Feker Crystal Linear Switches in 2024 – A Comprehensive Guide

Feker Crystal Linear Switches

A Feker Crystal Linear Switch has a linear actuation profile and is a type of mechanical keyboard switch. This product features a transparent POM stem, an operating force of 60x5g, and a pressure force of 75x5g. A dust proof wall prevents debris from entering the switch mechanism, and the switches are available in packs of 10, 70, or 110.

Some users suggest Feker Crystal Linear Switches are similar to Tealios clones based on the quality of other switches. Every man love these mechanical switches due to their unique characteristics and build quality. For that reason, I’ve prepared a complete guide for those people who are unfamiliar with Fekar Crystal linear switches in 2024;

All About Feker Crystal Linear Switches in 2024?

The Feker Crystal Linear Switches are designed for gaming and typing, offering a smooth keystroke without tactile feedback or audible clicks. This linear actuation profile provides a consistent and uninterrupted typing experience, which some enthusiasts prefer.

Among the key features of Feker Switches is their transparent housing. As a result of this transparency, the keyboard not only boasts an attractive RGB lighting effect but also reveals the switch’s internal components.

Switch Information

Feker Crystal SwitchesSpecification
Switch typeLinear
Switch brandFeker Crystal
Top housing materialPolyoxymethylene transparent 
Bottom housing materialPolyoxymethylene transparent 
Mount typePlate Mount (3-pin)
Stem constructionStandard
Stem materialPOM Transparent 
Actuation weight60±5g
Bottom-out weight75±5gf
Factory lube statusFactory Pre-lubed
Pre-travel distance2.0±0.3mm
Total travel distance3.5mm
Suitable Gaming and Typing

In addition to the visual aspect, the Feker Crystal Switches also have a dust proof wall. This feature helps prevent debris from entering the switch mechanism, ensuring the durability and reliability of the switches. By preventing the ingress of particles, the switches maintain their performance and longevity over time.

Feker Crystal Linear Switches clear view

Furthermore, the Feker Switches are equipped with a POM stem. Polyoxymethylene, commonly known as POM, is known for its smooth and wear-resistant properties. This material enhances the overall performance and longevity of the switches, providing a consistently smooth typing experience.

Combining a smooth keystroke profile, the absence of tactile feedback, the attractive RGB lighting effect, the dustproof wall, and the POM stem make the Feker Switches a popular choice for mechanical keyboard. These benefits make them ideal for those seeking a smooth and visually appealing typing experience.

Pros and Cons of Fekere Crystal Mechanical Switches


  • Smooth & Consistent Feel: Feker Crystal provides smooth and consistent feel switches throughout the keystroke travel, which makes typing or playing games more enjoyable. Working is more enjoyable and accurate, like having a whale of a time.
  • Long Lifespan: The lifespan of Feker Crystal switches is 70 million keystrokes. Consequently, they offer consistent performance over time, so they’re worth investing in if you use your keyboard frequently.
  • Customization: There is a wide variety of mechanical keyboards to choose from, allowing a great deal of customization. Different keycaps and layouts are available, as well as macros and shortcuts that can be programmed.
  • Low Noise: There is no doubt that Feker Crystal keyboards are a good choice if you prefer a very light typing experience with moderate noise levels.
  • Actuation force: Using Feker Crystal switches reduces the fatigue associated with typing, as the actuation force required to activate the switch allows for a longer period of use.


  • Price: Compared to other mechanical switches, they may be more expensive, so they may not be an option for everyone due to their cost difference.

Characteristics of Feker Crystal Linear Switches in 2024?

There are several unique features that make Feker linear switches off-chance compared to others in 2024 such as;

Feker Crystal Linear Switches unboxing

Switch Type – Linear

Crystal switches are mechanical switches which require a smooth and consistent force to be applied from top to bottom. They don’t produce any bump-like tactile switches or too loud click noises like tactile switches, and they’re suitable for heavy gaming and typing because they don’t produce tactile bumps like tactile switches.

Durability – 70 Million

Crystal switches from Feker last for 70 million cycles. Additionally, the Feker Crystals offer durability thanks to their POM stems and polycarbonate housings, which are resistant to wear and tear.

Because they can withstand repeated keystrokes, they are the perfect choice for gamers and heavy typists. Moreover, the keypads have a lifespan of about 70 million keystrokes, depending on the frequency and intensity of use.

Gold-plated contacts

Using Feker Crystal switches, corrosion can be prevented, and a reliable connection can be ensured over time due to the 3-pin gold-plated contacts used on Feker Crystal switches. The durability of a keyboard switch is an important factor to consider if you want it to last a long time.

Feker Crystal Linear Switches Handhold


Feker Crystal is smooth to type on, without a doubt. Their linear feel makes them satisfying when pressed from top to bottom. Additionally, it was discovered that lubricating the factory-unlubricated switches makes them operate even more smoothly.

Actuation Force – 75g

They have a high actuation force with a 75g and 60g bottom-out force. Additionally, their actuation force is higher than other popular mechanical switches like Cherry MX red switches, with 45g, and Gateron red switches, with 50g. 

Some users may prefer the Feker linear switch for its tactile feedback and responsiveness when typing or gaming. Many factors affect the mechanical keyboard switches, including the actuation force, which affects how they feel and function. 

Feker Crystal Linear Switches samples

Travel Distance – 0.3mm to 3.5mm

Feker switches have the same pre-travel distance as JWK Durock POM and KTT mint linear switches, which are 0.3mm but slightly lower than Dogikon linear switches. JWK Durock POM and Dogikon have a similar travel distance of 3.5mm. Several distances must be traveled before a keypress registers. Additionally, these switches travel the same distance as mechanical keyboards.

Keystroke Sound Quality 

The Feker Crystal Switches are described as having a “deep sound and a more thocky (thick and resonant) feel compared to clacky (sharp and clicky) switches.” The sound quality of mechanical switches can vary based on factors such as the material used in the stem, the housing, and the overall design.

Find below audio of one Click Gamakay LK67 Keyboard using Feker Crystal Linear with PBT Sushi Cap:

Regarding the sound of the Feker Crystal Switches, the stem material used may play a significant role in its sound profile. The Feker Crystal Switches utilize a POM (Polyoxymethylene) stem, a thermoplastic polymer known for its high stiffness and strength. POM is often used to produce mechanical components, including switch stems.

The interaction between the keycap and the contact pads at the bottom of the switch primarily determines the keystroke sound produced by mechanical switches. When the keycap is pressed down, it pushes on the stem, causing the switch to engage and make a sound.

Find below audio of mix typing on Gamakay LK67 Keyboard using Feker Crystal Linear with PBT Sushi Cap:

The stiffness of the switch stem is an important factor in determining the sound it produces. A stiffer stem typically produces a louder and more distinct sound, as the contact pads make firmer contact with the circuit board beneath. POM, a thermoplastic polymer, is known for its high stiffness, which may contribute to the deep and thocky sound of the Feker Crystal Switches.

Additionally, the overall design of the switch can also impact the sound it produces. Factors such as the housing, plunger, and spring assembly can contribute to the overall sound profile of the switch. The Feker Crystal Switches may have a specific design configuration contributing to the deep sound and thocky feel.

Gaming Experience of Feker Crystal Switches

The Feker Crystal Switches are designed for gaming, offering gamers a premium linear switch experience. These switches feature a linear actuation profile, which provides a smooth and consistent keystroke, making them popular among gamers. The linear profile allows for faster response times and is ideal for rapid key presses.

Feker Crystal Linear Switches Games

Feker Crystal Switches are ideal for gaming, which is one of their key advantages. The smooth keystrokes ensure minimal resistance, making gaming and typing effortless. This allows for faster reaction times and increased accuracy in fast-paced games.

The Feker Crystal switches are also available in packs of 10, 70, or 110 units. This flexibility allows gamers to customize their gaming keyboards based on individual preferences and requirements. Gamers can choose the quantity that best suits their needs, whether for a single keyboard or multiple setups.

The responsiveness of a gaming system is crucial for gaining a competitive advantage. The Feker Crystal delivers on that front, providing gamers with a smooth and consistent keystroke. This allows for faster response times and error-free typing, which can be the difference between winning and losing in intense gaming sessions.

Furthermore, the linear profile of these switches offers a satisfying typing experience, with an audible and tactile feedback that helps gamers differentiate keys. This feature adds to the gaming immersion and helps gamers stay focused during gameplay.

Feker Crystal Keystroke Typing Experience

The Feker Linear Switches are well-suited for typing, offering a smooth and consistent keystroke without any tactile feedback or audible click. Some typists can particularly prefer this. The linear actuation profile of these switches provides a comfortable and satisfying typing experience, especially for those who favor a linear switch type.

Feker Crystal Linear Switches keyboard (2)

When typing, the linear nature of these switches allows for a smooth and consistent keystroke without any interruptions or tactile feedback. This means that the typist can enjoy a consistent feel throughout the entire typing process without any sudden changes in resistance or audible clicks. This can be particularly advantageous for those who prefer a quieter typing environment or for those who find tactile feedback distracting.

In addition to their smooth keystroke, the Feker Linear Switches also provide a comfortable typing experience. The linear actuation profile of these switches allows for a natural and effortless typing motion, reducing the strain on the hands and fingers. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals who type for long periods or experience discomfort or fatigue when using other switch types.

Feker Crystal Linear Switches Keyboard

Furthermore, the linear actuation profile of these switches allows for precise and controlled typing. The typist can easily and accurately control the movement of the keycaps, allowing for accurate typing and reducing the risk of errors. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with fast typing speeds or those requiring high accuracy in their work.
The Feker Linear Switches offer a smooth and consistent keystroke without tactile feedback or audible clicks. Their linear actuation profile provides a comfortable and satisfying typing experience, particularly for those who prefer a linear switch type. These switches are suitable for typists seeking a quiet and effortless typing experience while maintaining high accuracy and control.


Feker Linear Switches are mechanical keyboard switches that use a crystal material to provide a unique typing experience. They are designed to provide a linear typing experience, meaning there is no tactile or audible click when pressed. Feker Linear Switches are known for their smooth, consistent actuation and quick response time.

Feker Switches can be suitable for gaming, depending on the gamer’s personal preferences. While some gamers prefer the tactile feedback and audible click that some other types of mechanical switches offer, others appreciate the smooth, linear typing experience provided by Feker Crystal Switches. Ultimately, the choice between linear and traditional tactile or clicky switches depends on individual preferences and gaming styles.

Feker Crystal Switches are designed with a focus on ergonomics, making them comfortable to type on for extended periods. The smooth, linear typing action can help reduce strain and fatigue on the hands, wrists, and fingers. However, ergonomic considerations go beyond the switch type and include factors such as keyboard layout, key size, and wrist rest support.

To Conclude

Feker Crystal switches are a unique and innovative mechanical keyboard switch that provides a smooth and linear typing experience. With their fast actuation, durability, and customization options, they offer an attractive choice for keyboard enthusiasts and gamers alike. Whether you’re looking for a quiet typing experience, fast response, or a customized keyboard setup, Feker Linear Switches may be worth considering.

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