Gazzew Linear Switches in 2024 – All In One Guide

Gazzew Linear Switches

There is no doubt that Gazzew linear switches are a popular choice among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts because Gazzew Boba LT offers them. The smooth-and-thick typing experience of these switches makes them ideal for typing and gaming. With a 65g linear variant and factory-lubricated surface, Gazzew Boba LT switches provide an enjoyable typing experience.

So don’t be sick as a parrot; here is a complete guide for beginners who unfamiliar with Gazzew mechanical switches and don’t know how they improve your keypress performance day by day;

All About Gazzew Linear Switches in 2024?

The Gazzew Boba LT linear switch has gained popularity among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts due to its unique and desirable typing experience. These switches are well-suited to typing and gaming because of their smooth, “thocky” feel. In particular, Gazzew Boba LT switches have earned a reputation for their exceptional quality and performance. 

Gazzew Linear Switches mix

This guide aims to provide an overview of Gazzew linear switches and Gazzew Boba LT switches, highlighting their key features and why they are so popular among mechanical keyboard users. The Gazzew Boba LT switches are a linear variant, meaning they are designed to be smooth with a tactile feel that is not particularly noticeable.

Switch Information

Gazzew Linear SwitchesSpecifications
Switch typeLinear
Switch brandGazzew
Top housing materialProprietary Gazzew blend
Bottom housing materialProprietary Gazzew blend
Mount typePCB (5-pin) MX 
Stem constructionStandard
Stem materialPOM
Actuation weight55g
Bottom-out weight65g
Factory lube statusYes, factory lubed
Pre-travel distance2.00 mm
Total travel distance3.60 mm
Suitable Gaming and Typing

In fact, this makes them popular for those seeking a smooth and linear typing experience. The switches are factory-lubed, which adds an extra layer of lubrication to enhance their smoothness and reduce noise during typing. The Gazzew Boba LT switches are well-suited for gaming and typing due to their well-balanced typing feel.

Gazzew Linear Switches MIX

To enhance their typing experience, Gazzew Boba LT switches can be customized. There is often an extra layer of lubricant added to the switches by enthusiasts, which further reduces friction and enhances the overall smoothness of the typing action. Typing experiences can be customized according to individual preferences using this customization option.

Integrating the Gazzew Boba LT switches into most mechanical keyboards with their 5-pin PCB-mounted configuration is easy. For enthusiasts who want to create their custom keyboards, the switch’s design allows for easy installation and customization.

Gazzew LT Thocky Linear Switch More

A popular choice among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts is Gazzew linear switches, especially the Gazzew Boba LT. 

Their smooth and “thocky” typing experience and factory-lubed nature make them well-suited for both typing and gaming. The Gazzew Boba LT switches offer a unique typing feel that is highly regarded within the mechanical keyboard community. With their customization options and wide availability, these switches offer enthusiasts the flexibility to create a mechanical keyboard that perfectly meets their needs and preferences.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gazzew Linear Switches

They’re popular among gamers and typists because they’re smooth, durable, and consistent. Nevertheless, they have advantages and disadvantages, just like any mechanical switch. The following pros and cons such as;


  • Smooth & Consistent: They provide fast, accurate typing due to their smoothness and consistency.
  • Durable: There is no limit to the number of keystrokes these switches can withstand, even under heavy use.
  • Reliable: Due to their high responsiveness and consistency, Gazzew provides a reliable typing experience.
  • Quieter: Suitable for shared workspaces and quiet environments, these switches are silent.
  • Good for Gaming: No tactile feedback is associated with linear switches, such as those from Gazzew. They provide rapid actuation without shocking the user.


  • No tactile feedback: Some keyboard users may find the Gazzew unsuitable since they prefer tactile or clicky switches.
  • Not customizable: Unlike other mechanical switches, Gazzew switches cannot be adjusted for actuation force or travel distance.
  • Limited availability: They’re harder to find and purchase than other mechanical switches.

Characteristics of Gazzew Mechanical Switches

The following features of Gazzew should be considered when making a purchase decision.

Gazzew LT Thocky Linear Switch Keyboard

Switch Type – Linear

They move linearly and do not make clicking or bumping sounds when pressed. The lack of tactile feedback makes linear switches popular with gamers because they allow quick actuation.

Actuation Force – 55g

In the case of a Gazzew Switch, the actuation force is 55 grams. As a result, they are suitable for gaming and typing since they require moderate force to operate.On the other hand, the bottom-out force is 65g grams only.

Travel Distance – 3.60 mm

The travel distance of Gazzew switches is 3.60 mm. A switch must travel this distance before it acts upon being pressed. The travel distance of these switches is the same as that of most mechanical keyboards.


A 50 million keystroke warranty covers Gazzew linear switches. As a result, they will remain durable even if heavily used. Additionally, the switches are made with durable materials that ensure they will remain reliable for years.


The main feature of these mechanical switches is their smooth operation. A smooth and consistent typing experience is achieved due to the switches’ lack of wobbling or rattling. You can type and play games easily since they won’t become stuck or feel sluggish.

Build Quality

They are popular among gamers and keyboard enthusiasts due to their excellent build quality. High-quality mechanical switches’ durability, consistency, and reliability make them useful.

Gazzew Bobagum Silent Linear Switches PINK

Materials: Gazzew Linear Switches are made from high-quality materials such as metal leaf contacts and durable plastic housing. Furthermore, the stem is made from a smooth, consistent plastic.

Consistency: The high build quality of Gazzew switches contributes to their consistency. As a result of the switches’ consistent force and travel distance, typing is smooth and reliable.

Quality Control: They have implemented a strict quality control process to ensure every switch meets high standards. Before it is shipped, every switch is tested for durability, performance, and consistency.

Gaming Comparison of Gazzew Mechanical Switches

Gazzew linear switches are a popular choice for gaming due to their low pre-travel distance and lack of a tactile bump. These features contribute to a faster and more responsive keystroke experience, which is advantageous for gaming scenarios requiring quick and precise inputs.

The Gazzew switches have received positive reviews for their smooth and consistent feel. This characteristic makes them a suitable option for gaming, as it provides tactile and audible feedback that gamers find enjoyable. The absence of tactile bump allows for faster actuation, reaction times, and increased efficiency during gameplay.

Gazzew Black Boba U4 Silent Tactile Mechanical Switches

Furthermore, Gazzew offers a customized version of their Bobagum switches called the Gazzew Boba LT. These switches have been enhanced with additional lubrication, providing a much smoother feel during keystroke actuation. This additional lubrication helps reduce friction or resistance, which might otherwise hinder the gaming experience.

Overall, Gazzew linear switches, including the Bobagum and customized Boba LT switches, are well-suited for gaming. Their low pre-travel distance and lack of a tactile bump enable quick and responsive keystrokes, making them an ideal choice for gamers who value speed and precision in their gameplay. The smooth and consistent feel of the Gazzew switches also contributes to an enjoyable gaming experience, making Gazzew a reliable choice for gaming keyboards.

Keypress Typing Experience of Gazzew Linear Switches

Gazzew linear switches, such as the Gazzew LT and Gazzew Bobagum Pink, have gained popularity among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts for their unique sound and typing experience. These switches are known for their smooth and quiet operation, allowing users to enjoy a comfortable and uninterrupted typing session.

A key feature of Gazzew LT switches is their linear shock sound. When typing on these switches, an audible click noise is produced, similar to that produced by a membrane keyboard. However, the tone and quality of the sound are different, offering a tactile experience that many typists find satisfying.

Smooth Keystroke:

The Gazzew LT switches are also known for their smooth keystroke. Users experience a seamless glide with each keystroke, allowing for effortless typing. This smooth operation is thanks to the factory lubrication applied to the switches, which helps to reduce friction and provide a smooth typing experience.

Another noteworthy aspect of the Gazzew LT switches is their lilac hue. This aesthetic choice adds a touch of color to a mechanical keyboard, making it visually appealing and unique. The lilac color adds a touch of elegance to the typing experience, making it a popular choice among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts.

The Gazzew LT switches have a bottom-out force of 65g, placing them in the medium-heavy switches category. This weight allows users to feel tactile resistance when typing, providing a satisfying experience. The moderate force required to activate the switch helps to prevent accidental keystrokes and allows for precise typing.

Linear Thock Sound:

While the Gazzew LT switches are known for their linear thock sound and seamless glide, the Gazzew Bobagum Pink switches offer a quieter typing experience. These switches come with a sound-dampening stem that helps to reduce the noise produced during typing.

Below is the audio extraction from Boba LT by using Artifact Noir Keycaps:

Superior Typing:

The Gazzew Bobagum Pink switches are available in different spring weights, allowing users to customize their experience based on personal preference. The weight of the spring determines the force required to activate the switch, allowing for different levels of typing feedback.

Below is the audio extraction from Lubed Boba LT by using Artifact Noir Keycaps:

In addition to being quiet, the Gazzew Bobagum Pink switches offer a superior typing experience. The reduced noise, smooth keystroke, and customizable spring weight make them ideal for office use. The quiet operation allows for more focused and productive typing sessions, making them suitable for professional environments.

Below is the audio extraction from KBD67 Lite P2 using Lubed Boba LT MT3 WOB:

Gazzew linear switches, such as the Gazzew LT and Gazzew Bobagum Pink, have gained a reputation for their unique sound and typing experience. With their smooth and quiet operation, superior typing quality, and customization options, these switches have become a favorite among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. 

How to More Lube Gazzew Linear Switches?

You will need a few essential tools to lubricate Gazzew keyboard switches properly. These tools may vary depending on your specific type of switch and the desired level of lubrication. However, the following tools are commonly recommended:

Lubricant: Using a lubricant specifically designed for Gazzew  keyboard switches is essential. These lubricants are designed to have the right consistency and viscosity to provide optimal lubrication to the switches without causing any adverse effects.

Lint-Free Cloth or Cotton Swab: A lint-free cloth or cotton swab will apply the Lubricant to the mechanical Gazzew switches. These tools allow for precise and targeted application, ensuring even coverage of the Lubricant.

Small Screwdriver: A small screwdriver is necessary to remove the linear Gazzew switches from their housing. Different switches may have different screw types and sizes, so having a screwdriver that is well-suited for the switches you are working with is crucial.

Lubrication Process for Gazzew Linear Switches:

Lubricating mechanical Gazzew switches is a relatively straightforward process, but it is essential to follow the proper steps to ensure effective and long-lasting results. The steps are as follows:

Gazzew LT Thocky Linear Switch Lubricating

Select the Proper Lubricant: Select the appropriate Lubricant for your Gazzew keyboard switches. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer or refer to the recommended lubricants for your specific type of switch.

Apply Lubricant: apply the Lubricant to the switches using a lint-free cloth or cotton swab. Start by evenly coating the Lubricant on the switch stem, then gently rub it onto the top housing. Apply a small amount of Lubricant to avoid oversaturation and sticky switches.

Lubricate the Switch Stem and Top Housing: Spread the Lubricant evenly across the switch stem and top housing with the lint-free cloth or cotton swab. Pay special attention to areas where dust or dirt may accumulate, as these areas may require additional lubrication.

Remove Excess Lubricant: After applying the Lubricant, carefully remove any excess lubricant with a lint-free cloth or cotton swab. Ensure that the switches are evenly coated but not dripping with Lubricant.

Reassemble the Keyboard: Reassemble the keyboard once the switches are properly lubricated. Ensure that all switches are properly seated and that any springs are securely in place.

Maintaining Proper Lubrication for Gazzew Switches:

Proper lubrication is essential for maintaining the performance of Gazzew keyboard switches. Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

Avoid Over Lubrication: While lubrication is important, do not apply excessive amounts. Over lubrication can lead to sticky switches and reduced responsiveness. Follow the recommended dosage provided by the manufacturer.

Regular Maintenance: It is recommended to lubricate your Gazzew switches periodically, such as every few months or as needed. This will help keep the switches functioning optimally and extend their lifespan.

Dust and Dirt Prevention: Dust and dirt buildup can occur when the switch is lubricated too much and becomes sticky. To prevent this, keep the keyboard clean and dust-free, and consider using a case or cover to protect the switches from external elements.
Cleaning and Disinfection: Periodically clean your Gazzew keyboard switches with a lint-free cloth to remove any dirt or debris. Additionally, disinfect the keyboard using a non-abrasive cleaning solution to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and germs.


Gazzew linear switches are a type of mechanical keyboard switch that is characterized by their smooth, linear action. Unlike other types of switches, tactile or clicky, Gazzew linear switches provide a consistent and uninterrupted keystroke without any click or tactile feedback.

Gazzew linear switches differ from other mechanical keyboard switches regarding their actuation point and feedback mechanism. Unlike clicky or tactile switches, which have a distinct click or bump sensation when actuated, Gazzew linear switches offer a smooth and consistent keystroke without additional tactile feedback.

Gazzew linear switches are known for their smooth operation and lack of audible clicks. This can make typing for extended periods more comfortable and enjoyable. Some typists also prefer the lack of tactile feedback, which allows for a more seamless typing experience.

Wrapping Up

To my mind, the Gazzew linear switches can be suitable for beginners, depending on the individual’s preference and typing style. If you are new to mechanical keyboards and want to try different types, Gazzew linear switches offer a smooth and uniform typing experience that may be appealing. 

However, it is important to note that the switch choice is ultimately a personal decision that depends on individual preferences and typing habits. Please note that the information provided in this FAQ is general and may vary depending on the specific Gazzew linear switches and keyboard. For more detailed information or specific troubleshooting, it is recommended to refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines or consult with a keyboard enthusiast.

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