In the list of linear mechanical switches, people can’t forget EMT linear switches by their smooth, consistent or distinct sound profile. After all, if you’re a gamer or writer, they’re suitable for both users due to its actuation force, bottom-out force, and travel distance.

So, if you’re unfamiliar with EMT mechanical switches then look-over the complete guide and make your mind swift.

EMT Linear Switches?

EMT Switches are sleek and minimalist, making them visually appealing for any keyboard layout. Plus, the linear switches have a standard size and shape, allowing them to fit into most mechanical keyboards without any compatibility issues.

Moreover, they’re not factory pre-lubed which means you need to lube EMT linear switches manually for better performance.

Their compact design ensures efficient use of space on the keyboard, enabling users to have a comfortable typing experience.

One of the critical advantages of EMT Switches is their exceptional durability. These switches are built to withstand heavy usage and are rated for many keystrokes.

emt linear switches

Each switch is constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear and tear. The use of high-grade components enhances the durability of the switches, making them a reliable choice for long-term use.

The EMT is also equipped with advanced features contributing to their durability. They’ve a smooth and stable key travel, eliminating wobbling or instability during typing sessions.

Furthermore, these switches are designed to resist dust and debris, preventing any particles from affecting their performance over time.

Plus, they’re suitable for all gamers who love to play heavy actions or racing games without finger pain. On the other hand, if you work in an office, then EMT is the best option without disturbing others with keystroke sounds.

Actuation Force63.5 grams
Bottom-out Force63.5 grams
Pre-travel DistanceAround 0.8 mm to 2 mm
Total Travel Distance4 mm
Keystroke SoundQuiet & Unique
Factory lubedNo
Durability 50 Million
Top HousingPOM
Bottom HousingPOM
PCB Mount5-pins
Highly Suitable Gaming & Typing

Benefits and Drawbacks

There are the following advantages and drawbacks of EMT mechanical switches that help you while electing;


  • Smooth and Linear Actuation: EMT switches provide a smooth and consistent keystroke experience. Because of linear actuation, the force required to activate the switch remains constant throughout the keystroke, making typing more predictable and comfortable.
  • Quiet Operation: EMT switches produce less noise as compared to tactile or clicky switches. Consequently, they are ideal for use in office environments or situations requiring noise reduction.
  • Fast and Responsive: Fast response times are one of the hallmarks of EMT switches. It is a popular choice among gamers who require rapid key presses due to the absence of tactile feedback or audible clicks.
  • Durability: A high level of durability and long-term reliability is built into the EMT switches. They can withstand heavy usage for up to 50 million keystrokes without losing performance.


  • Lack of Tactile Feedback: EMT have the disadvantage of lacking tactile feedback. Unlike tactile switches, linear switches do not provide physical feedback upon actuation. The lack of tactile sensation can pose a disadvantage for typists who rely heavily on their hands for accuracy.
  • Limited Customization: In general, EMT cannot be customized. Unlike mechanical switches, EMTs seldom allow users to modify the actuation force or add dampeners. People who prefer a more customized typing experience may find this to be a limitation.

Characteristics of EMT Linear Switches

They’re known for their smooth and consistent feel, making them popular among keyboard enthusiasts. These switches offer a linear typing experience without tactile feedback or audible clicks. Here are the critical characteristics of EMT switches:

Linear Actuation

EMT Switches have a linear actuation force curve, which means that the force required to actuate the switch remains constant throughout the key press. This results in a consistent typing experience without any tactile bump or click.

EMT linear switches

Actuation Force – 63.5g

EMT mechanical switches are famous for their high actuation or bottom-out force that’s 63.5 grams compared to Jwick red linear switches. So, if you prevent keystroke accidents while playing games or typing then these linear switches are the foremost option for you.

Smooth and Quiet

 They’re known for their smooth keystrokes because the absence of tactile feedback or audible clicks ensures a quiet, uninterrupted typing experience. This makes them particularly suitable for office environments or shared spaces where noise can be a concern.

Key Travel Distance – 4 mm

The total travel distance of EMT switches is 4 mm, but pre-travel distance isn’t mentioned by official. After 3 months of testing, I was trying to measure pre-actuation force which is around 0.8 mm to 2 mm almost.

And, this allows for comfortable and efficient typing, as the keys are responsive without requiring excessive force.

Durability – 50 Million

EMT switches are designed to be durable and long-lasting. With a rated lifespan of around 50 million keystrokes, these switches can withstand heavy daily use without compromising performance.

EMT linear switches

Customization Options

They offer customization options for keyboard enthusiasts. They’re compatible with various keycaps, allowing users to personalize the look and feel of their keyboards.


They’re compatible with various mechanical keyboards, including those with hot-swappable sockets. This makes them versatile for keyboard enthusiasts who enjoy experimenting with different switch types.

Overall, EMT mechanical switches are characterized by their smooth and consistent typing experience, moderate actuation force, silent operation, durability, and compatibility. These switches are popular for those seeking a linear switch without any tactile feedback or audible clicks.

Gaming or Typing Comparison of EMT Linear Switches

Both typing and gaming can be done with EMT switches. These switches are ideal for those who type for long periods of time or play video games. As a result of the linear switch design, there is no tactile bump or audible click to disrupt your typing experience.

They provide a comfortable and effortless typing experience for typists. No tactile bump on the keys allows you to glide between them without interruption or resistance. As a result, EMT are a popular choice for professionals who spend considerable time typing.

Gamers also appreciate the benefits of EMT keyboard switches. In games, smooth and linear keystrokes facilitate quick and precise movements.

You can rely on EMT mechanical switches to deliver consistent and reliable performance, whether playing first-person shooters or real-time strategy games. Since there is no tactile bump, you can also execute rapid keystrokes without accidental activations.

Gaming or Typing Comparison

Furthermore, gamers who use double-tapping or rapid-fire techniques prefer EMT keyboard switches. Thanks to the linear design, you can quickly press consecutive keys, which allows fast vital resets. Playing fast-paced games with quick reflexes can give you an edge.

The EMT switch type is significantly quieter than other switch types regarding sound. This technology can be advantageous in noisy environments like shared offices or gaming tournaments. With no audible click, your keystrokes are less likely to disturb others around you, allowing you to work or play in peace.

Components of EMT Linear switches

Components of EMT switches include the housing, stem, and spring. These three elements work together to create a smooth and reliable typing experience.

Housing: This EMT Switch’s upper and bottom housing protects the switch’s internal components by acting as an outer shell. Typically, it is made of POM and is designed to withstand pressure and impact.

Furthermore, the housing prevents dust and debris from entering the switch, ensuring its longevity and optimal performance.

keyboard switches

Stem: The EMT stem is the central part of the EMT linear switch that connects the keycap to the internal mechanism made by POM. It transfers the force applied to the keycap to the spring, which activates the electrical contact.

Also, the stem is designed to be sturdy yet flexible, allowing for precise and consistent actuation with each key press.

Coil Spring: A spring is a crucial component of the EMT switch, providing the necessary force to return the keycap to its original position after being pressed. It is typically made of metal and is carefully calibrated to provide a specific resistance level and tactile feedback.

Moreover, the spring also plays a role in determining the actuation force required to activate the switch, making it an essential factor in the overall typing experience.


The EMT provides a high actuation force which is 63.5 grams compared to other switches.

Yes, JWK switches are commonly used for gaming due to their smooth and fast linear action. They are highly responsive and provide a consistent actuation force, making them well-suited for gaming sessions that require rapid keystrokes.

Yes, EMT linear switches can be used in a hot-swappable keyboard, provided the keyboard is designed to support the specific switch type. Hot-swappable keyboards allow for easy switch swapping without the need for soldering.

To Conclude

To my mind, EMT is foremost mechanical switches that provide great experience while typing and for beginners by their high actuation force. Also, it is good for gaming, but if you play consistent keystrokes games then it’ll slow your performance.

Plus, it provides a unique keypress sound compared to Moss, Hippo, and clear linear switches. Although, I highly recommend you to elect this keyboard switch to improve overall performance.

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