How does the DinoKeys Mint Linear compare to other popular linear switches

Mint Linear Switches

Discuss the incredible characteristics of DinoKeys Mint Linear switches. A project of Tecsee and DinoKeys for the most demanding fans of mechanical keyboards. Made with a clear polycarbonate top and bottom chassis, these switches are built for performance and style. The defining attribute of these switches is the UHMWPE stems. Which are recognized for their silky smooth feel due to their low friction coefficient. 

It contains a 68g stainless steel spring and has a 4. 00mm travel distance; DinoKeys Mint switches provide the intended keystroke feeling for gaming and working applications. Aside from their beautiful aqua-green color, their design is often described as similar to the Tealios switches. These switches are designed to be as durable as possible with tactile feedback. And, a rather satisfying “thocky” sound that is agreeable to these specific audiences. 

Costing around $0, this is not expensive and can easily be afforded by most people. 69 per switch, the DinoKeys switches are undoubtedly delivering the best of the best in terms of quality. If it is a smooth glide for key movement or a stock tactile feedback similar to Gateron Ink Blacks. These switches do not disappoint. Discover mechanical keyboards and take your typing to the next level with DinoKeys Mint Linear switches.

What Exactly is Dinokeys Mint Linear Switches?

Enthusiasts and professionals in mechanical keyboards always search for the ideal combination of performance, feel, and sound in switches. DinoKeys Linear switches are unique in the context of linear switches. Which can be considered a rather popular subgenre of switches, and they boast certain advantages compared to the most frequently used linear switches.

DinoKeys Mint Linear Switches

Sound Profile: The character of Deep and Thocky

A key feature of DinoKeys switches is sound customization. It is usually praised for creating rich and ‘thocky’ sound that is most appreciated by many audiophiles. Some of the things that the reviewers have said include the fact that the sound profile of the switch is as good as or even better than that of the Gateron Ink Black. The sound is not as loud as that of the Ink Blacks, but Mint Linears offer decent audible feedback that makes typing or gaming enjoyable but not intrusive.

Quietness: Subtle Acoustic Presence

In environments where noise level is a concern, the quiet operation of DinoKeys Linear switches offers a distinct advantage. They are notably quieter than Gateron Ink Blacks, emitting a subdued sound that still retains the satisfying deep “thocky” characteristic. This quieter performance makes Mint Linears suitable for shared spaces or offices where minimal noise disturbance is preferred without compromising tactile feedback and responsiveness.

Stem Smoothness: Exceptional Frictionless Operation

Another aspect of DinoKeys Mint Linear switches that makes them glide smoothly is that they come with a UHMWPE stem. Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene is famous for its incredibly low coefficient friction value; thus, the keystroke is buttery smooth. Multiple individuals confirmed that they find Mint Linears smoother than Gateron Ink Blacks even when compared to non-lubed or lubed. Apart from improving the ergonomic comfort of typing, this smooth action offers a better and more enjoyable gaming experience and precision.

Typing Fatigue: Cushioned, Semi-Permanent Sessions

Heavy switches may result in greater fatigue while typing, especially if one is typing for a long time. DinoKeys Mint Linear switches well address this problem because they have an actuation force of 68g and a comfortable concave profile. Compared with heavier switches such as Gateron Ink Blacks, one has less stress and fatigue when using Mint Linears, making this the best choice for prolonged typing or gaming sessions where endurance and comfort are paramount.

DinoKeys Mint set

Lubrication and Filming: Minimal Maintenance

Unlike premium switches requiring additional modifications such as filming to achieve optimal performance, DinoKeys Linear switches strike a balance. While they benefit from lubrication to further enhance their smooth operation, they typically do not necessitate filming. This simplicity in maintenance appeals to users looking for high-performance switches without the added complexity or cost of additional modifications.

Aesthetics: Visually Striking Design

Apart from standard characteristics, the design of the DinoKeys switches is also a plus. The competitive advantage of these switches is in their aqua-green coloration, making them easy to identify from other switches. This not only improves the outlook of mechanical keyboards but also symbolizes the high quality and magnificent details of Mint Linear.

Mint Linear Switches VS Other Mechanical Switches

When stacked against other popular linear switches, DinoKeys Linear switches hold their ground with notable advantages: When stacked against other popular linear switches, DinoKeys Linear switches hold their ground with notable advantages:

DinoKeys Mint Switches

JWK Mauves and C3 Tangerines: Mint Linears are known to have audio characteristics that are deeper and more “thocky” than JWK Mauves or C3 Tangerines, giving consumers a superior experience.

Gateron Ink Blacks: Although they are both linear switches with similar travel distances, people say Mint Linears are less tiring to type with than Gateron Ink Blacks because of the former’s UHMWPE stem.

Durock POM and NK Cream: Unlike the clicky sound of Durock POM and NK Cream switches, Mint linear provides a much better and more satisfying sound to typing or gaming.


DinoKeys Linear switches become a great option for users willing to get the best quality switches with unique features. Mint linear provide the best smoothness, comfortable typing experience, and deep ‘thocky’ sound compared to other linear switches. Whether you value glide, low profile design, or how it looks, the DinoKeys Mint switches are an excellent combination of all those characteristics that will make your keyboard setup even better.

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