for its excellent durability and stability, making it suitable for long-term usage. The POM material provides a sturdy connection between the switch housing and the keycap, ensuring minimal wobble and maximum stability. This construction contributes to the overall reliability of the switch.

Noise Level – Quiet Operate 

These keyboard switches are quieter than other JWK linear or Tactile mechanical switches. You can also use it if you want a quieter keyboard, or if you need to play games or type without disturbing others.

Many people say they produce unique sound signatures and pleasant sounds for gaming at night or working in public places. After the pre-lubed the sound is much deeper. After all, the noise level wasn’t good for me the first time using it, but after 1 week of experience, I made their fan, and the sound was pleasant for me.

Durability – 50 Million 

The JWK Lilac mechanical switch is known for its durability. Plus, It has a lifetime of 50,000,000. Moreover, It is also resistant to wear because it’s made of JWK mystery materials stem and nylon housing. And, It can withstand repeated keystrokes, which is great for a gaming keyboard or heavy typist. The JWK linear switches are expected to last between 50 and 100 million keystrokes, depending on how often and intensely they are used.

On the other hand, these switches are known to provide smooth and consistent keystrokes without any tactile feedback. They may not be suitable for users who need more feedback, or prefer a stronger actuation force. Try this linear switch with a different feel if you are unsure of the switch type that is best for you.

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