Top 5 Linear Mechanical Switches For Newbies & Experts In 2024

top 5 linear switches

In the list of multiple linear switches, I found the top 5 linear switches that change my life and make every activity fast or perfect. Because these five mechanical switches offer great actuation, travel distance, and durable build quality which enhance finger keystroke with low sound. So if you can’t play survival games, heavy works, and lots of typing then these linear mechanical switches are fantastic for every man and his dog.

Top 5 Linear Switches in 2024 For Beginners?

After too much testing and getting unlimited public reviews, I was selected top 5 linear switches for beginners or experts.

Gateron Red Linear Switches – Gaming King 

Gateron red switches are the best option for typing and gaming due to their classic feeling. These switches are often used on linear keys due to their quieter noise. The pressure is also light and moderate. This allows them to use the keyboard for longer periods without feeling fatigued.

gateron red switches linear

The polycarbonate and nylon shells combine to create a sleek, minimalistic design. Our testing has shown that the most durable mechanical switches are cherry MX switches and Gateron linear switches. This item has been designed to provide smooth, consistent operation and increased performance and response times. Red mechanical switches also operate at a force of 45 gf. It is ideal for gaming with a high-speed switch and has a faster response time. The keys were executed very quickly.

Gateron Red is a linear switch made from a light material, unlike Cherry MX Red. Gateron Red is less progressive than Red Cherry MX , when compared to force curves. The Gateron Red is also heavier at 43 g instead of 49g. It’s also further from MX Red (2.3mm instead of 2.1mm) regarding distance.

Gateron Milky Yellow Linear Switches

Gateron Mily yellow mechanical switches require a lower operating force than Gateron linear switches. This linear switch is much popular among typist and gamers. Also, the result is a different feel and features like right-as-rain that are not present in red linear switches. These switches are more powerful and heavier than red linear switches.

gateron yellow linear switches

Moreover, the yellow linear switches will be completely silent and soft. You will enjoy a wonderful typing experience. Contrary to the black version, the yellow Gateron switch has a low resistance. Between these two switches is a Gateron yellow with medium resistance.

Key Features

  • These switches make typing more comfortable than a standard keyboard.
  • These linear switches can offer a medium level of resistance compared to others.
  • Gateron yellow switches are moderately pressurized
  • Linear switches are relatively quiet.
  • Linear switches that are affordable

Gateron Ink V2 Linear switches

Gateron Ink V2 is also available in a sleek, black design. The transparent casing houses a smoky-coloured interior. The smoky translucent housings are available in various colors, including yellow, red, blue, and black. And, many people like these switches due to their fast keystroke action and smoothness which is more preferable in competitive games.

gateron ink black

A bottom made of ink provides a smoother and more reliable operation. The 70g spring weight also ensures that the actuation force is higher than on the Hippo linear switches. It has good actuation. You get a satisfying crunch as you press the keys. The thock sounds are also classy and satisfying.

Gateron Ink V2 produces a similar clack but is slightly different from Gateron Oil Kings. The switch may make a scratchy noise when first used. This can be easily remedied by applying lubricant. Gateron switches available today wobble similarly to this. Gateron Ink V2 produces a satisfying thock. Lubricant eliminates any scratchiness after the initial use.

Cherry MX Black Linear switches

Another popular mechanical switch brand Cherry MX Black Switches are heavier than Cherry MX Red Switches. The linear motion of the switches is activated by 54g at a distance of just over 2mm. Their actuation force also is 54g. Cherry mechanical switches are among the earliest on the market. They have, however, been updated to give them a different feel over the years.

cherry mx black switches

Some days, I wonder if Cherry ever tested their switches. The MX Blacks on the 7G keyboard may be scratchy, but I believe it is a first attempt. In some cases, they might be unable to move! Some people complain that the key feels hard.

It shouldn’t be surprising that I type more comfortably because I prefer heavier switches to lighter ones. They’re heavier but change from top to bottom to avoid bottoming out. The weighting is quite good. The MX Reds are still a far superior product. The 7G chassis also makes muffled noises; you can hear scratchy sounds if you are typing slowly. It is a decent keyboard. As a stock switch, it is decent. It can be lubricated to reduce scratchiness and noise. A lubricated Gateron Black can have a similar (or even better) weighting.

Durock Linear Switches

Durock’s linear mechanical switches are made of a blend of polymer nylon and polycarbonate which make them perfect linear mechanical switches for every beginner or expert.. They are slim and minimalistic. Cherry MX linear switches and Gateron linear switches were the most durable for mechanical keyboards. A smooth, consistent and responsive stem improves the performance of a keyboard.

durock linear switches

Durock’s characteristics make it the best linear switch on the market. It is superior to other models due to its smooth response and long travel distance. These switches have a smoother and more consistent feel than Cherry MX Red or Cherry MX Speed Silver.

Smoothness and consistency are two of the many advantages of using POM mechanical switches instead of Cherry MX speed switches. The stem is also not overly sticky. It won’t bump against your keyboard if it is on it. The switch is available in a beautiful black color.

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