An Overview of Feker Crystal Linear Switches in 2024?

Feker Crystal Linear Switches

A Feker Crystal linear switches are perfect choice for gamers who want to enhance their keystrokes speed in heavy competitive games. Because this mechanical switch provides 65g actuation force with 60g bottom out force

Moreover, if you want long lasting keyword switches then Feker Crystal is off-chance for every man and his dog due to their 70 Million keystroke durability. In fact, these switches provide a smooth feel and are super quiet like husky linear switches. So let your hair down, I’ve prepared a complete guide for beginners who want to use Feker linear switches in 2024. Please look over the complete guide and make your mind swift;

All About Feker Crystal Linear Switches

The Feker Crystal switch is a mechanical switch. These switches provide the same smooth and consistent feeling on every keystroke as other JWK, H1, or Moss linear switches. Compared to mechanical brown and blue switches, you won’t hear or feel any clicky noises when typing. Plus, these switches isn’t good for gaming, they’re suitable for typing but many users don’t like Feker crystal for typing compared to tactile or blue mechanical switches.

Feker Crystal SwitchesSpecification
Switch typeLinear
Switch brandFeker Crystal
Top housing materialPolyoxymethylene transparent 
Bottom housing materialPolyoxymethylene transparent 
Mount typePlate Mount (3-pin)
Stem constructionStandard
Stem materialPOM Transparent 
Actuation weight60±5g
Bottom-out weight75±5gf
Factory lube statusFactory Pre-lubed
Pre-travel distance2.0±0.3mm
Total travel distance3.5mm
Suitable Gaming and Typing

The overall keystroke feeling of the Feker linear switch is fantastic. It’s perfect for those who want smooth, quiet mechanical keystroke switches. On the other hand, the Feker Crystal switch offers a high-quality experience at a very reasonable price.

All About Feker Crystal Linear Switches

The Pros and Cons 

After a month of testing, I found the following benefits and disadvantages of Crystal linear switches. These are things you should consider before making a decision.


  • Smooth keystroke: Crystal mechanical switches provide a smooth keystroke without clicking or tactile feedback. This consistent keystroke will appeal to gamers and typographers who want a reliable feeling across their key presses.
  • Resistant: They require an actuation force of 65g, which is slightly higher than the other popular switches. If you’re looking for a more durable keystroke, this might be the best option.
  • Durability: High-quality mechanical switches such as the Feker Crystal have a lifetime of 70,000,000 keystrokes. They will last several years before they wear out.
  • Quiet Operation: These switches make relatively quiet sounds in specific environments where noise levels are a concern. 


  • Limited Availability: Compared to red or blue mechanical switches these switches are not easily found in markets or online stores. 

Characteristics of Feker Crystal Linear Switches

There are several unique features that make your mind swift and provide your great experience;

Characteristics of Feker Crystal mechanical switches

Keystroke feels – Smooth Linear

These switches’ linear keystroke is achieved by their smoothness from top to bottom. Their non-clicking sound or tactile bump makes them an excellent choice for gamers who want to achieve high keystroke speeds without straining their fingers. The sound is ideal for typing without annoying someone.

Actuation force – 60±5g

The Feker linear switches have an actuation force slightly higher than that of other linear mechanical switches, a little higher than Moss or Dogikon linear switches. But this linear switch has a higher actuation. Some users are happy with the high actuation forces, but others find them too much for long typing or gaming sessions.

Durability – 70 Million

The Feker linear switch is rated at 70 million keystrokes. After heavy use, it should take several more years before it wears out. Although it is not lubricated like H1 linear switches, it still provides the best durability.

On the other hand, these switches are renowned for their smooth keystrokes due to the high-quality materials they use in their construction. The stem is made of POM (polyoxymethylene), which makes it ideal for heavy gaming. Your fingers won’t get tired while pressing the keys.

rgb style feker

Travel distance – 2 mm to 3.5mm 

The Crystal linear switch doesn’t mention the pre- and total travel distance. According to testing, the total travel is 3.5mm, and the pre-travel is 2mm. This is similar with some JWK switches, such as Durock POM, H1 linear switch, Dogikon, and Moss linear switches. Travel distance is also a good indicator for mechanical switches. Most mechanical switches also travel the same distance.


Feker Linear switches are mechanical switches that provide a unique typing feel on each keystroke. The switches are designed to offer a linear experience of typing or gaming, which means there is no click or tactile feedback when they are pressed. Feker Linear switches are known for smooth, consistent actuation as well as quick response times.

Feker linear switches are right as a rain choice for those gamers who want to increase their keystroke performance in every game compared to tactile or clicky linear switches. Furthermore, these switches never produce sound because they’re super quick and your focus is full of enemy movement sound.

Feker Crystal Switches have been designed ergonomically to make them comfortable for long periods of time. The linear, smooth typing motion can reduce fatigue and strain on the fingers, wrists and hands. Ergonomics goes beyond switch types and includes factors like keyboard layout, key sizes, and wrist support.

The Bottom Line

Feker Crystal switches provide a smooth typing experience with unique and innovative features. They are a popular choice among keyboard enthusiasts and gamers due to their durability and customizable options. Feker Linear switches may be worth your consideration if you want a quiet keyboard experience, a fast response and smooth press feeling.

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