What Exactly is Tecsee Ice Candy Linear Switches?

tecsee ice candy linear switches

If you love UHMWPE made linear switches then Tecsee Ice candy linear switches is the perfect choice for those people because this type of stem is famous for their unique characteristics. But many people can’t find these linear switches due to their second option which means the Ice candy switches also come with Nylon stems which provide 3.8mm travel distance compared to UHMWPE switches. 

So, if you want to enhance your gaming or typing experience without any finger strain then this linear switch isn’t strain over the pocket. Look over the complete guide and make your mind swift;

What Exactly is Tecsee Ice Candy Linear Switches?

Tecsee Ice Candy switches come in two types: nylon stems and UHMWPE stems are commonly used. They are of two forms, and definitely, these two forms provide a different feel while typing. Also, The Spec-D ebony switch of the Tecsee ice candy is the nylon stem variant of the device with an obvious housing and a clear white stem. It is characterized by linear movement, which makes it perfect for typists who desire a linear movement and touch while typing.

tecsee ice candy collection

At the same time, the variant of the stem that is made of UHMWPE has a clear housing and black stem. This one offers a stiff and tangible typing touch, favoring typists who like the cushioned and reactive touch typing sense. Tecsee Ice Candy Switches come in either a nylon stem or an UHMWPE stem, both offering two unique typing experiences. The name is derived from its fully clear housing and clear/white stem.

Quick Features of Ice Candy

  • Pack Quantity: The pack containing the Tecsee Ice Candy switching is 18 pieces.
  • Type: The switches are linear, with no digging or troughs in the journey the key has to make from its initial position to becoming activated.
  • Top Housing: The upper part of the switch housing is made from PC material, so it is quite durable.
  • Bottom Housing: The bottom housing is also made of PC material, which makes the switches more stable and long-lasting.
  • Long-Pole Stem: The Tecsee Ice Candy switches’ stems are long, offering more travel distance.
  • Stem Material: The nylon stem variant is a clear nylon stem and the UHMWPE stem variant has a clear black stem.
  • Bottom Out Force: Both varieties have bottom out forces of 63. 5g, which assures a satisfactory typewriting experience and prevents typing errors while typing on laptops.
  • Total Travel: The switches’ travel scope is, therefore, 3.5mm for the nylon stem variant and 2.0 mm for the implant’s UHMWPE stem variant.
  • PCB Mount: The switches are 5-pin PCB mounted, making them compatible with various keyboard layouts.
  • Factory Lube: The switches come pre-lubed for a smooth and quiet typing experience.
  • Price: The price of each Tecsee Ice Candy switch is $0.48, providing an affordable option for budget-conscious typists.

Features of Ice Candy Linear switches

Consider the following features to help you quickly purchase Ice Candy Linear Switches

Linear Switch Type

The mechanical Ice Candy switches provide a bumpy feel of free movement, or a light clicking response to key press. These switches will slow down key presses for heavy games and quick typing.

ice candy body

Actuation force – 63.5g

These switches operate with 43g force. These switches require 63.5g to register a keypress. A keystroke must be initiated by applying an actuation. Due to their moderate actuation forces, they are perfect for typing and gaming. Ice candy linear switches also require less actuation than the JWK Durock POM Switch.

Distance traveled 2.0mm – 3.5mm

It was determined during the testing and mentioned that the pre-travel is 2.0 mm. This is slightly higher than the linear switch manufactured JWk Durock. The total travel distance of the Durock POM is also 3.5mm. These switches have the same travel distance as a Mechanical Keyboard.

Keystroke Sound – Moderate Low

The sound level is affected by several factors, such as the material of the keyboard, the material of the plates, and the material used for the keycaps. This JWK switch also produces sound when pressed, but it is considered to be relatively loud. The Ice candy mechanical switch has a polycarbonate case that reduces friction, allowing for smoother keystrokes.

Durability: 50 Million keystrokes

They are very durable, with a lifespan of 50 million years. The polycarbonate housing, POM stem and other materials are more durable. These switches are ideal for heavy typists and gamers, as they can handle repeated keystrokes over long periods. Their lifespan can last up to tens or even hundreds of millions of keystrokes depending on the frequency and intensity of their use. This makes them less likely than other keyboard switches to fail or wear out prematurely.

tecsee candy


Tecsee Ice candy switches provide a consistent, smooth switch experience while gaming or typing. These switches have a smooth feel, which is their biggest strength.

Tecsee Ice Candy Keystroke Typing Experience

The 3.5mm travel distance of the switch allows for a natural and smooth typing motion. The pre-travel distance of 2.0mm, between the point where the stroke is registered and the actuation, contributes to a smoother typing experience. Pre-travel distance is shorter, so typists must not press down the keys before typing. This results in faster typing and less fatigue.

raw and ice candy linear switches

The 5-pin PCB mounting design for Ice candy linear switch that makes them compatible with various keyboards. The versatility of these switches allows keyboard enthusiasts to customize their typing experience by incorporating them into their favorite keyboards. Pre-lubricated switches are smoother and reduce noise.

These linear switches are highly regarded for their smooth and comfortable typing experience. Typists can enjoy a smooth typing experience thanks to light actuation, a comfortable bottom-out, a total travel distance of 3.5mm, a pre-travel distance of 2.0 mm, and a five-pin PCB mounting. These switches are popular among enthusiasts and casual users who want a comfortable and high-quality typing experience.

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