What Exactly Is Zealios Linear Switches – All You Need to Know

zealios linear switches

If you’re a mechanical switch lover then buy Zealios linear switches due to long synonymous and superior craftsmanship or exceptional tactile feedback. This Zeal brand offers smooth mechanical switches that are perfect for daily use or gaming.  Now, Zeal Generation 2 Linear switches redefine expectations once again, offering a pinnacle of smoothness and precision in typing. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, 

Zealios Linear switches eliminate the traditional tactile bump present in their tactile counterparts, focusing instead on delivering a seamless, buttery keystroke from top to bottom. This innovation caters to those who prefer a linear switch experience without compromising on quality or performance. So, I’ve prepared a complete guide for beginners who want to try unique mechanical switch;

What Exactly Is Zealios Linear Switches?

The Zeal linear switches feel more tactile and are much smoother than other Gateron and Cherry MX switches. These Zeal switches provide a new gaming and writing experience. On the other hand, gateron switches bring significant improvement, which is an improvement looking at his first gaming mouse. Also, there are following characteristics on Zeal switches which help to select right as rain option for gaming, typing, and general use.

zealios v2 linear switches

Switch Information

Switch typeLinear
Switch brandZealios
Top housing materialClear Polyoxymethylene housing
Bottom housing materialClear Polyoxymethylene housing
Mount type5 PIN
Stem constructionStandard
Stem materialStandard
Actuation weight45-50gf
Bottom-out weight65-70 Bottom out Force
Switch SoundQuiet
Pre-travel distance2.0 mm
Total travel distance4.0 mm
Suitable Gaming and Typing

This smoothness allows you to type with little effort. It is not necessary to use a lot of force to type. You will also only make a small amount of noise. You’ll also love it more if that is your thing. If you prefer stronger feedback, a Zeal switch might feel too soft and light. You may even accidentally touch it.

Components Zeal Linear Mechanical Switches

The components in Zeal linear switches ensure noise-free operation, resistance levels, and actuation forces.

Stems: Purple switches are known as such because their white stems play a crucial role in their operation. Consoles use spring coils, whereas linear switches don’t. Clicky jackets must be used to use these stems.

Upper housing: Stems can be protected and guided with lightweight upper housing components. A slider controls the switch’s operation in the upper housing. When you press a key, the keycap hits the upper housing.

Coil Springs: Linear Switches use coil springs to control stem movement and produce resistance actuation without tactile feedback. The keys can also be actuated. The coil spring also resets the key and provides resistance.

Metal leaves: Key presses are detected by linear switches when two metal or golden pieces come into contact.

Base housing: Upper Housing is attached to the off-while component. The PCB is connected to the part using clips. There are four pins on the bottom of linear switches.

Characteristics of Zealios Linear Switches?

After testing, I was found these features that you can get with this linear mechanical switches;

realios mechanical switches

Switch profile – Naturally Linear

Zealios linear switches are linear, meaning they do not provide tactile feedback when actuated. The key will move straight up and downward without any resistance or feedback. This model is ideal for typists who want a smooth typing process.

Actuation Force – 45-50gf

This refers to the amount of force required to register a keystroke. For Zealios linear switches, this force is usually around 45-50gf. Actuation force is crucial for determining how easy or hard it is to activate a keypress. This falls into the high end of the actuation range. These switches require a lot of force to activate, just like other linear switches. This makes them an excellent choice for both texting and games.

Bottom Out force 65- 70gf

This is the force required to fully depress the key to its lowest point. Zealios linear switches often have a bottom-out force of around 65-70 gf. This force is relevant for understanding the overall resistance and feel of the keypress. In fact, this means that when you fully push down the key, it will require a little more force to activate it. It can prevent accidental keystrokes and also make switches feel more consistent.

Travel distance: 2.0mm to 4.0mm

This is the entire distance the keycap can travel from its highest (resting) position to its lowest (bottomed-out) position. For Zealios linear switches, this total travel distance is usually 4.0 mm and pre-travel distance is 2.0mm This could be a good option for gamers and those who type a lot.

Durability: – 50 Million Keystroke

Zeal keyboard switches can withstand 50 million keystrokes. They’re also resistant to dust and debris, which helps prevent keys from rattling and causing future problems.

Keystroke Noise

The sound quality is better when you are typing or playing games. The keystroke noise is not disturbed by tactile switches or clear switches. These switches are also very office-friendly and can be adjusted to sound less annoying if the speed of the keypress is increased.

If you do not want your family to throw away your mechanical keypad because the switch noises are loud and the keycaps hit the plastic each time you press a key, then there is no reason to buy it. Zealios switches enable users to record videos without disturbing other people. Many consumers convert tactile or clicking switches to linear switches due to their annoying clicking noises.

Gaming and typing performance of Zealios Linear Switches

Linear switches are known to be smooth and consistent, which makes them ideal for gaming. They can also provide a fast and responsive typing experience. The lack of tactile feedback can also be an advantage to gamers who want a quieter keyboard. Husky keyboards have a high actuation force, around 67 grams for each press. This can help you press the keys quickly during gaming sessions without feeling finger fatigue.

realios in keyboard

These switches are a good choice for gamers, especially those who like a quiet and smooth typing experience. It’s important to remember that the type of switch that’s best for gaming will depend on your preferences and typing style.

On the other side, it is used by many because of the sound that occurs during the system. They can’t feel the clicky sound or tactile feedback, but they can still do their work quickly due to their high speed. Overall, husky switches are designed for typing and gaming.

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