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Budget-friendly linear mechanical switches are the first choice of every man and his dog. But it’ll bite at the cherry if they’re smooth, pre-lubed, good sound. And suitable for gaming and typing with good actuation force or travel distance. So let your hair down. I’ve prepared a detailed guide on KTT mint linear switches to make decisions easy;

What are KTT Mint Linear Switches?

KTT mint are most popular and favorite among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. After all, they’re right as rain with their smoothness, budget friendly. And finable mechanical switches, the same as Gateron red for me. 

What are KTT Mint Linear Switches?

Also, KTT mint mechanical switches users have one advantage. They come pre-lubricated, which helps eliminate friction and makes key push feel smooth, fast, and rich. After electing these mechanical switches, you don’t need to buy any lubricant to lube linear switches.

Plus, the KTT mint comes with 3 pins. Asked me, they provide a high-quality typing experience in a budget-friendly package.

Benefits and Drawbacks of KTT Mint

Before electing any mechanical or optical linear switches, prefer their benefits and drawbacks to make your decision swiftly. And you should efficiently get your favorite linear switches. So here are some benefits and drawbacks.


  • Smooth and consistent feel: Smoothness and consistent keystroke feel make these linear switches bite at the cherry without causing any tactile bumpy or loud noise. Plus, enhance their gaming and typing key push speed.
  • Quiet Operation: The keystroke noise is relatively quiet and suitable for office or shared spaces, which frustrates anyone. They’re support night gaming.
  • Long lifespan: Long-lasting and reliable, these switches can withstand up to 50 million keystrokes.
  • Customization options: Various keycaps are compatible with KKT Linear switches, so the keyboard’s look and feel can be customized. Moreover, these switches feature a standard MX stem, making them compatible with many aftermarket keycaps.
  • Cost-effective: KKT Linear switches are a more cost-effective option compared to other high-end linear switches.


  • Lack of tactile feedback: Unlike tactile or clicky switches, there is no tactile feedback provided by linear switches, which provide a noticeable bump when the key is pressed. 
  • Switch wobble: It’s Been reported that some users have experienced a small amount of wobble and play when installing KTT Mint into keyboards. This may not be noticeable for some users, but it can be a minor annoyance.

With a long lifespan and customizability options, the KKT Linear switches offer a smooth, quiet, and reliable typing experience.

Characteristics of KTT Mint Mechanical Switches

They’re favorites for their curial characteristics like smoothness, build quality, noise level, actuation force and travel distance. Also, here are some essential features;

Model & ManufacturerKTT
Actuation Force45g
Bottom-Out Force53g
Pre-Travel Distance2.0mm
Total Travel Distance4.0mm
Noise Level Quiet
Stem MateralPOM
Top HousingPolycarbonate plastic
Bottom HousingNylon
Coil Spring Length16mm
Lifespan50 Million

Switch Type – Linear

KTT mint are linear mechanical switches due to their smooth and quick keystroke feel. Without causing any tactile bump or loud noise compared to tactile and clicky mechanical switches. Furthermore, if you consider linear switches, they’re a great option.

Switch Type - Linear

Actuation force – 45g

Many people love these switches due to their actuation force (The actuation force is necessary to initiate a keystroke.) And the actuation force is 45g, indicating that mechanical switches require less force to actuate than other switches. And make them ideal for fast typing and competitive games without causing any finger strain while continuing keystroking.

Bottom-Out Force – 53g

On the other hand, they’ve bottom-out force is 53g. And, indicating the force necessary to fully depress the switch and bottom it out against its plate or PCB. And, the smooth keystrokes of linear switches and the lack of tactile feedback make them right as rain. Plus, some users prefer a little more resistance when typing, so this can provide a better experience.

Travel Distance – 2mm to 4mm

According to testing, the pre-travel distance of KTT mint is 2mm (The pre-travel distance of a linear switch refers to the distance that the switch stem must travel before it actuates or registers a keystroke.), which is a lower than new dogikon linear switches

Plus, the total travel distance is 4mm, similar to Gateron, Durock POM, and dogikon linear switches (This refers to the distance that the switch stem can travel from its resting position to its bottoming-out position when a key is fully pressed).

Durability – 50 Million Keystroke

 A KTT Mint linear switch is known for its durability, with a rated lifetime of 50 million keystrokes. In other words, each switch is designed to be used extensively for a long time without losing its responsiveness.

Durability of ktt mint linear switches

Additionally, POM (polyoxymethylene) is a self-lubricating plastic that use in addition to their rated lifespan. As a result of this material, the switch can last longer and be more durable due to reduced friction and wear.

Mechanical keyboards are rated for a 50 million keystroke lifespan based on design factors, including the materials used, switch construction, and manufacturing process.

KTT Mint Linear Switches Sound Test

They’ve a relatively low sound profile compared to other linear switches. Several reasons exist, including using polyoxymethylene (POM), a special material that reduces friction and noise, and a unique stem design. Also, It’s not too loud or distracting when KTT Mint linear switches are pressed. The sound level is similar to Cherry MX Red or Gateron Yellow switches.


In addition to the keyboard case, keycaps, and typing style, other factors can also affect the sound level. Depending on the keyboard, the switches may be amplified or dampened, and the keycaps may produce varying noise levels. In addition, pressing the keys hard or fast can affect the sound level.


Overall, They’re a good choice for users who want a quiet typing experience, but they may still produce some sound that can be heard in a quiet environment.

Gaming & Typing Comparison 

The smooth keystroke, low actuation force, and durability of the KTT Mint Linear Switch make it a great choice for gaming. Also, they can be used for fast-paced gaming due to their smooth keystrokes and light actuation force, allowing for quick and precise movements without interruptions or delays. 

Gaming & Typing Comparison 

Also, you can enjoy a reliable gaming experience that can withstand heavy use. In addition, their low sound profile makes them ideal for intense gaming sessions because they can reduce distractions. Plus, Gamers looking for smooth, responsive switches will find a good option.

KTT Mint can be a great option for typing due to their smooth keystroke, light actuation force, durability, and low sound profile. 

Also, these switches provide a consistent and fluid keystroke that can be comfortable for extended periods of typing, and their light actuation force can reduce finger fatigue and strain. 

The durability of KTT Mint means they can withstand heavy use and provide a reliable typing experience, while their low sound profile can help to reduce distractions and noise during typing. 

Overall, KTT Mint are versatile and reliable switches that can enhance the typing experience for users. However, personal preferences can vary, and some typists may prefer switches with different characteristics depending on their typing styles and preferences.

Build Quality 

In general, KTT Mint Switches have good build quality. This switch has a 5-pin PCB mount, which prevents wobbling and ensures a secure fit. POM (polyoxymethylene) plastic is used to make the switch’s stem, known for its low friction properties and durability. 

Build Quality of KTT Mint Linear Switches 

Moreover, a gold-plated spring is used in the switch to ensure that the keystroke is consistent and smooth, and the contacts are made of high-quality materials to ensure reliable electrical connections. Furthermore, the switches can withstand 50 million keystrokes, meaning they’ll last long, even when heavily used.

KTT Mint switches are generally well-regarded for their reliability and well-built quality. Long-term performance is assured by the switches’ design.


KTT Mint have become popular in the community of keyboard enthusiasts. It is generally considered that KTT Mint switches are quite consistent in their consistency, with little tolerance for individual switch variations.

Furthermore, they’re characterized by their use of transparent polycarbonate housings, which can be precisely molded and help to ensure that each switch is identical. A gold-plated spring is also used in KTT Mint, which ensures a consistent actuation point and force.

KTT Mint switches are considered reliable and consistent, despite minor variations between individual models. They’re popular among gamers and typists who value precision and accuracy in keyboard switches.

Components of KTT Mint Mechanical Switches

Several key components make up KTT Mint linear keyboard switches:

Components of KTT Mint Linear Switches

Housing: Besides protecting the switch internals from dust and moisture, the top housing is polycarbonate plastic. Nylon is also used for the bottom housing, which contains the contact leaf that registers keystrokes.

Stem: POM (polyoxymethylene) is used to make the stem. And the stem is the central part of the switch that connects to the keycap and moves up and down when the switch is actuated.

Coil Spring: With a length of 16mm, the spring provides the switch with resistance and actuation force.

Metal Leaves: The contact leaf is a thin piece of metal inside the switch that contacts the PCB when the switch is actuated. This sends a signal to the computer that a key has been pressed.

Metal pins: The metal pins protruding from the bottom of the housing are used to connect the switch to the PCB and provide the electrical connection.

KTT Mint switches also feature a unique design with a clear top housing and a colored bottom housing, which gives them a distinctive look. The stem of the switch is also designed to be compatible with Cherry MX keycaps, which makes them a popular choice for keyboard enthusiasts who like to customize their keyboards.

How to lube KTT Mint Switches?

o lubricate KTT Mint switches, you will need the following items:

How to lube KTT Mint Linear Switches?
  • Lubricant (such as Krytox or Tribosys)
  • Brush or applicator (such as a small paintbrush or toothbrush)
  • Clean workspace
  • Optional: switch opener, switch films

Here are the steps to lubricate your KTT Mint:

Clean the switches: Remove any dust or debris from the switches using compressed air or a brush.

Open the switches: Remove the top housing of the switch using a switch opener if you have one. If you don’t have a switch opener, you can gently pry the top housing off.

Optional: Add switch films: If you have switch films, add them to the bottom of the top housing.

Apply lubricant: Use a brush or applicator to the switch stem. Using too much can make the switch feel sluggish or unresponsive.

Reassemble the switch: Assemble the top housing by carefully aligning it with the switch. Place it gently until it clicks. Repeat: Repeat steps 2-5 for each switch.

Test the switches: Test the switches to make sure they work properly. For sticky or unresponsive switches, more lubricant may be needed (https://keyboard-test.space), here you should test you switch after installing.

That’s it! With proper lubrication, your KTT Mint switches should feel smoother and more enjoyable.


Gamers have mixed opinions about KTT Mint. Others prefer tactile switches with more feedback because their smoothness and consistency suit gaming.

Dry lube technology is factory-applied to KTT Mint switches for smooth operation.

The KTT Mint switch has three pins and is plate-mounted.

Final Takeaway 

Dry lube technology and smoothness make KTT Mint switches popular. Their affordability and positive reviews have also made them popular among enthusiasts. Moreover, a comparison of KTT Mint switches with MX Black switches found that they were smoother. For those looking for an affordable and smooth linear switch, KTT Mint seems like a good choice.

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